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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff Published on: Dec 7, 2017

Designed by a leading podiatrist with extensive foot pain management experience, Dr. Sock Soothers anti-fatigue compression foot sleeves promise to help provide immediate relief from swelling, heel pain, achy feet, and poor blood circulation caused by the aging process.

Each sleeve is said to feature seven zones and three levels of targeted compression, which can provide breathable support whether you’re on your feet working, hiking, running, enjoying sports activities, at the gym, or just out and about walking. Simply slip it on as you would a normal sock, whether under or over your socks.

In addition, the company tells us that Dr. Sock Soothers’ sleeves “create support for the plantar fascia connective tissues” and reduce associated healing time. Also, that they naturally elevate dropped arch support caused by obesity, weight gain, and other frequent weight-bearing activities.

If you’re dealing with foot pain or other types of discomfort, the bottom line is that you want it gone yesterday, and want to know whether or this Dr. Sock Soothers’ sleeves represent a realistic solution—as well as a wise use of your money. In this article, we’ll help you find some answers, starting with the basic process that allows these types of products to do their job.

How Compression Garments Like Dr. Sock Soothers Work

In The Science of Compression Wear, we explain that garments like these are typically constructed of a “flexible yet firm, spandex-type material” that fits closely to your body, gently squeezes the area to which it’s applied, and thereby potentially boosts circulation and blood flow. As a result, users often report reducing swelling, pain, and general discomfort.

However, not all compression garments are created equal. For example, prescription options available only through a physician typically measure their level of compression in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), providing users with very specific details about what they’re buying. On the other hand, consumer-grade products like Dr. Sock Soothers only deliver generalized compression, which could vary—and deliver different benefits—depending on how snugly the sock fits.

Based on this information, is there other compression footwear potentially competing for many of the same customers as the company in question? We'll dive into this topic in a second, but let's first discuss price.

How Much Do Dr. Sock Soothers Cost?

Dr. Sock Soothers are priced as follows (no sizing information was listed on the product’s website at the time of our research):

  • 1 Pair: $20
  • 3 Pairs: $39 ($13 each)
  • 5 Pairs: $57.50 ($11.50 each)
  • 7 Pairs: $75 ($10.71 each)
  • 9 Pairs: $92 ($10.22 each)
  • 11 Pairs: $108 ($9.81 each)
  • 14 Pairs: $123 ($8.79 each)

All orders come with free insured shipping (3-5 days), along with a money back guarantee. Keep in mind that per the site’s Returns page, product “must be in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.”

We reached out to customer support about the length of this refund policy, in addition to whether or not different sizes were available, but hadn’t yet heard back at the time of publishing.

In order to request one, the company can be reached at (415) 422-9383 or support@drsocksoothers.com.

Are There Other Compression Socks Like Dr. Soothers’?

A quick online search for ‘compression socks’ and ‘compression foot sleeves’ across marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon returned hundreds of results from dozens of different manufacturers at the time of our research, most of which ranged in price between $10 and $40, putting Dr. Sock Soothers’ version somewhere near the middle.

Some of these competitors even appeared very much alike design-wise (even down to the coloring and stitching patterns) to Dr. Sock Soothers. Given these pricing and functionality similarities, how can you decide which foot compression sleeve will work best for you?

According to WebMD, compression socks (regardless of the brand) can be useful for addressing a wide variety of conditions and situations, including:

  • People with or at risk for circulation problems, like DVT, varicose veins, or diabetes
  • People who've just gotten surgery
  • Those who can't leave their bed or have a hard time moving their legs
  • People who stand all day at work
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant women
  • People who spend long stretches of time on airplanes, like pilots

However, if you’re experiencing a condition (chronic or otherwise) that’s causing frequent foot pain or discomfort, the first person you should speak with is your doctor. Based on their questioning and testing during your appointment, they should be able to recommend options that will deliver the most bang-for-your-buck.

If they suggest that you proceed, WebMD advises that you’ll want to stick with options that go on smoothly, without bunching; aren’t too long so that you’ll have to fold or roll the tops down, or are so tight that they cause circulation problems or otherwise cut off your blood flow.

Finally, in order for compression socks or another type of garment to be effective, they need to be worn often. While you can take them off to shower or bathe, be sure to ask your doctor during your appointment about how long yours should be worn in order to achieve maximum benefits.

Of course, most of these recommendations involve having the compression sock in your hands. But in the instance of Dr. Sock Soothers or any other online purchase, you obviously won’t have this opportunity before handing over your money. Does this mean you should proceed?

Our Final Thoughts About Dr. Sock Soothers Compression Wear

On the upside, Dr. Sock Soothers seems to have priced their compression foot sleeves competitively, as well as to stand behind them with a satisfaction guarantee (although we’re waiting to hear back about how long this is good for).

However, other than the fact that they’re based out of Hayden, ID, we’re told nothing about the manufacturer themselves—even on the socks’ website, there’s no mention of the company. We also couldn’t find anything about them on third-party sites during our research.

On top of this, it appears that these socks are only one size fits all (again, we’re awaiting a response from the company to learn more). And as if you didn’t already have enough to consider, these products are popular enough that you’ll almost certainly be able to find a handful of local options, which could save initial (and return) S&H charges and make the refund process as easy as driving back to the retailer.

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