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Published on: May 10, 2017

Dermaclear is a skin care cream that claims to be able to effectively manage and eliminate skin tags and moles on the body. The serum is made of a variety of natural ingredients, and from the outside looking in, it looks quite similar to many of the other various skincare serums out there on the market today.

For many of us, skincare is a very important and personal part of our lives. It stands to reason, then, that finding a product that truly allows you to manage unwanted blemishes like moles and skin tags would be a very beneficial thing indeed. So, how does Dermaclear stack up to the competition? What’s exactly inside it, for that matter?

Before we answer these questions and more, let’s take a quick look at what exactly skin tags and moles are, and what sort of risk (if any) they pose to your health.

What Are Skin Tags and Moles?

Skin tags and moles are two types of naturally-occurring growths found on the human body. According to WebMD, it is very common for most people to encounter one or both of these growths at some point in their lives, and in the vast majority of circumstances, they are completely harmless.

There are a few situations, however, where these growths can be telltale signs of something more serious that needs to be watched out for. For instance, a raised, painful or darkened mole can be a sign of a cancerous growth, and should be looked at by a qualified Dermatologist immediately.

How To Remove Skin Tags And Moles

By visiting your dermatologist, you can elect to have a number of different procedures done that can remove your skin tags. These include cutting the skin tag off with surgical scissors, burning it off with an electric current, and freezing it off using what’s called cryosurgery.

For the most part, all of these operations are minimally invasive, and require little to no recovery time. As with any surgical matter, it’s best to consult directly with your dermatologist to see which method is right for you.

How To Use Dermaclear

The manufacturer claims that applying and using Dermaclear is very easy. You simply need to apply the product to the mole or skin tag that you’d like to remove for about 45 minutes. 24 hours later, you’re blemish should be gone. The instructions list that different skin types might need additional treatments, anywhere from 1-5 of them, and the company claims that the results are often varied.

Are Dermaclear’s Ingredients Effective For Mole Or Skin Tag Removal?

According to the products main website, Dermaclear’s ingredients include the following:

  • Alpaflor Gigawhite
  • Cedar leaf oil
  • Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil
  • Ricinus communis seed oil

Let’s take a look at each of these ingredients, stacking them up individually to see how effective they are at treating skin tags and moles.

Alpalfor Gigawhite

This substance is a skin-lightening compound that is formulated with a mix of Alpine plants such as Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, and Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract. According to Centerchem.com, the compound is used to even out skin tone and reduce the color intensity of age spots.

With that said, we didn’t find any verifiable sources illustrating the reported benefits of this substance for dealing with skin tags and moles.

Cedar leaf oil

Cedar leaf oil is an herbal remedy that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. According to Livestrong.com, the oil has been primarily used for treating stomach ailments, as well as a few skin conditions such as eczema. There is no mention of the substances reported effectiveness at dealing with skin tags and moles.

In fact, according to the site, there are currently no officially recognized medical uses for the oil, though there are some very serious side effects and potential hazards to using it. We cover these in detail in the side effects section below.

Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil

Otherwise known as Tea Tree Oil, this oil has again been used for many years in traditional medicine. According to WebMD, it is generally regarded as safe for topical use, but few studies have been carried out on the oil itself. It is usually used to treat acne, burns, and some lung problems. There is no mention of the oil's effectiveness at dealing with skin tags and moles.

Ricinus communis seed oil

Known commonly as castor seed oil or castor bean oil, this substance is produced by removing the outer layer, or hull of a castor plant. The outer hull of these seeds contain the deadly toxin known as ricin. According to WebMD, there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that this oil can aid in combating skin conditions of any kind.

So, what does this tell us? Obviously, there are several red flag ingredients above that don’t seem to be entirely safe, much less helpful for the removal of skin tags and moles. Let’s look into any possible side effects that you might be vulnerable to with Dermaclear.

Dermaclear Side Effects

The main ingredient of concern in Dermaclear is Cedar leaf oil. Consumption of the oil in any amount can lead to severe allergic reactions, spontaneous abortion, spasms, seizures, and more. Livestrong.com claims that there are currently no medically recognised uses for the substance, and as such, it is not recommended for use. The only other ingredient listed as having potential side effects is the castor seed oil, which WebMD notes shouldn’t be taken if you’re experiencing any abdominal pain or blockage.

Now that we’ve covered the ingredients, how much is Dermaclear going to cost you?

Dermaclear Pricing & Return Policy

Currently, Dermaclear is available in three different packages, essentially boiling down to how much of the product you’d like to purchase.

The three different options are as follows:

  • Regular Dermaclear (Single 20-day supply) - $39.99
  • Dermaclear Advanced (2 bottles, 40-day supply) - $59.99
  • Dermaclear Ultimate (3 bottles, 60-day supply) - $79.99

The only difference between these three options is the quantity of the serum included. There is no difference between the actual products themselves, or the ingredients used in each.

In addition to this initial cost, it looks as though the company also employs the use of an autoship program. According to the site, 30 days after you place your initial order, your card will be charged $39.99 and you will be automatically enrolled in the autoship program, which will send you a new bottle of Dermaclear each month (charging you $39.99 each time). In order to cancel this membership, you’ll need to call customer service at 800-519-5346. Alternatively, you can email the company’s support line at support@dermaclearpro.com.

All purchases made on Dermaclearpro.com are subject to a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. To request a refund/return, you’ll need to call or email the company using the information provided above. You’ll also need to have the following information on-hand to process the return:

  1. Invoice number
  2. Name of customer who placed order
  3. Date the order was placed

The terms state that shipping is not covered in the refund, so be sure to be aware that you’ll be responsible for covering the shipping costs of getting the product back to the manufacturer.

Notice Of Arbitration Agreement

By making a purchase on Dermaclearpro.com, you are agreeing to mediate all legal disputes outside of the court system, according to the terms section as listed by the manufacturer. You are also waiving your rights to certain legal actions, such as filing a class action lawsuit.

The Bottom Line: Is Dermaclear Legit?

We’ll cut straight to the point: While it would be fantastic to find a product that can reliably and effectively remove unwanted skin tags and moles, we simply haven’t encountered enough evidence from authoritative sources that the ingredients included within Dermaclear will produce the results described by the manufacturer.

Were we able to substantiate more of the claims made about the ingredients used in Dermaclear, that might have been enough to sway our opinion a bit, but the fact remains that we don’t have a clear picture of the value Dermaclear can provide, based on our research into similar products and ingredients.

Based on all of the information we obtained from WebMD, the ingredients included within Dermaclear do not align with the manufacturers claims about the product's effectiveness. That being said, if you’d like to still go forward with purchasing the product, you can opt to purchase a single bottle to test for yourself.

Keep in mind the 30-day return policy if you go this route, and don’t forget about the autoship program enrollment, either. In our opinion, your time and money might overall be better spent seeing a trained dermatologist to review your options for traditional removal.

Have you used Dermaclear before? Leave a review and let others know what you thought about it!

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  • Disappointed in Dermaclear

    Unfortunately, Dermaclear has fallen short of there claims. I have been using this product for more than a week, and not one skin tag has been removed by this product. It’s rather disappointing that you purchase not one but two bottles of this serum to find out that your skin tags remain stronger than ever and are not disappearing as claimed by the manufacturer. So beware and don’t fall for the claims as I did.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 15 out 15 people found this review helpful

    Does not work!

    The day my Dermaclear had arrived I was extremely excited to begin the treatment of getting rid of my skin tags. When I had ordered the product, I was told that all I had to do was spread the cream over all the skin tags I wanted to remove. Well, I had done just that, and over so many days of applying the product to the skin tags, I ran out of Dermaclear cream from the first bottle of two and wouldn't you know it, my skin tags were STILL there. That is straight to the point.

    Do NOT purchase!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 45 out 46 people found this review helpful

    Does not work

    I have used this for 30 days, twice a day as suggested. I have not had one single tag or mole disappear or even dry up. I did not know about the autoship program and was not happy to receive a second bottle.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 38 out 42 people found this review helpful


    • Davie, Florida,
    • Jul 16, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    So, in other words, it might be a waste of my money and time to try it. I would have liked to see reviews on this page of REAL people that try this product. Because If I order then I would have wasted $5.00 of my shipping money, then have to worry about auto ship that they don't take out another $50.00 out my account. I had ordered some cream for my face in a trial size, the company ended up charging me $95.00 and the product didn't even work. So I guess I just have to accept what God gave me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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