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By HighYa Staff

Easy Refinancing Solutions is a website where you can obtain new home mortgage and refinancing quotes after entering your personal information.

First, you’ll need to choose the type of loan you’re interested in. Then, you’ll need to indicate the type of property (single family, multi-family, townhouse, or condominium) you’re looking to purchase or refinance.

Next, Easy Refinancing Solutions will ask for your credit score range, zip code, estimated home value, mortgage balance, current interest rate, and loan type (e.g. fixed or adjustable). Afterward, you’ll be required to indicate if you have a second mortgage, a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last 3 years, any late payments in the last year, and/or if you’re active or former military.

Finally, you’ll be asked to enter the property address, your phone number, and email address.

Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll receive a message indicating that a “relevant advisor” will contact you to ensure your details are correct.

With this in mind, should you choose Easy Refinancing Solutions if you’re looking for a new mortgage or to refinance your existing loan? Consider the following:

What Exactly Does Easy Refinancing Solutions Offer?

In short, we’re not told. Here’s what they say in their Terms & Conditions:

Easy Refinancing Solutions is an online news and information service providing editorial content and directory information about mortgages. Easy Refinancing Solutions is not a lender or mortgage broker and does not offer mortgages directly or indirectly through representatives or agents. Easy Refinancing Solutions does not provide an application a mortgage loan Easy Refinancing Solutions is not responsible for the accuracy of information or rates, APR or loan information posted by brokers, lenders or advertisers.

In other words, we do know that Easy Refinancing Solutions only works with residential properties and that they don’t provide loans directly. But unlike Guide to Lenders, Easy Refinancing doesn’t appear to send your information to any third-party banks, lending institutions, or independent brokers for loan approval, either.

As such, apparently the only thing they do provide is “editorial content and directory information about mortgages,” which is so vague that’s it’s essentially meaningless.

How Does Easy Refinancing Solutions Use Your Information?

So, if Easy Refinancing Solutions doesn’t provide loans and doesn’t pass your information along to a third party, what do they do with all your personal information? According to their Privacy Policy:

The Site uses Individual Information to advertise, directly or indirectly, to individuals using direct mail marketing or telemarketing using telephones and cell phones.

In other words, you’re probably going to receive a deluge of sales calls and unwanted emails after submitting your information to Easy Refinancing Solutions, and based on what we learned in the previous section, it may not have anything to do with mortgages or refinancing.

Does Barbara Corcoran Endorse Easy Refinancing Solutions?

At the bottom of each page on the Easy Refinancing Solutions website, there is an image of Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, which could easily lead someone to believe that she endorses the company in one way or another.

Misleading Information

However, after searching online, we didn’t encounter any third-party websites confirming that she endorses (or has even heard of) Easy Refinancing Solutions.

Customer Feedback for Easy Refinancing Solutions

Easy Refinancing Solutions’ URL was registered in May 2015, which means that their website was less than 3 weeks old at the time of our research. As such, there weren’t any online customer reviews were available.

We did learn that the company is based out of La Jolla, CA (more about this next), although neither Easy Refinancing Solutions nor their URL are listed with the Better Business Bureau, despite an indication that they’re part of the BBB’s Reliability Program.

Easy Refinancing Solutions Accreditation Despite claiming to be part of the BBB’s Reliability Program, Easy Refinancing Solutions is not listed with the Better Business Bureau

Easy Refinancing Solutions Pricing

Since Easy Refinancing Solutions doesn’t seem to offer any kind of service, there aren’t any prices listed on their website.

However, if you’d like to contact Easy Refinancing Solutions’ customer service department, they can be reached at 214-599-8395. Important note: Although the company claims to be based out of La Jolla, CA, their phone number is based in Dallas, TX.

Should You Use Easy Refinancing Solutions?

Chopping to the point: As you might have already guessed, there are a ton of red flags surrounding Easy Refinancing Solutions, including:

  • Essentially zero information about the services the company provides or what they’ll do with your personal information.
  • The use of Barbara Corcoran’s name and picture to promote their services, when it appears that she doesn’t have anything to do with the company.
  • Claiming to be certified by the BBB’s reliability program, when the company isn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau.
  • The company claims to be based out of La Jolla, CA, although their contact number is based out of Dallas, TX.

Because of these concerns, we’d strongly recommend choosing someone other than Easy Refinancing Solutions if you’re looking to refinance or take out a new home mortgage.

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