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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 26, 2015

Doc Brock's Instant Relief pain relieving crème features Quadrazene, a 4-way formula that blocks pain, reduces inflammation, soothes muscles, and helps maintain healthy joints—without a prescription.

Regardless of whether your pain occurs in your shoulders, neck, back, legs, or anywhere else on your body, Doc Brock’s Instant Relief crème provides soothing relief that lasts. It can even provide ongoing muscle and joint support!

Chronic pain is no joke. We don’t have to tell you though, because that’s exactly why you’re here.

But can Doc Brock’s Instant Relief really provide everything it claims, or is your pain being used to trick you into buying an overhyped, underperforming product?

First, let’s discuss what we know about Doc Brock’s ingredients.

What is Quadrazene? Is it Effective for Pain Relief?

Other than learning its trademark was filed April 2014, there wasn’t any information available online about Quadrazene or the ingredients it contains at the time of our research.

And although the term analgesic might sound science-y, it simply references “a group of drugs used to achieve pain.” So, this doesn’t tell us much either.

Out of all the classes of analgesics though, only paracetamol and NSAIDs (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) are available without a prescription, so it’s fairly likely that Doc Brock’s Instant Relief contains one or more of these types of ingredients.

Where does this leave us? Without knowing exactly what Doc Brock’s Instant Relief contains, there’s no way to know if it will relieve pain as well as the company claims (or provide any relief whatsoever).

We also can’t know how it compares to other similar products, or exactly how it will support “ongoing muscle and joint support.”

We will say this though: Given all the “revolutionary” claims in the Quadrazene commercial, we’d have to wonder why the manufacturer decided not to provide customers with this important information.

Are There Other Products Like Doc Brock’s Instant Relief?

Here’s how you can find out in a matter of seconds: Type the phrase “topical analgesic” or “analgesic cream” into your favorite search engine. How many results do you see? Hundreds? Thousands?

Due to their popularity, the reality is that you don’t even need to search online for analgesic creams, as several options will almost certainly be at your local pharmacy or big box retailer. And without knowing exactly what Doc Brock’s contains, there’s no way to know how well it will work compared to the competition.

What’s more, you’ll quickly learn that nearly all of these products are priced much lower than Doc Brock’s Instant Relief, which is what we’ll discuss next.

How Much Does Doc Brock’s Instant Relief Cost?

Two, 2oz tube of Doc Brock’s Instant Relief crème are priced at $19.95 plus $13.90 S&H.

Yes, your purchase comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. But think about this: By the time you ship it back to the manufacturer, you could lose just as much in S&H charges as you’ll get back as a refund!

In order to request a refund, you’ll need to call Doc Brock’s customer service at 844-229-0766.

Price aside, who is Dr. Brockman?

Who is Dr. Brockman? What’s His Expertise?

According to the Doc Brock’s Instant Relief website, he “maintains a busy multi-disciplinary practice in Kentucky with a focus on transitioning patients from pain to overall wellness.” We’re also told that he’s “worked with patients from all walks of life, from professional and Olympic athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs, and all ages from infants to seniors.”

This doesn’t tell us much, so we searched elsewhere online for some more information about Dr. Brockman.

Outside of websites directly related to his pain relief crème though, the only usable information we came across was on his Complete Wellness Chiropractic & Rehabilitation page, where the Doctor works.

There, we learned Dr. Brockman obtained a BS in Human Development with concentrations in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science from the University of Louisville, and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic.

Unfortunately, we’re not informed about any formal training Dr. Brockman has that would qualify him to formulate topical analgesics, or any of the specific ingredients used in Instant Relief.

Now, let’s discuss one last thing before wrapping up.

Is Doc Brock’s Instant Relief an Award-Winning Formula?

According to the Doc Brock’s commercial, Instant Relief won the INPEX Award of Excellence.

While it doesn’t state a year, we checked INPEX’s website going all the way back to 2010, and found no indication that Dr. Brockman, Doc Brock’s Instant Relief, or any kind of topical analgesic won the organization’s Award of Excellence.

What’s this mean? We believe this is nothing but marketing hype, intended to cause you to make an ill-informed purchasing decision.

Will Doc Brock’s Instant Relief Work for Your Pain?

Because we’re not told about any of the ingredients it contains, there’s simply no way to know how well Doc Brock’s will work for you.

We will say that, based on the fact only one class of analgesic is available without a prescription, we don’t think Doc Brock’s Instant Relief will work any better than something you’d find at your local pharmacy.

But compared to the other options, Doc Brock’s can cost up to three times as much—and even more when you factor in the ultra-high, non-refundable S&H charges. For this reason alone, we’d strongly recommend exploring these local options before placing your Doc Brock’s order.

In the mean time, we’d recommend reading about other ways you can address joint and muscle pain!

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    Doc Brock's

    I've been using Doc Brock's clinically on patients for three years now for musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue pain, and local inflammation. It is highly effective, and nothing in my almost 36 years of rehabilitation practice does anything come close to relieving pain for short term relief for minor injuries, strains, etc. We phonophoresis it into tissue with pulsed ultrasound.

    The skeptic who wrote this scathing review hasn't even tried it to determine its effectiveness but does an internet search to get his world view of the Doc Brock product. Really? Sounds like a fake news spin guy who works for Icy Hot or Bengay! Five stars from me.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Doc Brock's Instant Relief

    A doctor gave my son a bottle of this in his office, Joshua was there on a service call with X-ray machine. I was visiting my son and began to hurt in my knees and shoulder, I had none of my remedies with me. I have bad Arthritis, inflammation is very bad, At times I feel like my muscles and joints lock up, cannot move and will bring me to tears.

    My son put this on me and wit in a minute or two the pain, hurting, was gone, and I could move. Really, this stuff works! I've used other creams and it is the best I had found so far until found I found Dr. Brock's Instant Relief cream, and it is way better. We don't know how much it costs yet, but I have to get more of this.

    Just thought anyone out there like me, would like to know that this cream stops the hurting, pain, rears, and you can move. Really.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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