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By HighYa Staff

Created by Dan Webster, Dan’s Success Plan is claimed to be a step-by-step, turnkey internet system that can help you make $500 to $5,000 per month, quickly and easily and in your spare time. And because Dan claims that he’s hit an earnings plateau, he needs help from a “select group of individuals (e.g. you) to make even more money.

According to Dan, his Success Plan is super easy and ethical, and doesn’t require you to have any computer skills or knowledge, or any prior business or advertising experience. In fact, Dan’s Success Plan is claimed to require just a few hours of your time per week, and that while some people will begin earning money within their first week, you’ll almost certainly begin earning money within your first month.

Dan claims that once you’ve reached the $500-$5K earnings goal, he’ll show you how to replicate his 6-figure monthly business model. In addition, he claims that you’ll be contacted by one of his “personal business coaches” and will receive his personal email address for “limitless support and coaching.”

You want it all; a legitimate, ethical job that allows you to work from the comfort of your home, as well as the free time to pursue your passions and to spend time with your family. But can you expect Dan’s Success Plan to help get you there? Maybe, but it’s likely not what you’re thinking. Here’s why:

What is Dan’s Success Plan Really Offering?

In reality, Dan’s Success Plan is simply an affiliate website attempting to enroll visitors in eMobileCode.com, which claims to be a completely “done for you” system that runs in the background on your computer and “pulls money into your account.” And for each sale that the Dan’s Success Plan website brings in, eMobileCode.com will pay the owner a pre-set percentage.

However, other than claiming that you’ll receive a powerful cash-generating businesses that operates on a military-grade cell phone server, and that it’s a “100% guaranteed wealth system,” we’re not informed exactly what the opportunity entails, how it works, how you’ll be making money, and many other highly important questions (more about this in a moment). Instead, the actors in the eMobileCode.com promotional video continuously insist that they’re going to show you how the system works, but just keep displaying screenshots of (presumably) their account balance with large amounts of money inside.

Can You Really Expect Dan’s Success Plan to Help You Make Money?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is probably yes. But it’s likely nowhere near as much as the Dan’s Success Plan or eMobileCode.com videos make it seem.

This is because becoming an affiliate for a product, setting up a sales website for the product, and then driving traffic to the website isn’t rocket science, and people have been making money this way for many years. However, this also means that you’ll have at least some initial outlay of money, and optimizing your site to maximize traffic can take a great deal of time and constant tweaking. And even after all this has occurred, a couple sales per day would probably be considered terrific, so it’s all but certain that you won’t earn enough to quit your day job unless you have hundreds of affiliate sites operating simultaneously.

Have Other Customers Found Success with Dan’s Success Plan?

When it comes down to it, Dan’s Success Plan has an almost wholly negative online professional and consumer reputation.

How to Make Honest Money Online comes right out and calls Dan’s Success Plan a scam, while One More Cup of Coffee claims that much of the information it contains can be found elsewhere online for free. And based on our experience, it appears that eMobileCode.com sells information on how to make money through affiliate marketing, similar to Emily’s Income Challenge, Eric’s Success Plan, Partner with Tom, and Partner with Anthony, none of which have good online reputations.

Scamxposer is more explicit by claiming that Dan’s Success Plan simply shows you how to construct “content-less SEO [pages] that Google frowns upon and invented Panda/Penguin restrictions for things just like this.” In other words, by using the techniques taught in Dan’s Success Plan, you could actually make less money as an affiliate than someone who doesn’t.

Dan’s Success Plan Pricing & Refund Policy

Although Dan’s Success Plan is technically free, requiring you to only enter your email address, you won’t receive any usable information until you hand over your credit card information on the eMobileCode.com website. Here, you’ll pay $49 for instant access to the system.

Dan’s Success Plan/eMobileCode.com processes payments through ClickBetter.com, who offers a 60-day refund policy on all purchases.  

Will Dan’s Success Plan Make You Filthy Rich with Free Time to Spare?

Chopping to the Point: Considering the fact that you’re expected to hand over $49 of your hard-earned money without knowing exactly what you’re purchasing, the underhanded methods used to get you to sign up, and the fact that the methods it contains could actually hurt your affiliate business, we’d recommend staying away from Dan’s Success Plan.

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