DiaResQ Review: Ingredients, Effectiveness, Pros and Cons

By HighYa Research Team
Updated on: May 24, 2019

DiaResQ is a powder designed to provide diarrhea relief via cow colostrum.

The treatment’s differentiating factor is that it’s part of the narrative of a doctor who created DiaResQ as a humanitarian mission to stop diarrhea across the globe. The site notes that diarrhea is the second-leading killer of adults and children in the world.

Founder Tim Starzl and his wife started a company named Theryx in 2007 to develop DiaResQ. The product's website notes that the company has devoted its efforts in developing DiaResQ, testing it and commercializing it to “address the specific dietary needs of adults and children with diarrhea and support overall intestinal health.”

As such, there are two different kinds of DiaResq: one for adults and one for children.

In this review, we’ll talk about how the supplement works, what its ingredients are, what it costs, how it compares to other diarrhea probiotics and then finish up with our thoughts about the product’s overall pros and cons.

How DiaResQ Works

According to Theryx’s website for DiaResQ, each bottle contains packets of the powdered treatment as well as a cup with a 30-milliliter mark on it. The moment you have diarrhea, the site says, you should fill up the cup to the 30 ml line, then add one packet of powder.

The site notes you can take up to three packets a day but doesn’t provide any restrictions about the time that needs to pass between doses.

The product should work in cases of one-off diarrhea and traveler’s diarrhea but if you have chronic diarrhea, it may not work because it’s not intended to treat that particular condition.

You can buy the product in two different forms: DiaResQ Soothing Relief for children and DiaResQ Rapid Recovery for adults.

We took a quick look at the back label and didn’t see any discernable difference between ingredients in the two. What we do know is that Soothing Relief is intended for children one and older.

DiaResQ’s Ingredients: Cow Colostrum and Eggs

What the company claims makes DiaResQ effective in halting diarrhea is cow colostrum. In humans, “colostrum” refers to the nutrient-packed, thick milk mothers produce when they breastfeed.

According to Theryx, cow colostrum helps with diarrhea because:

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Immune factors
  • Protective proteins
  • Antibodies

The site notes that eggs are helpful with diarrhea because they contain antibodies, too, and the eggs they use “come from hens raised without antibiotics, hormones, or additives.”

As both of these ingredients are somewhat rare in relation to what we normally see in treatments and supplements, we reached out to doctors and nutritionists across the country to find out their thoughts.

We didn’t hear any input from our sources, so we turned to reliable medical websites to find out about DiaResQ’s main ingredient, cow colostrum. WebMD presents cow colostrum in a positive way, noting that it’s "possibly effective” for diarrhea you get through a variety of illnesses including rotavirus.

Verywell Health, on the other hand, presents a more tempered approach to cow colostrum. They believe that the ingredient isn’t quite as effective in stopping diarrhea as WebMD claims.

The site says that cow colostrum “may provide relief” from diarrhea that pops up for unknown reasons.

Judging by these two sites, we’d say there’s a chance that DiaResQ could help with your diarrhea but we hesitate to make a firmer statement based on the available evidence.

In contrast to other supplements we’ve reviewed, though, the fact that a site like WebMD and Verywell Health are hitting at possible effectiveness is a good sign. Many times, we talk to doctors who say that a certain heralded ingredient isn’t quite as great as it seems. DiaResQ, though, seems to be different.

DiaResQ Side Effects

We consulted a couple of different sources to explore the side effects of DiaResQ’s main ingredient, cow colostrum.

Consumer Lab notes that “colostrum does not seem to cause any significant side effects.”

They go on to point out that “comprehensive safety studies have not been performed.”

One of the things you may read about cow colostrum is that it could give you mad cow disease. However, WebMD classifies cow colostrum as a milk product and says that “‘mad cow disease’ does not appear to be transmitted through milk products.”

Like Consumer Lab, WebMD concludes that the ingredient is most likely safe. They do introduce one important caveat, though. Pregnant women should void using it, as there is “not enough reliable information” detailing the safety and side effects of pregnant women taking cow colostrum.

Global Acclaim for DiaResQ

On the treatment’s website, there’s a section for healthcare providers that notes the product was named “one of thirty leading healthcare innovations” in a report by multiple international organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

We read the report and discovered that DiaResQ isn’t one of the 30 innovations. Rather, “new treatments for severe diarrhea” was one of the 30 innovations and DiaResQ was mentioned as an example of a new treatment. So, while the product’s claim, in our opinion, isn’t accurate, it's still quite significant the report mentioned it by name, though.

According to the report, DiaResQ is playing an important part —along with other diarrhea treatments—in saving around 59,000 lives each year. This figure represents a 3-percent reduction in diarrhea-related deaths around the world.

DiaResQ’s Pricing and Return Policy

Each box of DiaResQ for children and adults has between three, four or six powder packets.

You can buy them at major retailers like Amazon and CVS. Here’s a quick rundown of pricing on Amazon.com at the time of publishing.

You could buy a six-count box of adult Rapid Recovery for $9.34 and a three-pack for $7.99. The children’s version is $7.99 for a three pack, $14.99 for a six-pack and $18.49 for a four-pack.

CVS has a three-pack of the children’s DiaResQ for $8.29.

Because the product is available at retail websites and stores, it is subject to the return policies of the store you buy it in or the website you buy it on.

Customer Reviews of DiaResQ

This diarrhea treatment had 199 reviews on Amazon at the time of publishing for an average rating of 3.8 stars. Common phrases used in the customer reviews included:

  • “highly recommend”
  • “works like a charm”
  • “worked great”
  • “much better”
  • “taste bad”

Of the eight most recent reviews DiaResQ had, seven of them were 5-star. The positive reviews raved about how quickly the product worked. Several travelers and one parent said it’s a must-have.

The one negative review noted that it didn’t work for their IBS-D (a form of irritable bowel syndrome.

At Target.com, the reviews are sparkling. Out of 28 total reviews, 27 were 5-star. There was plenty of praise for the product. Many of the reviews echoed what we read on Amazon: it worked fast and is a staple for intestinal issues.

A Quick Comparison of Other Colostrum Treatments

We did a quick survey of the top-rated colostrum-based diarrhea treatments on Amazon and found that there aren’t many alternatives to DiaResQ. Why? Because very few of them rely solely on colostrum and fewer still that had reviews.

The most similar product we found was Travelan, a 10-day box of colostrum packets that cost $25.57. This particular product had 61 reviews at the time of publishing with an average review of 4.3 stars.

The biggest difference between Travelan and DiaResQ is the cost per three-pack serving. Travelan is more affordable and garners the same positive reviews that DiaResQ.

However, both products seem to make customers happy in the same ways.

Pros and Cons of DiaResQ

We’d say that the main strength of this product is the glowing reviews it receives from people on Target.com, Amazon.com and its inclusion in the report we mentioned earlier.

These factors tell us that there’s a good chance this product will be helpful if you’re dealing with diarrhea. On top of that, very few products we review carry the international recognition that DiaResQ has by virtue of the global report we referenced earlier.

The downside to this product is that it’s relatively expensive at around $11 a box if it’s not on sale. However, we think that cost isn’t quite as painful when you consider that the service it provides—diarrhea relief—is pretty important.

As for who this is a good fit for, we’d say, based on the research we did, anyone dealing with non-chronic diarrhea will benefit the most. This includes those who might be dealing with food poisoning to those who travel abroad and get diarrhea.

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