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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 14, 2014

If you’re looking for an affordable at-home teeth whitening systems, Dial-a-Smile claims to be a professional option that is guaranteed to provide you with teeth that are 4-7 shades whiter in just 20 minutes. What’s more, Dial-a-Smile is even claimed to remove stains from caps, crowns, and veneers.

But can Dial-a-Smile really provide you with professional teeth-whitening results in just 20 minutes, all from the comfort of your home? Let’s polish the facts and see what stands out.

Details About Dial-a-Smile

Endorsed by daytime soap star Daniel Goddard, Dial-a-Smile claims to provide similar teeth whitening power to a $1,500 in-office dentist treatment, but without any tooth or gum sensitivity. In fact, Dial-a-Smile is claimed to provide guaranteed, gentle, and effective results.

Unlike other teeth whitening systems, Dial-a-Smile does not come with any bulky trays or messy strips, and includes the following:

  • 1 Paper Shade Dial
  • 1 Dispensing Tub
  • 1 Handheld Mini LED Light
  • 1 Gel Syringe (5mil)
  • 3 Teeth Wipes
  • 1 Applicator Brush
  • 3 Vitamin E Swab

In order to begin using the Dial-a-Smile teeth whitening system, you’ll start by referencing the paper shade dial to gauge the existing color of your teeth. Then, you’ll squirt some of the gel from the syringe into the dispensing tub, at which point you’ll use the teeth wipes to clean and dry your teeth.

Next, you’ll gently press a Vitamin E swab to your gums, and then dip the included brush into the whitening gel, which should be carefully applied to each individual tooth. While making sure that your lips don’t come in contact with your teeth, you’ll turn on the LED light and leave it in place for about 20 minutes, depending on your sensitivity level. Afterward, Dial-a-Smile is claimed to whiten your teeth between 4-7 shades.

Dial-a-Smile Pricing & Refund Policy

Dial-a-Smile is currently priced at two payments of $19.95, plus $9.95 shipping and handling (total of $49.85). With your order, you’ll also receive one Super Booster™ Whitening Pen as a free gift, which is claimed to be ideal for on-the-go teeth whitening touchups. It’s important to note that we found this same system being sold directly through the Whitening Lightning website for $115.

Dial-a-Smile comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. In order to initiate the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 844-342-5276.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About Dial-a-Smile?

Dial-a-Smile is manufactured by Whitening Lighting based out of Valencia, CA, who holds an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on two unanswered complaints over the past three years. It’s important to note that the bottom of the Dial-a-Smile website indicates that the product is manufactured by Secret Extensions, although this appears to be an error by the website designer, Digital Target Marketing, who created both the Dial-a-Smile and Secret Extensions websites.

The Dial-a-Smile URL was recently registered at the end of January 2014, although it doesn’t appear to have generated many online customer reviews during this time, other than bloggers who received the product in exchange for reviews. However, based on the Dial-a-Smile reviews we were able to locate during our research, they appeared to be evenly split between very high and very low satisfaction. As such, the most common complaints cited failure to work and burning gums.

What’s the Bottom Line About Dial-a-Smile?

So, can Dial-a-Smile really provide you with professional results in just 20 minutes, all from the comfort of your own home? In short, we have our doubts, and here’s why:

Based on the few online customer reviews we were able to locate, the most common complaints cited failure to work and burning gums, despite the product’s claim that it does not result in sensitivity. Unfortunately, none of the negative customer reviews indicated whether or not they attempted to hold the company to its 30-day satisfaction guarantee by returning the product.

On top of this, the mini LED provided by the Dial-a-Smile system almost certainly won’t work as well as the professional lighting found at your dentist’s office, and the product’s website doesn’t provide any indication as to what’s actually included in the gel.

Between the mixed customer reviews and the near certainty that Dial-a-Smile does not perform as well as a professional teeth whitening, we might recommend spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.

Have you used the Dial-a-Smile teeth whitening system? If so, how many shades did it whiten your teeth, if at all? Tell us about it by writing a review today!

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  • 11 out 11 people found this review helpful

    This is a total scam

    • Toronto, Canada,
    • Aug 12, 2015

    I wish I could give this zero stars. I ordered the dial a smile kit with the booster pen combo, using a coupon code from SMLx0 on YouTube. Did all three treatments and saw no change. The booster pen did not help either. I went on my account online to request a return and after receiving no further instructions after a week I called them. They told me I should have received an email (which I obviously didn't) and gave me the return instructions. I paid for tracking on the package, and after not hearing from whitening lightning two weeks after they received the package, I called them explaining my situation.

    They apologized and said I'd be refunded in two to three business days. A week later, I still hadn't received my refund. I even tried to check on my online account to see if there was any information, but guess what? They deactivated my account. I called them again, and surprise they had no explanation. I was then told the same 2-3 business days BS. On every occasion that I communicated with them they said they would email me, yet I never received anything. I obviously got a confirmation email, when I initially placed my order so there is obviously no issue with my/their email system.

    Bottom line, the product doesn't work, the money back guarantee is total junk and I'm left with nothing but long distance charges on my phone bill. Don't waste your money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 10 out 12 people found this review helpful


    • TN,
    • Sep 10, 2014

    I had been looking for an at home whitening system for a while now. After seeing so many demos and reviews on YouTube on the Dial a Smile I decided to purchase the complete kit. I was excited when I received the package and tried it that first night. I did not see any difference at all. I tried the booster pen as well and that didn't give me any results either. I am very disappointed that these YouTube "gurus" hype up a product only to receive compensations from the company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Not what I expected it to be

    • Malaysia,
    • Oct 29, 2015

    I purchased the two Dial-A-Smile teeth whitening kit & teeth whitening pen combo (with a friend), but only to receive the combo package without the pen. Never mind that, I tried it the first time, being all hyped after watching YouTube demos of popular make up gurus, only to be let down that I see no changes in shades. I was quite surprised on how those Youtubers I watched actually went one or even few shades down (as shown on camera). This product was quite a let down.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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