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The Cyclone Rake is a tow-behind lawn and leaf vacuum that is claimed to help you clear your property of leaves and other debris with minimal time and effort. Learn from customer reviews.

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Posted on Oct 25, 2015

Buy another brand

By Anthony Cappiello , Cedar Grove, NJ

Works ok, very dusty, lots of complaints from anyone close. Parts and shipping are a rip off. $80.00 to ship three small parts from CT to north NJ, about six pounds. Called to see why they all shipped separate over five days and they hung up before I could state my issue.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 23, 2015

Durability of product questionable

By John , Sparta, MI

I have used my Z-10 four times since I purchased it earlier this year. I tend to be a little rough on my equipment, and unfortunately, this product is not standing up to my use of it. When it works, it works fantastic. I love the way my lawn works when the product works as expected.

I have it attached to a zero turn 60" deck. My mower can handle cutting the grass when its wet (a couple of hours after a rain). However, the Z-10 can't. There isn't enough suction to get the grass from the mower though the system to the bag. It's extremely frustrating to have stop all of the time to unclog it. With a 10" tube, you wouldn't think you would have to.

I have had several experiences with their customer service. I give them an A plus for support. Customer support is important to me, and they are fantastic at sending me out parts that have been damaged by my use.

You would think by the amount of money paid, it would hold up as well as my John Deere, but it doesn't. Dumping is a horrible process as well. You have to be a body builder (or have help) lifting the collector to dump grass. It's no where as easy as the videos make it out to be.

Steering when it's half loaded is another issue. My zero turn struggles trying to get started after you make a turn.

I just wanted to write a review so that anybody who is tough on their lawn care equipment would be aware. It is a little weak when it comes to toughness.

Over all though, I generally like this product. I just wish it would of been built with strong steel (like my John Deere), so it could stand some kind of moderate punishment.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 13, 2016

Outstanding Product

By Ron McGuire, Easton, CT, Verified Reviewer

I can’t ever remember writing to a company praising their product, but I just had to the Cyclone Rake. I resisted buying their leaf vac for several years because of the cost. Every year in the past, I cleaned up the leaves on our 3 acre property with my 3 sons. We have a ton of leaves on this property, and it took us 4-6 hours each time, at least 3 times each season, using 2 push blowers, a pack blower rakes and tarps. That’s 4 people 3-4 times a year. The problem is that they are older now, and since they are working full time, it is harder to get them together to get the job done. So I decided I would try the Cyclone Rake since they give the money back guarantee.

I am 65 years old (with a poor back) and I did the property BY MYSELF in 3 hours the first time I did the leaves this year, and about 1 to 1 ½ hours each of the 2nd and 3rd time. There were just as many leaves as always, and as a matter of fact, they were a little wet the first time I did them. Not only did I do the job by myself, but the result was better than ever because the Cyclone Rake picked up the leaves and I dumped them a little distance into the woods, rather than blowing them to the edge of the property and leaving a wall of leaves along the borders.

Also, because it was so easy to do, I did the cleanup a couple of extra times right into December, when in the past I would just leave those last droppings of leaves on the lawn and hope they would blow away by spring. Although I would surely rather be sitting on the couch watching a good movie, using the Cyclone Rake is actually fun because it is easy, and the results are fantastic. A side benefit is having more than enough chopped leaf mulch to use on the gardens.

I also have a very large hickory nut tree in the front yard that drops tons of nuts and nut shells every year. I dropped the mower blades down to the lowest level and the Cyclone Rake did a great job picking them up. I had to run over them a couple of times, but the finished products was great. Just a note, I had to empty the bag before it was half full because the nut shells were so heavy.

Thank you very much for making such a well made, effective, fantastic product.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 10, 2015

Classic Cyclone Rake

By Dick , Bevier, MO

I have used my Classic Rake several times since I purchased it. It is a very efficient way to clean my lawn of grass clippings. I mow about eight acres total. At 83 it saves me a lot of work. I have discovered the best way to empty the bag is to drive in circles, fast! Raising the bag when full is not too difficult. I now clean out some of the clippings by hand before I tilt the bag. I pull the rake with a Cub Cadet tractor. No problem.

All in all, this is a well designed and well made machine that does an excellent job of cleaning up grass clippings and leaves. Is it perfect? No, only GOD is perfect!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 11, 2015

Needs to pivot

By David , Maryland

I love my Cyclone Rake but one thing Woodland Products need to do is make an option to pivot it like a tow behind trailer. That's what I did to mine, converted it to pivot and I purchased a longer hose to make turns. The solid hitch they use puts a lot of stress on the tractor when the collector is fully loaded while trying to turn. I think the selling point of the Cyclone Rake is that it doesn't jack knife in reverse. But I still love my Cyclone Rake.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Air vent screens

By S J Acrea , Missouri Valley, IA

I've owned Cyclone Rake 10 for four years. It's a well built machine except for one major design flaw. The grass and leaf air vent screens will both plug even if you reverse them. I stop every 15 minutes to use a welder's steel brush to clean either screen while in use. I purchased the wire insert and it made no difference. They call this a cyclone rake but don't use a cyclone air vent on top of the bag like the company uses. The cyclone vent was designed in the 1920's for grinding grain & separating it from the air. It's sad the company won't fix this design flaw I would recommend this CR-10 but I will tell you about the flaw.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 31, 2016

Outstanding Product

By Dr. Lee Orth , Greenwood, MO

I have five wooded acres, which I have struggled to de-leaf each fall with my Scag Tiger Cub Zero Turn and Scag Bagger System. The Cyclone Rake is one outstanding product. It has quality parts (powder painted or chromed) that fit together, is easy to set up and to unhook at a moment's notice (I have the Z-10 model). It picks up leaves easily, and if it's not too wet (obviously wet leaves are a problem with any system) it will easily chop them into almost powder. It pulls easily, dumps easily (be sure to fill it up so that there is weight in the back as well), and carries quite a load. It also turns easily (I do put weights in the front, as with the Scag Bagger), so much so that one has to be careful not to whap a tree with it. Buy the jack, it's easy hookup and unhooking. Great storage set-up. I picked up 50 loads this fall. There are no wear and tear issues, as this is a well built, over engineered product. Well worth the cost.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Sep 27, 2016

Not as easy as it sounds

By Frank D, Charlton, MA, Verified Reviewer

If you read their web site it is so easy to use. But wait until you need to empty it. It is a ball buster once it's packed and HEAVY to dump. And you will need to dig some of it out before it will dump, it is packed so tight. If you use your hands to loosen some of it and you happened to mow over some Poison Ivy guess what... 5 1/2hp motor and the chute still gets clogged. I wish I didn't waste the money. It picks up the grass but is a killer to empty. And everything is Velcro. Wrong material around dirt, dust and grass clippings.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 9, 2015

The Leaf King!

By Mark Pederson , Andover, MN

I bought the Cyclone Rake Pro last year and have used it twice. I have found the Rake has trouble picking up wet leaves. I have my deck set at 2 1/2" and I have the 10 inch hose. Of course part of my problem is I mow about an acre that has 80 very large oak trees on the property so when I finally can get around to clean up, I have a tremendous amount of leaves to vacuum up. Last year I had 37 full hopper loads, that's 15,170 gallons of mulched leaves. What used to take me 3 full days of intense physical labor to clean up the leaves is now reduced to about 6-7 hours of cleanup with some physical labor involved. Because I have so many trees I have found it somewhat of a challenge to maneuver around the trees so I found it useful to use my backpack blower to blow the leaves from around the trees and house first. I have not had any trouble with my John Deer X320 Lawnmower handling the turning or weight of the unit. I have some small inclines that I have to maneuver through and it handles it fine. I did however have to clear a path through last years rotting leave as I could not back the unit up through about six inches of old rotting mulch. Once I cleared it things worked fine.

One of the things I think would greatly improve the design of the hopper is to come up with a way to efficiently pull the leaves out of the hopper so I don't need an additional acre of land to dump the leaves. The leaves get so compact that it is difficult to get them out of the hopper sometimes, especially if they are wet and you don't have someone to pull the lawn mower ahead slowly while you use a garden rake to pull the leaves out.

The only other complaint that I have is adding and draining the oil on the engine. I find the way it is setup is ridiculous and difficult to do.

Overall, it is a huge time saver for me and I would recommend it with an overall rating of 4 stars.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 21, 2015

Not for me

By Jeff , New York

It's not for me because I have too many leaves I guess. I bought the commercial one and it is not enough for my 3/4 acre, about 80 trees. Keeps getting clogged, aside from the fact my tractor has to be able to handle (keep up) with the leaves, and I have a good Ariens. In other words you are dealing with 2 machines and it is not as easy as it sounds. I am actually back to blowing, raking and bagging.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 8, 2015

Absolutely not a scam

By David , Merrimack,NH

I was heading online to buy an accessory for my unit and happened on this review site. In the Google search I saw a blurb asking if this was a "scam or legit" so I clicked the link and decided to write an article.

I bought one last fall. It is a bona fide solid piece of equipment and not a scam. Hooks up to your mower and vacuums ad pulps leaves into tiny pieces. I have a large enough yard where it would take me 40-50 of those lawn paper bags to fill up, about a 1/3 acre with lots of tree cover. Raking would take days, this unit lets me do it in an afternoon. Seriously works.

I am getting the vacuum accessory next, so I can easily do the edges of the fence without raking first.

Love this unit. Totally great for me and my yard.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Feb 2, 2017

Superlative product

By Mike Hoban, Macon, NC, Verified Reviewer

I maintain a two-acre wooded lot on Lake Gaston in North Carolina, and I have had the Cyclone Rake Commander for about six years.

I never had an issue and am always completely thrilled after each use. It is easy to start and easy to use. It takes some getting used to the fixed carriage, and you need to give it some room. To those who complain about it getting too full and becoming difficult to empty, don't fill it to the brim.

I have had the need to order parts that will wear with normal usage (watch the rubber pads that protect the inside of the leaf bag), and the customer service is the best. Parts for the engine are easily ordered on Amazon or at your local Lowes or Home Depot.

I do not write reviews unless I feel the product is over the top and this unit is that.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 30, 2018

My experience with Cyclone Rake

By Edward N., Mount Horeb, WI, Verified Reviewer

I bought the XL model and found that every time I used it, 2 or 3 things would vibrate loose and would need to be tightened or would be lost.

The staff were excellent and would send replacement parts promptly. There is a 1-year unconditional money back no questions asked guarantee.

The machine works nice but is really big. I mow 6 acres and would lose something due to vibrating off every time. For me, the machine was not worth the trouble to do a 45-minute pre-flight every time I used it.

I replaced it with a DR lawn vacuum and so far am satisfied. There is no comparison on the warranty as the Cyclone Rake warranty is so much better, but that might be because so much stuff falls off of it.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Sep 18, 2015

Better Than Sliced Bread

By Dan, Murrysville, PA , Verified Reviewer

After a tremendous amount of research, I took the plunge and purchased the base model. I used it for the first time yesterday on a half acre property. A normal 2-1/2 hour job with my tractor and regular bagger normally takes me two hours. I completed the job in 15 minutes. It's worth every penny. I also bought the vacuum hose as well and it works extremely well. I just can't believe how well it is built, the ease of use and how powerful the product it. My son and I now fight on whose turn it is to use it.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 22, 2015

Great equipment!

By Robert Hamlin , Youngstown, Ohio

I have 0.8 acre and 0.6 of it is dense wooded area with wild flower gardens with many hasta and large paver patio. Yes, very pretty but a "bit" to care for by hand raking leaves in the fall. I have a riding John Deere mower and the Cyclone Rake fit perfect and when you do the leaf clean it is like a putting green at the golf course. It sucks the ground branches, and any leaves. This is no con job. It is well engineered, well built and really takes 90% of work out of the task. I tip the full 2 cubic yard basket and let mulch worms begin their fun. I bought my machine 2011. I am a happy customer. :-)

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 30, 2016

Works as Advertised, Great Product

By Randall, Idaho, Verified Reviewer

Used our XL model yesterday for the first time. Saved hours of work compared to using just mower bags on our 1-acre yard. Had a small glitch in assembling it, but was quickly solved by a factory tech over the phone. It easily picks up wet leaves as well as the dry. No problem for me to dump even with wet leaves and my wife can do it easily with the power lifter we bought as an add-on.

However, the lifter doesn't raise the bag quite high enough so you have to manually pull some of the leaves out. Works great on our ZTR mower, but watch out for the increased turning radius.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 9, 2016

VERY well pleased after many years

By Barbara, Ohio, Verified Reviewer

I just ran across this site; I have had my Cyclone Rake Commander for 12 years now. I LOVE it. I like to drive around and suck up the leaves. Initially, I had to learn to adjust the deck height and mower speed to get the best results, but now I clean up the yard, the driveway, all very easy. I am a 5'6" lady and I have no problem unloading my Commander. It tips up easily because the way the weight is situated, it almost seems counterbalanced. I am over 50 years old and have no problem; I tip it up, shake it and push on the sides until it starts coming out, then keep shaking it gently to loosen the load. It really packs a load in it. Usually, I pull forward a bit more while it is tipped up to get more room, then carefully rake the remaining load out.

I am now looking to get the power unloader and roof top carrier. The whole thing has lasted very well, it has seen much use for my 1.25-acre property, I have never even replaced any of the 'wearable panels' that are replaceable. I use it on a zero-turn mower and fold it up and hang it up for winter storage. I did put a hoist up in the garage to lift it onto the wall hangers because it is way too heavy for me to lift up and hang by myself. I love the Velcro on this thing. It is very easy for me to unstrap and re-strap the Velcro and big buckles when I have gloves on in the cold, late fall nights that I spend picking up leaves, and it is still lasting very well.

I am so thankful I spent the money on the Cyclone rig. I lost a bolt one time years ago, and I must say, the customer service was great. Now, I must go and order some new accessories for my rig.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 12, 2017

So far I love it

By Jeff Renaldo, Long Island, NY, Verified Reviewer

I have a 1.5-acre piece of property. It is all lawn, and we do have many trees on the property. I have a John Deere ride-on tractor to mow the grass and suck up the leaves, and it works great, however, the bags fill quickly. I spend more time emptying them then I do mowing.

I kept seeing commercials for the DR unit, but it didn't like that it swiveled like a trailer. I have an area I back into to dump my clippings and that would be a pain. So after a lot of research, I went for the Cyclone. It had much better reviews than all the others by the way.

I ordered it in the winter of 2016 after having enough of dealing with the constant trips to dump. Even though my tractor is small (36" deck) I ordered the Z model. I wanted the biggest unit so I could go as long as possible without dumping and just in case I bought a bigger tractor in the future. I called Woodland and spoke to a very nice woman who answered all my questions. They also work with a company that provides no credit check financing.

The unit arrived fast! I mean like three days after I ordered it. It does require a good amount of assembling, which I didn't mind at all. Everything is labeled and laid out really nice. The manual was really nice and detailed. And during assembly, I could see this was a really nice and good quality product. A lot of thought was put into it. Not some assembly line piece of junk!

So I waited all winter and finally got to try it out on the grass. The grass was thick and high, and it had just rained. During my first run, I tried going as fast as the tractor could go and keep mowing, just as a test. The Cyclone rake handled it pretty well but did clog on one really high area. I was a little surprised because it is a small mower and the biggest Cyclone, but this was really tall wet grass that I went through faster than I should have. I slowed it down, and the rest went great! I was able to mow the entire property and only dump twice!

When the hopper is empty it's a breeze to maneuver, but when it starts getting full, it takes the weight of the tractors front wheels and steering becomes compromised. Also, when backing up and then going forward, the wheels have a little difficulty swiveling into position with all the weight on them. There is definitely a learning curve to steering with this attached. I swung it into a few things while turning. Still better than worrying about jackknifing though. And as others have said, when it's full, it's heavy and hard to dump, but what do you expect? So if you have difficulty lifting, either dump it when it's less full or get the electric add-on.

So overall, I'm very satisfied! Can't wait to use it this fall. Hopefully, it'll live up to my expectations!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 7, 2019

Arizona high country

By Lem G., Flagstaff, AZ, Verified Reviewer

I was needing a heavy duty piece of equipment for cleaning up ponderosa pine needles. Up here in the high county I don't have a green grass lawn with pretty maple tree leaves falling. Ponderosa pine has 9-11 inch pine needles and pine cones the size of my hand. I needed something heavy duty to help clean this up and not some weekend Tonka toy. I checked all different brands of lawn vacuums and selected the Cyclone Z-10. I wanted all the extras options such as electric start, 10" hose, pick up and discharge hose. I didn't want to have to buy options later. I don't have a large place to clean up, only 5 acres, but very heavily wooded.

In the past years, it was taking me and my wife 3-4 weeks of raking plus 8-10 6 yard dump trailer loads of debris to dispose of. My new Cyclone cut clean-up time to 2-3 days. This machine is a real beast. Naturally I have to pick-up brush that is finger size or larger, and baseball size rock.

Use common sense with the machine or you can turn a great piece of equipment into scrap parts quite quickly. There is no machine that I am aware of that can clean-up rock or brush. If there was, I would own one. I use a mulcher blade on my mower and the Cyclone mulches everything up again as it goes into the trailer bag. Then I spread it out using cyclones loading hose. It then mulches things a little bit finer. The debris is fine enough, I use it as compost in my pasture. It has taken a lot of research with trial and error but, I grow red top clover and alfalfa using the mulch made from my Cyclone.

You may have noticed I only gave Cyclone three stars. There are things that could stand some improvement. If the bag is too full, it is too heavy to pick up to dump. The tail swing is 12' and the bagger trailer hits trees trying to turn. The Cyclone is very dusty, make sure you are wearing a full face respirator. Cyclone advertises the Cyclone can be stowed under a bench or hung on a wall. This claim I believe is being stretched somewhat, but I've never tried hanging a 10 HP engine on a wall.

Is there room for improvement, yes. Is the Cyclone well built, yes. Do I personally like or recommend the Cyclone, yes. Do I recommend the purchase of a Cyclone, yes, depending on the purpose and use.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 9, 2016

Love the Cyclone

By Mark Gialo, Basking Ridge, NJ, Verified Reviewer

I have an acre of property with some of the most beautiful trees - oaks, maples, hickories. With the beauty of the landscape comes an incredible amount of leaf work. The Cyclone Commander has been a great value to me. It's 400 gallon bagging system allows me to stay on top of my leaves and its mulching ability condenses the volume of bagging. I have bagged 150-39 gallon bags and I could not have done this without this product. I am the envy of the neighborhood.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 7, 2018

Awesome product

By David D., Wallingford, CT, Verified Reviewer

My wife purchased me a Cyclone Rake classic back in approximately 2003. I use this to do my Wallingford home and my vacation home in New Hampshire. I normally use it in early spring to clean up my yard and a few times in the fall to do the leaves for both properties. I have NEVER had any problems.

The best part is when it’s not being used I fold it up, hang it on my wall, and roll the engine under my workbench. Best present I ever got, worth every cent!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Overdue review

By Mike M., Hartsville, SC, Verified Reviewer

I purchased my Cyclone Rake II in November of 1998. The current cost is close to the same as I paid back then.

Of course, it is useful during the fall, but I also use it whenever we have high winds that cause debris to be blown out of the trees.

Today I replaced the impeller for the second time. The first time the impeller was replaced was in 2007.

The bag (improved) was replaced in 2012 and is in great shape today.

The engine, which still runs just fine, is the original engine.

Good instructions are furnished with replacement parts.

Some new bolts and certain tools are sent in the repair kits.

Mine has been pulled by a mower with a 12 HP motor all this time, so it has not over-loaded my equipment. Go ahead and get one!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 8, 2017

Great Product, had one for 10 years

By Dwight Nicholas, Richmond, VA, Verified Reviewer

This is a great product. I have had one for 10 years with no issues. I finally had to order a new bag today, and it was amazing. You actually talk to a "real" person who knows what product I had and said the part would ship out on Tuesday.

Great customer service! Unfortunately, you don't experience it much anymore. Great product and company to deal with.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 3, 2016

Great vacuum except...

By Jeffery Keim, Pennsylvania, Verified Reviewer

The Cyclone Rake works quite well when vacuuming leaves on grass. It does have a bit of a problem when on a hard surface like a driveway because the tractor blade throws a lot of the leaves out the sides before the vacuum can suck them in. One item you need to watch out for is the tube from the mower to the vacuum clogging, especially if your vacuuming small pieces. Since I use my leaves as mulch I thought I'd drive over them first to grind them up a bit then go back over the smaller pieces with the vacuum. Well it worked fine until I discovered the tube was completely clogged. But I am happy with the purchase because it saves me a lot of time over my small leaf vacuum/blower.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 11, 2017

Cyclone Rake Commander

By Gary, New Hampshire, Verified Reviewer

I have had the Cyclone Rake Commander for three years. The reason for the purchase was my riding lawnmower's grass catcher chute would frequently clog. I have an acre of land and thought the Commander would be the best fit. I was right.

The 6.5 hp engine and 8" vs. my old 6" diameter chute prevents clogs. My time to mow the lawn was cut in half. I wouldn't go more than half full with the collector because steering becomes an issue. It sucks up leaves and grass quite well and makes great compost. Vanguard Briggs and Stratton engine works great. I always get compliments on my lawn.

It has a couple of flaws. The filter on the collector clogs when grass is moist. The filter blows some debris at your head when grass is dry. It's still a well-designed machine worth purchasing. No more clogging and leaf raking!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Cyclone Rake Classic

By Andy Costantino, Yardley, PA, Verified Reviewer

I matched this against a well-known competitor. I have had other equipment from the competitor and was happy. They were cheaper and had the top spot going in. Price difference overall was about $200.

Order process:

"Going out of the country for two weeks and cannot take delivery. Can you ship on 10/9? I want to order now, so I don't miss the sale."

Competitor: "No. Just use the internet from overseas."

Cyclone Rake: "Yes. No problem."

What deck adapter do I need?

Competitor: Gave my tractor model number. Not sure. Sent deck Photo from the parts list and got the info.

Cyclone Rake: Gave tractor model number. "That's a tough one to cut. Will ship pre-cut for your tractor."

Don't have all the storage in the world. Cyclone Rake folds flat. The competitor doesn't.

Competitor ships in one big box. Bigger than my 4x8 trailer. With Home Delivery, you have to get it off the truck. Cyclone Rake comes in smaller multiple boxes. Home delivery by Fed Ex.

I decided to go with Cyclone Rake based on the above.

The order was placed on 9/21, arrived home on 10/8 and received an email it had shipped on 10/9.

I left the garage open and went in for lunch. I wondered when it would show. I went back and looked at the garage, and the eight packages were stacked in the garage. The driver came and went like a ninja.

So far the right choice.

I put it together without issue. The pre-cut adapter fit perfect. Didn't really need time for assembly. I am 70 years old and worried about lifting the motor on. It turned out not to be a problem. Nice not to have bother the kids.

Found one 2x4 piece of velcro missing off the collector bag. I called in expecting to be shipped a piece of velcro. I was sent an entire collector bag. No charge.

Getting happier with my choice.

I took it out for the first time and had a learning curve on handling the rig. I got comfortable with it and had no problems. Worked as advertised. Like it.

It backs up really nice due to the unique hitch setup. Need to back it 30 feet to in the garage. No problem at all.

Made a "roof rack" for it to haul accessories. Use a small floor jack from Harbor Freight ($29) to hold it so I can uncouple the tractor. No lifting. Won't fold it away until the leaf season is over.

Very happy. Feel I made the right choice. Some things are worth paying extra for.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 27, 2018

Best vacuum I’ve ever purchased!

By Deanne R., Toledo, IA, Verified Reviewer

We’ve owned our Cyclone Rake for over 10 years. We purchased the XL and my husband thought I was completely crazy to make this purchase. We had 5 acres with too many trees to count. I, of course, told him that it was about time I bought him a vacuum!

We’ve had minimal issues with this machine and turn heads all the time when we pull it out. We sold our acreage and bought a house in town. We have a large lot with a lot of trees and knew we’d use our vacuum here too. Last year we pulled it out and neighbors were begging my husband to take care of their yards too! Last year we did all of our leaves and the neighbors'. The deal was he’d take the clippings to the yard waste place! This year we just drove the mower with the Cyclone Rake down the road with me behind in the Chevy with the hazards on.

My husband is now looking into the purchase of the Cyclone Nut Rake to help with all of the walnuts. If it works as well as the Cyclone Rake, we’re going to be loving it! If you have leaves and hate to take them every year, then get this machine. You won’t regret it, and your neighbors will become very friendly! You could even make some money on the side to pay for it! My friends always say that we should advertise and we could get paid!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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We have a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews, and companies cannot control or alter any reviews at any time.