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  • Sketchy

    • By Michele C.,
    • Leesburg, FL,
    • Aug 21, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I never got the socks because my credit card wouldn't release the funds to them. I tried 2 cards, and neither one would release payment. I find this very strange as I shop on FB often. Definitely a red flag to me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Debunked

    • By Denis N.,
    • Portland, ME,
    • Aug 13, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I am returning these tubes that hurt my feet in every possible configuration that I have worn them in the past four days. The open toe is great for flip flops or sandals until the rib on the toe open-end rides over the ball of the foot and rides toward the heal pressing on the toe joints and creating uneven walking pressure. I walk 2-4 miles a day and this is not a helpful feature. Wearing tie shoes I tried these tubes under and over regular socks and had the same ride up the foot experience. There is no way to keep the toe opening at the toe unless you are sitting still. Watching TV with these socks on is the only positive experience of the pressure value. If a person is bedridden or confined to minimal mobility it may be a great comfort to wear these tubes. But as soon as I get out of the chair and walk to the kitchen the tube rides up over the ball joints and puts uneven pressure on the very painful places I am seeking comfort for. If you buy these socks don't plan on walking very far or being very active. If you are an active person don't waste your time or money trying them. AGAIN, I learned my lesson to ignore online hype promos for "unbelievable miracle" products. Haven't been lucky yet!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Not helping

    • By Susanne B.,
    • Allen, TX,
    • Jun 25, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Very disappointed with these socks. They don’t have compression in them. They are too big- you can’t have "one size fits all" for women and men. I should not have wasted my money on another scam.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • The socks are not fit for purpose and there is no after-sales service

    • By Susan B.,
    • Emerald, Victoria, Australia,
    • Jun 25, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I purchased two pairs of socks but in spite of the "one size fits all" claim, the socks would not go on my husband's feet. Inside the box and hidden from view the plastic bag with the socks in it was labeled size S-M.

    When I contacted Hush socks they offered me two options - a 25% discount (so I could keep the useless socks but they would give me some money!) OR I could pay the shipping costs plus something they called a 10% restocking fee.

    Basically, there is no after sales service, and a "take it or be ripped off or pay more" approach. There has been no chance to test the usefulness of the product as it doesn't fit and they don't want to refund or exchange. I will be letting lots of people know what a SCAM this is.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Sizing

    • By Elaine T.,
    • Georgia,
    • Jun 19, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I just received the socks for my husband and I and they are definitely not one size fits all. My husband who has size 11 feet was not able to get his on. I had to help him and it took about 5 minutes per foot to get on. Once they were on, by the end of the day I did see noticeable less swelling in his ankles. I just don't know if it's worth the wrestle every day.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • They really do work

    • By Tammie B.,
    • Mississippi,
    • Jun 17, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I was like anyone else, at first, skeptical. I believed in the ideology of the socks so I decided to put my money into a pair and got a good deal for a second pair, so I got two pairs. Am I glad I did.

    I was self-confined to bed when I got them. When I finally decided to wear them, I didn't give them the credit they deserved. I thought the changes were due to other things that I wanted to do.

    If it weren't for the socks, I wouldn't have gotten up and done those things I had been wanting to do.

    And the more I was up doing, the more I wanted to do.

    They didn't take away my scoliosis, but now I can move around without all the pain.

    They didn't cure my fibromyalgia, yet now I am not as fatigued as I once was.

    And I am sure it has been beneficial with my diabetes. I lost weight with the increased activity. I no longer have high blood pressure. And my cholesterol even improved. So no more blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.

    I recommend them to all my friends, family, and anyone who wants pain relief. I get looks from people like their just being kind to the crazy lady. But they're going to realize how crazy they must have looked to me for not believing me when they finally do try them.

    As I can afford them, I want to get them for my family and friends for holiday and birthday gifts.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Socks

    • By Michael I.,
    • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
    • May 31, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Hi, after receiving the order, we are not happy at all. The socks are very small and you cannot put them on at all. I wish we could return them. I think it is a total hoax. I think they are made for children, with very small feet.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Doc sock works for me

    I found this ad on Facebook and for 20 bucks I figured why not? I didn’t have the problem they advertised it for, the plantar thing but I had recently started having hip problems after sitting for over 30 minutes when I stood up it would hurt like heck in my left hip and leg for about 30 steps then stop almost like numbness combined with pain, so I tried them out and by day 3 last night I sat for 45 minutes driving home and when I got up I could barely feel the pain. I almost expected it as I got out of my car then realized there was no numbness, nothing, so I’m going to keep wearing them and see what happens. Almost afraid to stop and see if the pain comes back.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Worst scam ever!

    • By Ann R.,
    • Connecticut,
    • May 9, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I could not believe these socks when I got them. They are just a piece of junk! There is no way they can stop ANYTHING. I can't even feel any compression at all. In the process of returning them right now! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • They don't fit many sizes.

    • By Vickie M.,
    • Delaware,
    • May 8, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I paid $88 for 6 pairs, for me and for my dad. They are too big for me. There is zero compression. I wear a woman's size 7. They are too small for my dad. They don't even go halfway up his foot. He wears a men's size 13. The actual range of sizes should be listed before spending so much money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Happy feet!

    • By Ken M.,
    • New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada,
    • May 2, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    My feet were unhappy, always cold and sometimes painful. I saw an ad for Doc Socks and thought, "Why not give it a try." That was one of the best decisions I have made. I have been wearing the socks daily for three months now with great results.

    I had one instance with one sock where the thread at the top came loose but was quickly repaired with needle and thread. They have all survived several visits to the washing machine.

    I like the fact that they are open toe as this allows me to comfortably wear my thongs (I think you all call them flip flops). When wearing shoes I put on a regular sock over the Doc Socks with no significant issues or discomfort.

    My feet are happy and so I am happy.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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