About Encyclopedia of Home Remedies

Montel’s Encyclopedia of Home Remedies says it’s a collection of 1,000 time-tested home remedies that will save you money on medications you don’t need. Touted by TV personality Montel Williams, he promises cures for everything from aches to Zzzs with common items you probably already have in your kitchen.

Montel’s Encyclopedia of Home Remedies comes from Telebrands, purveyors of products such as these that seem like a great idea, but in reality have little real-world value. (Telebrands has an A- rating from the BBB because of the prompt resolution of their many complaints.)

What’s Inside Montel’s Encyclopedia of Home Remedies

They don’t give you a chapter listing or number of pages, but claim there are 1,000 remedies inside. Some of the tantalizing cures include almonds or salt for insomnia, cayenne pepper for joint pain relief, and aloe instead of eczema cream.

Montel’s Encyclopedia of Home Remedies Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Montel’s Encyclopedia of Home Remedies sells for $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H for a total of $27.98; they include a book of Simple Pet Remedies (length also unknown) free. Telebrands products all have a conditional 30-day money back guarantee; what this means is they will keep your $7.99 in fees even if you return it, and you have to pay to ship it back. In addition, you must include in writing a “detailed explanation” of why you are returning the books, or they could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Is Montel’s Encyclopedia of Home Remedies a Scam?

Montel Williams either genuinely cares about the well-being of his fans – he’s also a pitchman for Tommie Copper and the HealthMaster blender – or he’s trying to make a buck. We think it’s probably somewhere in between, as those products are expensive and make a lot of promises but basically do one simple thing. Montel neglected to send us a review copy of his new book, but we suspect the included so-called remedies can probably be found (and possibly debunked) with a simple web search. If you are a hypochondriac and are afraid of the doctor, this book may give you some solace; everyone else should probably stay away.

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