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Endurance Auto Warranty

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Endurance Auto Warranty provides vehicle service contracts to consumers who are looking for coverage after their manufacturer’s warranties have expired. learn what customers are saying.

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Posted on Feb 1, 2021

Helped me out in a tight spot

By Simon T., American Fork, UT, Verified Reviewer

I had promised my daughter a car after her graduation. When the time to fulfill the pledge arrived, I bought her a used Nissan. I fixed some minor mechanical problems and my daughter was soon on the road. I also took up a cover from Endurance Warranty just in case the issues were to recur again. After clocking a few miles, the gearbox experienced a problem. I did not want to bother Endurance at first. My local mechanic advised that a new gearbox will solve the problem. When I finally reached out to Endurance, the problem was much smaller and was quickly fixed. Endurance works with the experts and that is how I saved $2500 on a gearbox replacement.

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Easy to understand their contracts

Good customer service skills

Longer wait times when calling

Posted on Dec 28, 2020

"Normal wear and tear"

By Ed I., Philadelphia, PA, Verified Reviewer

They use the term "normal wear and tear" to deny claims! My warranty has been paid in full for a year. I have until March of 2021 or 166000 miles. My truck has 146k and the transmission went. I called and filed a claim in which they assured me that transmissions are covered. I asked them if there were any reasons why it wouldn’t be covered and they said yes...neglect. GREAT! I have been religious with oil changes as well as fluid checks, wheel rotations, lubes, etc. The adjuster inspected it twice and said that it was a covered failure. GREAT! As soon as it gets back to whoever is in charge, DENIED! Both of my mechanics were shocked and appalled because they deal with warranty companies and my situation was a typical scenario that was covered by other 3rd party warranty companies. The reason for denial was "normal wear", the manufacturer calls for transmission service at 150k and it failed at 146k. I appealed and they wouldn’t budge. I have filled out cancellation forms and I’m not interested in a pro-rated amount, I want my $2968 refunded because it is paid in full and they’ve done nothing to warrant a partial refund. If this is done I’m willing to quietly part ways but if not...stay tuned.

Length of Use: 2+ years

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 9, 2020

Happy to leave a positive review!

By Clarence C., Provo, UT, Verified Reviewer

What attracted me to Endurance Warranty is that it protects everything that other warranty services protect, but at a better rate. If you are looking for an affordable company for your vehicle, you should review the rates that are offered by Endurance Warranty. I got in touch with this company when searching for a warranty for a used vehicle I had bought. In addition to the friendly rates, the company offers free services for new batteries and breaks. They are friendly to their clients, and they strive to ensure that you are content with the service. In case you have any issues, they will try to solve them as fast as possible!

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Transparent communication

Lots of additional offerings for free

Sometimes was annoying to wait on calls

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Posted on Dec 7, 2020

Helpful customer service made it really nice

By Jacqueline H., Draper, UT, Verified Reviewer

In this digital age, companies are using automated systems to get in touch with their clients. This kind of stuff bothers me a lot because most of their customer care service is automated, and that makes it challenging for clients who need something clarified. However, that is not the case with the Endurance Warranty Service; when you call the company, you will get actual people talking to you. I really appreciated the whole process. The customer service is knowledgeable and will be willing to clarify any issue you might have. I wanted to understand the various plans they had, and the staff I talked to walked me through each of them. I was content with the response, and I also chose a plan that works for me. I'm glad I'm an Endurance Warranty customer.

Length of Use: 6–12 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Real customer service

Knowledgeable sales reps

High prices

Limited coverage by their plans

Posted on Nov 5, 2020

Not a good extended warranty company

By Bobby P., Newport News, VA, Verified Reviewer

Endurance is the worst company to ever get an extended warranty from. The employees are rude, they don’t honor their contract. I took my car in to get fixed and they gave me the runaround. The person I talked to said mileage did not add up to the Carfax mileage I gave them. The miles that were on the car the mileage, on the Carfax, and the miles that were on the inspection form, they started double talking me. So I asked to cancel my contract. I talked to someone in finance, they said I will get my money back in 30 days. 30 days has passed, I called back in and the lady said that I didn’t use enough mileage stated on the contract. So she said I cannot get my money back. I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said there’s no one else that I could talk to. She was rude, she talked over me, she didn’t let me get a word in edgewise. Do not use this company, they are the worst!

Length of Use: 6–12 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No “pros” were specified in this review

They don’t honor the contract

The employees are rude

And they lied the whole time

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Posted on Oct 29, 2020

Run for your life

By Kyle G., North Carolina, Verified Reviewer

I trust Endurance like I trust my ex's cooking for me...NOT AT ALL! They voided my warranty claiming my tires were oversized by 4%. Then they stuck me with the diagnosis bill I can't afford. And no, the 4% increased tire size did NOT cause my torque converter to FAIL. I feel scammed. Trust them at risk and get disappointed later.

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 6, 2020

Extremely poor customer service

By Ronald R., Walkertown, NC, Verified Reviewer

I have a wheelchair van and they told me it was covered. They lied.

The first repair was rejected because the van was modified for a wheelchair. I have tried to cancel the warranty. I have written letters to their corporate offices, sent multiple emails, called them multiple times, talked to customer service, talked to several managers and filed a complaint with the BBB. I was told the last time I called by Danny, a customer service manager, that he would cancel the warranty. I was also told I would get money back. It never happened.

They told the BBB I never contacted them and they can't get in touch with me. They just keep lying to me and the BBB. I am still fighting with them. This is the worst complaint I have ever dealt with in my whole life.

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No “pros” were specified in this review

Poor customer service


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Posted on Jul 28, 2020

Waiting for a response for a month

By Richard H., Slidell, LA, Verified Reviewer

Took my car to a Buick dealership. Had a few things wrong with my Buick Enclave. Waiting for a response from Endurance.

This is the 5th week that I been without my vehicle. This company is a lot of BS. I wish I knew the truth about this company. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Not happy.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No “pros” were specified in this review

On phone too long

They are liars

Not a good company

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Posted on Jul 21, 2020

Great company!

By Eli R., Lehi, UT, Verified Reviewer

When I got a warranty plan with Endurance Warranty a year back, I was not aware that it will be one of the best selections I made. The whole process of choosing the plan went smoothly, and the company took my brief information and provided me with a plan which was fitting my budget and providing me the coverage I wanted. Customer services were prompt to answer my questions regarding the payment plan and ease my mind over my selection. One of the best things about the company is the ease with which you can file a claim. I had only one application with them, and they handled it brilliantly. I highly recommend their services.

Length of Use: 1–2 years

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Easy to understand



Customer Service is a little slow

Posted on May 23, 2020

Very disappointed with this company.

By Leonard C., Chester, PA, Verified Reviewer

Was promised $500.00 in shopping vouchers. Never received it. Was told I would have OnStar service, never received it. Would receive a welcome package in two to three weeks after signing up. Never received it. Called Derrick W and was told he was not my agent, he stated he reached out to me and got no response. When I called the office someone told me they were his supervisor and would take care of the registration.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 8, 2020

You know it's a scam

By Frank R., Englewood, CO, Verified Reviewer

You know it's a scam when it comes in the mail with no return address, "Important-Open Immediately" in big letters on the address, and you are being warned of a price increase when you are not informed of what the price is.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 1, 2020

Two warranties

By Monika C., Wilmington, NC, Verified Reviewer

I previously purchased a warranty with one of the customer service representatives. I was told that they would handle the paperwork to switch from one warranty to another. I didn't know that I had to cancel on my end. I ended up paying two warranties. I only had the coverage for a month and I was told I could not get a refund. I didn't use the policy or get a chance to use it. I was not satisfied with the customer service, and contracts had the wrong information.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Apr 17, 2020

Sent letter raising price after 6 months

By Billy M., Yantis, TX, Verified Reviewer

Bought a 2017 Toyota, dealer recommended extended warranty, paid $3200, rolled into 6-year note. Endurance sent letter after 6 months, said either agree to pay more or warranty would be canceled. They told me I had no legal recourse, we'll see about that.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 10, 2020


By Shawn S., Maryland, Verified Reviewer

My differential, rear bearings are bad, and my power steering cooler pump is leaking in a 2012 Jeep Cherokee. I have the Diamond coverage, and it is pay off and active until 2022. I had to call and beg for an Endurance adjuster to come to the dealer to verify the problem. The bearings are making a squealing and growling noise, but the adjuster said he did not hear it. The differential is bad, but an Endurance agent (United Car Care, they handle the claims) told me that the dealer needs to take it apart first to see what is broken because they would only cover a limited amount of parts inside of it. However, taking it apart would cost me about $2000. The Power Steering is not covered.

On top of that, the guy from United Car Care was rude and said it was no one else that I can talk to at United Car Care about the claim. At this point, like to get a refund. This service contract has been a waste of money. I wish I saved the money used on this contract to fix my Jeep.

Contract #: JCDM09200116.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 5, 2020

Read before you sign!

By Marcin K., Miami, FL, Verified Reviewer


When I bought my car 14 months ago I signed a premium extended warranty plan with Endurance. It cost me around $130 a month and was the best coverage you possibly could buy at the time. I received a loooong list of things that were covered and didn't hesitate, it was after all the best coverage you could have! Recently when I experienced a few issues with my car I remembered signing my premium extended warranty and was happy making my first call to them and have my car fixed. My joy didn't last long when I after explaining the issues heard that those were wear and tear issues and that they were not covered by my "premium plan". When talking to them they seem completely indifferent to the fact that everything that breaks can be explained as wear and tear. Today after paying $1800 for the "premium warranty plan" and $3500 for fixing my car I terminated my plan! When calling to cancel my plan they said that they now have a "premium premium premium plan" that will cover everything that will break, but it will cost me an additional $5000 on top of the $1800 I've already paid them and the $3500 I paid for fixing my car! Really! Completely useless!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Feb 22, 2020

Amazing full coverages

By Jimmie C., Springville, UT, Verified Reviewer

Whenever I buy a new car, I want to have full coverage so that I feel very comfortable every time I'm on the road. Insurance companies only offer so much, and the same goes for warranties through the company.

When I started searching for a new extended type of option, Endurance Auto Warranty kept showing up. The company has really good reviews online, and after being with them for a year now, I have to say the same thing.

What really blows me away is that all three times I have had to call them about something, they have been very prompt in helping me right away. They do a better job at getting back to me than my insurance company does. For that reason alone, I recommend them to anyone looking for a great value.

The bottom line: Insurance companies only cover so much. Endurance Warranty fills in those gaps and makes people feel confident.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 29, 2020

Avoid this company like the plague

By Tim P., Turnersville, NJ, Verified Reviewer

I want to share the story of my first experience with getting service for my vehicle that has a warranty through Endurance. I've had the policy since June and I don't have a high mileage vehicle. It only has 56000 miles. I have all my routine maintenance done on time and through the dealership. I use my vehicle to drive back and forth to work and take my wife who is dying of cancer to her chemo appointments every 2 weeks. On my last oil change, they found that the CV boots were torn and the control arms and front axle shaft were damaged and needed to be replaced. I told them that is fine and I have a warranty program through Endurance. Provided them the information so they could contact Endurance for the repairs. When the service technician called Endurance they insisted I needed to bring the vehicle back to the dealership so they could have their "own" inspector come out and inspect the parts. I've had warranties through other companies and never heard of this. It's like they don't trust Factory trained technicians. I explained that I can't afford to be without my vehicle for 2 days while this "inspector" comes out. The dealership was nice enough to let me have a courtesy vehicle while the inspection was done. The 2 days turned out to be more than a week from the time the "inspector" came out and the time he submitted his report back to Endurance and Endurance told the service department they would not pay for the repairs because "as the parts are cracked" they are not completely broken. The service department called them and explained that if you let them wait longer the damage will be more extensive and you are leaving a customer without transportation. Endurance could have cared less.

So if you want a company who is going to leave you stranded by the road with a broken-down vehicle, by all means, chose Endurance. I'm now stuck with driving my vehicle with it making sounds when I make turns, waiting for them to give out while I am driving or paying for the repairs myself. I can only hope this breakdown doesn't occur while I am taking my wife to her chemo appointment.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 15, 2020


By Kiana H., Atlanta, GA, Verified Reviewer

I purchased a warranty from Endurance 2 years ago. It is fully paid off. I had an issue with my transmission, they requisite tear down. An adjuster determined my issue was the torque converter. They denied my claim stating it's not an internally lubricated part. However, it is located within the transmission housing and com attached to the transmission. THE CONTRACT DOES NOT LIST TORQUE CONVERTERS AS A NON COVERED PART! My mechanic stated that the claim was false and that the valve body was the cause of failure. Endurance is now saying it's not covered due to wear and tear? Certainly driving a car will create wear and tear. The contract is vague and misleading. IT SAYS IT WILL COVER TRANSMISSION LUBRICATED PARTS WITHIN THE CASE. Basically worded so they can avoid paying repairs. TOTAL SCAM! Now I have to pay $800 for the teardown and will be stuck with a broken transmission. I paid $3700 for this contract and jumped through every hoop and they still denied my claim! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 14, 2019

Don't buy

By Thomas S., Parsons, KS, Verified Reviewer

On 6/5/17 I purchased a 48-month policy for a 2006 F150 pickup, odometer reading of 136,158. On 5/3/19 I traded this vehicle in on another car, so I called to cancel pickup policy. Was told I needed to submit a letter and proof of ending mileage to claim any remaining refund. The policy price was $2579.00 for 48 months.

I submitted a letter of cancellation dated 5/7/19 along with car dealers paperwork stating the ending mileage, 147,712. As you can see, the policy was not even 2 years old, and mileage was little over 10,000 miles. As of now...NO RESPONSE. The policy was paid IN FULL as of 6/5/19. There were NO CLAIMS during this period.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. Ken has never contacted me asking for any further info to comply in order to receive any remaining refund of policy cost. Buyers BEWARE.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 6, 2019

Claim denied

By John G., Hillsboro, OR, Verified Reviewer

The hatch on our 2010 Toyota Highlander has broken. We took it into a Toyota dealership for repair. The service writer called Endurance and supplied the necessary information to them. The service writer was told the claim for repair of the hatch was covered, and an inspector would be sent out to inspect the vehicle. The inspector denied the claim stating that some parts were missing and we had the wrong size tires on the vehicle. On the claim the parts were missing, they weren't. They were a small cover and a small bracket, both were in a plastic bag sitting in plain view in the back of the vehicle. On the issue of the tires, from 2008 to our 2010 and possibly further, Toyota made available two different sizes of tire for the Highlander model, 245/55-19 and 245/65-17. For nine months out of the year we use the 19" street tires, since there weren't any 19" studded snow tires available, we use the 17" studded snow tires for three months of icy winter. Per Section X of our contract - "What Is Not Covered" in the insurance plan booklet at paragraph G, it states "any tire that is not recommended by the original manufacturer IF it creates an odometer/speedometer variance of greater than 4%", the 17" tire size in question is a recommended tire size by the vehicle manufacturer and the variance for odometer/speedometer is less the 1%. By their own language, the tire can be a non-recommended tire as long as it's under the 4% variance, we are in good standing as we hit both points of being within Endurance's own guidelines! As well for their information, there is only a half-inch difference in tire diameters. Based on the facts we are definitely covered.

We and the dealership have tried to work through this with them to no avail. Their people have tried to get out of it in several different ways. Parts were missing...when they weren't. The wrong size tires...they are an acceptable size by Toyota. Broken parts not covered...until the dealer pointed out it was the motor failure, which is covered, caused the parts to break. Inspector claiming no one was there to show him the vehicle...the service writer was there and did show him the vehicle. We are assured by our dealer that the service writer did stay with the inspector and in fact made a copy of a Toyota service bulletin for him that showed this was a known failure issue and Toyota extended the warranty on that particular issue until 2018. The last person I spoke to at the company still has not gotten back to me. Since we reside in the state of Oregon, per our contract with Endurance, arbitration does not apply. We will file suit against Endurance for breach of contract, breach of warranty and breach of representation.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 3, 2019

Denied claim

By Michael M., Naples, FL, Verified Reviewer

2017 Silverado sitting at Chevy dealership service shop for 5 weeks as Endurance adjuster made multiple visits looking for a way to deny the claim for a failed transmission. Endurance states the torque converter caused the transmission to fail, but the dealership denies that was the cause of failure and stated in writing it was the pump that failed. Car rental costs already more than 1,000 bucks. Endurance stated they contract out to a 3rd party and refuses to provide any information, no names, no company, no written report.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 27, 2019

One month in shop until used transmission arrived to fail 3 months later

By Jacqueline C., Tucson, AZ, Verified Reviewer

Three months ago my transmission needed replacement. At my extended auto warranty company Endurance direction, I took my car to AAMCO on Ina Road, Tucson, AZ 85741. It took ONE MONTH for the part (a used transmission) to be located and shipped to the shop for installation. I was charged a $100 deductible. Then, I was told my warranty company was refusing to pay for the last week of my car rental, I would be responsible for the balance of the bill from the auto rental company. I was shocked as it was not my fault this repair wasn't handled in a timely manner. Throughout the month I called the shop on a daily basis asking when my car would be ready, I was repeatedly told they haven't received the transmission yet and were waiting on the warranty company. The used transmission finally arrived in a brown box with no information on its age, miles, or condition. When checking out, I asked AAMCO of their warranty. I was told they cannot provide one due to it not being their product and knowing nothing about it, they only installed it. If something goes wrong my Endurance warranty will cover it within my contract time frame.

Now, only three months later, my replaced used transmission provided by Endurance has failed and I'm in need of a transmission replacement again. I've been told by Endurance they will not cover a car rental and I can submit the bill to the supplier of the transmission when the claim is closed. When I asked Endurance for the supplier name and contact information, I was refused and told they will give it to me only when the claim has been closed. Endurance told me, the standard is the time it takes to get the part to the shop plus one day for installation. However, this puts a hardship on me due to a lack of my ability to confirm reimbursement with the unknown supplier. Meanwhile, I'm having to put my car rental on my credit card during holiday rates without confirmation of reimbursement by an unknown supplier. Again, having no idea of a time frame supplier will provide the part to the shop. Only three months ago it took them a MONTH. This is a time is of the essence matter, as I, or no one, have unlimited funds to pay for that kind of time frame for a rental car without confirmation of reimbursement. I want my replacement to be handled in a timely manner and I want a new or reliable transmission installed in my vehicle. I was told I won't be responsible for the $100 copay this time.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 7, 2019

Not recommended by BBB

By Crystal H., Ponca City, OK, Verified Reviewer

I bought this warranty in August. It seemed really great! Bumper to bumper coverage, monthly payments, but they recorded the mileage wrong, but I didn't know that until I took my car in to get it fixed. Then they refused to fix it. They would not change the mileage and now I can't get a full refund. This place is a joke. I absolutely regret getting this coverage.


Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 31, 2019

Read the fine print! Read what you're REALLY covered for!

By Brandon C., Las Vegas, NV, Verified Reviewer

We bought the highest coverage available for our 2005 BMW 330i with 80k miles. We waited the 30 days and 1000 mile waiting period to get my car turned in to the shop, especially since it just started misfiring. The shop diagnosed the car with two rotten belts and tensioners, oil filter gasket leak, bad ignition coils, and a fried light module for the headlights and tail lights. Endurance WILL NOT cover the diagnostic fees. Endurance also WILL NOT cover anything "maintenance" related, such as belts, oil leaks, and anything compression-related. So, they DID NOT cover anything on my car except the stupid light module. They also DO NOT cover ANYTHING that is NOT LISTED IN YOUR PLAN. They have a very specific list of parts that they will cover, and if your part isn't there then they won't cover it, whether its a part of your engine, drivetrain, or whatever category you're supposed to be covered on.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 18, 2019

Claims issue. Labor rates don't match repair shops.

By Luz V., Spring Hill, FL, Verified Reviewer

Took in our 2011 Ford Edge Limited to our Local Ford Dealership for heated seats not working. The dealership told us it was a bad HVAC Control Module located behind the dash and that Mitchell Manual quoted 1.5 hours to R&R module and re-program. We had the Apex Pro which is supposed to cover that. We had a Zero deductible. The dealership said warranty would cover the part, 1 hour of Diagnosis and 0.3 hours to replace the module, meaning we had to pay the 1.2 hours difference! Called the warranty company and the Girl Tiffany at Endurance told me that we will always be responsible for any labor over what they pay according to their guide...they told us that they go by a "National Labor Time Guide" as stated in our contract. Correct, however, they would not divulge what manual they were going by. As far as I know, there is Mitchell and Chilton. Not very happy and won't do this again.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 11, 2019

It’s a scam

By Rakee R., Colorado, Verified Reviewer

I was under the impression I had a contract for months but when it was time for repairs I was denied due to a salvaged title. Is it my fault someone gave me a contract? That sounds like someone at Endurance didn’t do their job. Am I to blame?

I’m having issues with the account manager now, once again they treating me like I did something wrong talking to me very hostile. I’ve had enough, I’m contacting my lawyer immediately.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 9, 2019

Do not buy a policy with them

By Lucas L., Crestview, FL, Verified Reviewer

As other comments have noted, they will do everything to avoid paying any claim. Including engaging in some crafty contract interpretation and shuffling you off to multiple representatives with the hope that you will just go away in frustration. I spent the better part of two days getting passed around from person to person. Some aspiring U.S. Attorney should have no problem making a RICO case against them. Likewise, this company is ripe for a class-action lawsuit.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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