About Dump Loaf

Cathy Mitchell, who claims to be a TV chef and author, exclaims you can turn “boring” meatloaf into a delicious stuffed version, thanks to a pan they call the Dump Loaf. She says the secret is the Dump Loaf’s “press and dump” top, which creates a hollow center in the middle of your meat, so you can any number of ingredients to make it special.

Dump Loaf is another “As Seen On TV” product from Telebrands, a 30-year-old direct marketing company whose first hit was Ambervision Sunglasses. Now, they market hundreds of products, are BBB-accredited, and currently have an A- rating.

How Dump Loaf Works

Dump Loaf is essentially a meat loaf pan that includes an adjustable red top they call a presser. To use Dump Loaf, Cathy says to fill the pan with meat, and then use the presser to create an indentation; the words “Dump Loaf” will also be imprinted in the loaf.Then, she says to “dump” in your favorite toppings, like mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms, or pepperoni. Cover with meat and use the flat side of the presser to seal the loaf closed.

Beware: Not Following These 6 Tips Could Cost You Money on Your Next “As Seen on TV” Purchase

She says to place in the oven. and minutes later you will have a unique meatloaf your family will love. She exclaims the possibilities are endless – from a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Loaf to a Turkey ‘n Stuffing Loaf with Cranberry Glaze. Other suggestions include Lasagna Loaf filled with marinara sauce, Inside-Out Stuffed Pepper Loaf, and even Cathy’s Apple-Filled Monkey Bread with Caramel Sauce. (A recipe book is included with your order for more ideas.)

The Dump Loaf pan also contains an elevated lifting tray with holes that they claim lets fats and oils drip out of your loaf into the bottom. In addition, they tout its handles and non-stick surface lets you easily remove your meat to cut and serve, and the whole unit is dishwasher safe.

Dump Loaf includes:

  • Dump Loaf Pan
  • Stuffed Loaf Recipe Book
  • Second Dump Loaf Pan (additional S & H)

Dump Loaf Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They state Dump Loaf retails for $12.99 plus $7.99 S & H for a total of $20.98. (However, if you would like a second Dump Loaf, they will include it for an additional $7.99 handling.) All Telebrands products have the same 30-day money-back guarantee. You may try it for the month, and if you don’t find it transforming your life (or at least your meatloaf) then return for your $12.99, but not the S & H. Please note that you have to pay to ship it back. You must also include a “detailed explanation” in writing as to why you didn’t like the product or your refund could be denied.


  • Claims to make stuffed meatloaf in seconds
  • Elevated inner tray
  • Non-stick surface


  • Expensive
  • Unfortunate name
  • ASOTV products sometimes don’t work as advertised

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