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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 18, 2015

Are you looking for a quality hair restoration physician? Want to avoid the scarring that comes with traditional hair transplant procedures?

With 14 locations all across the US, Elite Hair Doctors might be able to help. They are a self-proclaimed “elite association of world class medical doctors, surgeons and industry professionals” who specialize in a robotic hair transplant system known as ARTAS®, which can provide several advantages over traditional procedures.

But exactly what kinds of results can you expect with Elite Hair Doctors’ ARTAS system? And will it be worth the money?

In this review, we’ll explore several different aspects of Elite Hair Doctors, all aimed at helping you make a more informed decision. First stop? Let’s take a closer look at ARTAS.

What Is the ARTAS Hair Transplant System?

Have you checked out FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedures from other companies (more in a moment), but were worried about side effects like noticeable scarring, and even possible nerve damage? After all, they are taking a huge strip of scalp from the back of your head!

After gaining FDA clearance in 2011, ARTAS is a physician-assisted robotic device that can provide many of the same benefits as manual FUE procedures, but without the need for stitches, which makes the donor area nearly undetectable. This also means there is next to no scarring and that you can be back to normal after very little recovery time.

How does ARTAS do this? Basically, the ARTAS system combines a computer, robotic arm, and imaging software to create an automated FUE machine.

According to the Elite Hair Doctors website, the system first uses intelligent algorithms to identify and select your optimal hairs for harvesting. Then, the system uses a patented blunt dissection technique to produce minimal scarring and healthy grafts, both of which allow for the graft quality to remain consistent throughout the procedure.

And because the ARTAS procedure is much less invasive than manual FUE surgeries, you’ll just need some ibuprofen afterward, instead of prescription painkillers. You’ll also be back up and running in much less time (generally a few days).

Alright, compared to the competition, the ARTAS procedure might seem like a no-brainer. But what are other people saying about their results with the system?

Customers Talk About Their ARTAS Experiences

On RealSelf.com, 20 readers provided their feedback about ARTAS, with 94% giving it a “worth it” rating. There, common compliments cited painless procedure (one even claimed to have fallen asleep), solid results, easy aftercare, and quick recovery.

On a BaldTruthTalk.com forum thread, a couple ARTAS patients also provided their feedback. Although the original contributor never provided a final verdict about their experience, they seemed to be mostly pleased with their results. Perhaps the only side effects they noted were:

  • Pain during the procedure, which was quickly alleviated once he spoke up and noted his discomfort.
  • Tenderness at the donor area, even several weeks after the procedure.
  • Similarly, some residual tenderness and redness persisted in the recipient areas several weeks post-procedure.
  • Finally, at least one other user noted that they experienced fairly significant pain the night immediately after the procedure (although this will certainly be different for each patient).

Up until now, we’ve talked a lot about the ARTAS procedure. But specifically, what do we know about Elite Hair Doctors?

What’s the 411 with Elite Hair Doctors? Are They Reputable?

According to the Elite Hair Doctors website, “[Their physicians are] recognized by their peers and patients as industry leaders based on the following criteria:

  • Over 1000 hours of medical training and hair restoration experience.
  • Training and implementation of the latest hair restoration science, technologies and techniques.
  • Committed to continued education and clinical research of emerging hair restoration technologies.
  • Uncompromised commitment to personalized, first-class patient care.
  • Patient satisfaction rating of 98% or higher”

Certainly, this all sounds great, right? But if you think about it, we’re actually provided with very little information and a lot of questions remain. For example:

  • How are patient satisfaction ratings tabulated? Who’s giving them a score or 98% or higher?
  • How is it determined that they’re providing “Uncompromised commitment to personalized, first-class patient care”?
  • What kinds of “continuing education” are they required to undergo? What about the clinical trials?
  • Specifically, what kinds of “training and implementation” do they go through before becoming certified to use the ARTAS system?

Given all of this, it appears that Elite Hair Doctors is just a group of hair restoration physicians who use the ARTAS system in their practice. But what exactly distinguishes them from other ARTAS practices isn’t made clear.

Even though it’s not clear what kind of advantages Elite Hair Doctors provide compared to the competition, how much can you expect to pay for one of their ARTAS procedures?

Is Elite Hair Doctors’ Hair Restoration Procedure Expensive?

According to the main ARTAS website, “Treatment costs will be determined during your consultation with your doctor and depend on the amount of new hair that you desire. Discuss the procedure pricing with your doctor, as some doctors may offer payment options.”

With this in mind, it appears that most ARTAS patients generally pay about $10,000 and up for their procedure. Although as we noted above, this depends on a variety of factors, especially the number of grafts you require.

However, you can obtain an instant $500 savings certificate by calling Elite Hair Doctors at 800-601-4145 and requesting a free consultation or info kit. Keep in mind that this certificate expires within 45 days of your call-in or web inquiry.

We’ve certainly given you a lot to think about with Elite Hair Doctors and the ARTAS hair restoration procedure. But taking everything together, are they right for you?

Should Elite Hair Doctors Be Your First Choice for Hair Restoration?

Look, we understand how negatively hair loss can impact your life. It can make you feel (and look) older, decrease your confidence, and a whole lot more. But the good news is that you’re searching for solutions, which brought you here to HighYa. So let’s help you make a decision!

Ultimately, we’re left with 2 questions: 1) Should you give the ARTAS hair restoration procedure a shot? Since it seems to offer many of the same benefits as traditional FUE procedures, but without many of the downfalls, it certainly seems like a logical choice. But 2) does this necessarily mean that you should have your ARTAS procedure performed at Elite Hair Doctors?

This is where things get a little fuzzy. Why? As we mentioned above, this is because there doesn’t seem to be anything meaningfully different about Elite Hair Doctors compared to other ARTAS practitioners. In fact, it just seems like a group of independent practices who have banded together to drum up more business.

Pro tip: Regardless whether you choose Elite Hair Doctors or another practice, remember that ARTAS only works on men with straight brown or black hair. So, if you’re hair is curly or isn’t one of these colors, then you’re out of luck!

In addition to ARTAS, if you’d like to check out all your hair restoration options, be sure to read our Hair Loss Product Buyers Guide!

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