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By HighYa Staff
Published on: Aug 13, 2018

Featuring a T365 Complex, the DXN Code Strike dietary supplement promises to represent a safe way of supporting your body's natural production of testosterone.

And with elevated testosterone levels, the supplement’s website reports you could experience increased muscle mass, sex drive, and strength, along with further improved hormone production.

Even if DXN Code Strike, which is manufactured in a U.S.-based GMP certified facility, really can improve your testosterone levels, can you expect this to reinvent your body, as advertised? For the money, will it leave you with boosted confidence, vitality, and swagger?

In just a few quick minutes, we’ll help you make a more informed decision. First, just what is testosterone, anyway?

Testosterone 101

In 7 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels, we explain that testosterone is a hormone responsible for sexual development in men, and in women to a much lesser degree. For men, it helps impact sperm production, boost sex drive, along with “bone density, muscle mass, red blood cell production, how the body stores and uses fat, and even overall mood.”

While testosterone production is high beginning in puberty and lasts through most of the 20s, after a man enters his 30s, these levels begin dropping at about 1% per year. Once these levels drop low enough (often, by the time a man reaches his 50s), unwanted side effects can manifest, including decreased sex drive and energy levels, depression and moodiness, weight gain, and thinner, weaker bones.

To help offset this loss and the potential related side effects, some men undergo prescription-based, doctor-supervised testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In the instance of DXN Code Strike, though, can you expect similar results, not to mention all of the benefits advertised on their website?

Taking a Closer Look at DXN Code Strike’s Ingredients

WE weren't able to locate a label or ingredients list on the DXN Code Strike website at the time of our research, nor on any third-party sites.

However, we called customer support and learned that it contains a 742 mg proprietary blend of Tongkat ali, sarsaparilla, boron, horny goat weed, and tribulus terrestris.

According to the clinical evidence summaries provided by sites like the Natural Medicines Database, WebMD, and Examine.com, Tongkat ali (formally known as Eurycoma longifolia) is possibly effective for improving sperm quality and concentration in infertile men. No dosage is listed.

Outside of this, these sites list DXN Code Strike’s remaining ingredients as having insufficient clinical evidence to support the manufacturer’s claims.

Potential DXN Code Strike Side Effects

WebMD, Examine.com, and the Natural Medicines Database indicate that most individuals—if they encounter anything at all—won’t experience side effects worse than mild, temporary stomach irritation and digestive upset when it comes to DXN Code Strike’s ingredients.

When taken in doses greater than 20 mg per day of boron, which is the upper limit for adults, it’s reported there’s some concern it could negatively impact a man’s ability to father a child.

Also, in some instances (no dosages or other circumstances noted), WebMD reports that tribulus terrestris could lead to “constipation, excitation, difficulty sleeping, or heavy menstrual bleeding.”

It’s important to reemphasize that since all of DXN Code Strike’s ingredients are part of a proprietary blend, we can’t know their individual dosages, or how these line up with reported side effects.

To help avoid them, as well as any potential medication interactions, make sure that you talk with your physician before starting any new dietary supplement regimen.

How Much Does DXN Code Strike Cost?

The manufacturer offers three purchasing packages for DXN Code Strike:

  • 1 Bottle (60 capsules): $59.94
  • 3 Bottles: $99 ($33 per bottle)
  • 5 Bottles: $148 ($29.60 per bottle)

Important: According to a disclaimer at the bottom of the ordering page, “by submitting information on this page, you give consent for us to send promotions via SMS to your phone number provided.”

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All DXN Code Strike orders come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H, which you can request by calling 855-825-1026 or sending an email to support@dxncodestrike.com.

How to Choose Between DXN Code Strike & Competing Testosterone Supplements

It doesn’t take much more than a quick online search to understand that DXN Code Strike is just one of perhaps thousands of dietary supplements promising to boost testosterone levels. Not only do they claim to deliver many of the same results, most include many of the same ingredients.

Given all of these similarities, how can you decide whether to pay $20 for a bottle, or $100—or nothing at all?

In Do Testosterone Booster Supplements Work, with the help of sites like WebMD and the Natural Medicines Database, we explain that none of the ingredients commonly found in these products “have sufficient clinical evidence that they can meaningfully boost testosterone levels or impact the hormone’s function.”

Given this, we’d strongly recommend maintaining realistic expectations about the results you’ll achieve with one of these supplements. And it (again) almost goes without saying that you should closely involve your physician.

However, these same sites indicate that some of these ingredients could help address common symptoms caused by low testosterone.

For example, in addition to tribulus’ potential for improving sperm count and quality in infertile men, Panax ginseng may help improve erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal, and even reduce premature ejaculation, while l-arginine may help improve sexual function in men with ED. Granted, neither of these additional ingredients are found in DXN Code Strike.

Based on our experience writing about dozens of testosterone supplements, in addition to providing clinical support for the claims surrounding their ingredients, you'll also want only to do business with supplements companies who:

  • Feature mostly positive online customer reviews
  • Price their products competitively, including reasonable S&H charges
  • Offer at least 30-day refund policies, with no restocking fees

Where does this leave you when it comes to DXN Code Strike?

Our Final Thoughts About DXN Code Strike

On a positive note, the company behind DXN Code Strike (Denver, CO-based Quickbox Fulfillment) has been in business since 2010 and held an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, based on no closed complaints, as of 8/10/18. We also found their customer support department friendly and helpful when we called for additional details about the supplement.

It's important to balance this by reiterating that, other than Tongkat ali's reported (according to sites like WebMD and Examine.com) ability to potentially improve sperm quality and concentration in infertile men, all of DXN Code Strike’s are listed as having insufficient clinical evidence to support the manufacturer’s advertising claims.

Furthermore, since all of these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend, we can’t know if DXN contains the same levels found in supporting clinical studies (or, for any reported potential side effects).

Finally, at about $60 per bottle (unless you choose to purchase multiple simultaneously), we’ve written about many other testosterone supplements containing similar ingredients, but at meaningfully lower prices.

Still, Quickbox Fulfillment stands behind DXN Code Strike with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you find it doesn’t deliver what you expected. Just keep in mind that you’re responsible for return shipping, so it’s not a completely risk-free transaction.

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