About Duovet

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, the Duovet is a dual temperature duvet that helps you get a good night’s sleep. The basic idea is that one side of the Duovet is filled with 40oz of bedding, while the other half only contains 20oz, which creates two temperature zones.

Manufactured by Duovet 2014, the company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, and we were unable to locate any legitimate customer reviews. However, the Duovet URL was only registered in October 2013, which could explain why no reviews exist yet.

How the Duovet Works

The Queen sized (88” x 90”) Duovet is a 100% machine washable, dual-temperature duvet, which has a fairly simple idea behind it: One half is filled with 40oz of “ultra-soft” microfiber, while the other is filled with only 20oz, which creates a “warm” and a “cool” side. On the outside, the Duovet covered in antimicrobial, 180-thread count cotton fabric, which is then “baffle box” quilted to reduce bunching.

With two different levels of filling on each side, this allows you to choose your warmth level, without having to completely change out your entire comforter. In addition, if you prefer having warm legs and a cool torso (or vice-versa), you can turn the Duovet “top-to-bottom,” instead of side-to-side.

Duovet Pricing & Refund Policy

The Duovet is currently available directly from the manufacturer for three payments of $24.99 (or one single payment of $74.99), plus $20 shipping and handling. You’ll also receive a set of free Comforter Clips, which will help your Duovet stay within a duvet cover. Also, when you first land on the home page, keep in mind you can earn an instant $2 coupon for “liking” the company on Facebook.

According to the website, all Duovets come with a one-year “no questions asked” money back guarantee. Simply return to the manufacturer, and include your full name, address and other relevant contact information inside the box. You’ll then be given a refund, less shipping and handling charges.


  • Allows two people with different blanket thickness preferences to sleep comfortably in the same bed.
  • Can also act as a dual temperature zone comforter for one person (e.g. top to bottom).
  • Free set of Comforter Clips.
  • One year “no questions asked” money back guarantee (less S&H).


  • Very new to the market, so little to no information about product or company available online.

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