About Erase/Repair HA

When it comes to Erase/Repair HA, you’ve probably read all the same claims before:

  • “Achieve visibly younger looking skin!”
  • “Restore your radiant, firmer skin.”
  • “Say no to needles. Go natural.”
  • “The new skincare revolution that delivers amazing results!”

Despite all the hype though, we don’t think you’ll experience any of these benefits from using Erase/Repair HA. But why? What’s our reasoning for believing that this anti-aging cream is a scam?

To begin our journey down the rabbit hole, you’ll first need to understand how anti-aging products like Erase/Repair HA are regulated by the government (or aren’t regulated, as the case may be).

Ready to begin?

Why Anti-Aging Products Aren’t Regulated, & What This Means for You

In The Big Skin Cream Con, we detailed how the FDA views skincare and anti-aging creams. Basically, unless a manufacturer makes specific claims about “affect[ing] the structure or function of the body, such as the skin,” they’re simply classified as over the counter products.

For example: Claiming “XYZ cream moisturizes your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles” is perfectly acceptable. But stating that “XYZ increases collagen production and reduces wrinkles” would actually qualify it as a drug, since it’s claiming to affect the structure of skin.

As such, as long as the company doesn’t make any medical claims, their product isn’t reviewed, their ingredients aren’t examined, and their claims aren’t scrutinized by the FDA prior to being released to the public.

And even if they did make unsubstantiated medical claims, by the time the FDA builds their case against the company and takes them to court, they’re already on to their next scam.

Given all of this, you can see why anti-aging products (whether sold through traditional retailers or online only, like Erase/Repair HA) have become extraordinarily popular of the last several years. Companies are basically free to make any claims they want, without fearing any consequences!

All of this has led to a lot of consumer lashback, which we’ll talk about next.

Customer Feedback for Products Like Erase/Repair HA

Before going any further, try this: Take a look at the websites for NuPlenish Skincare, Brilliant Skin Serum, and SkinYouth Enhanced. Notice anything? They’re the exact same! Only the product name, picture, and website address have changed.

Now, compare the Erase/Repair HA website with the one for Neuology Syn Ake. While they’re different from the websites above, you’ll notice that these two are also the exact same! What in the world?

In the vast majority of cases, anti-aging products like these come with very low online customer reputations (usually averaging 1.5 stars here on HighYa), almost always related to failure to work (and even severe allergic reactions in some instances), high price, and terrible customer service.

Obviously, a lot of negative online feedback is a bad thing for a company. So what do these manufacturers do? Instead of creating a product that works, selling it at a reasonable price, and backing it up with solid customer service, they like to play a game called “hide and scam.”

Basically, once too many negative reviews surface, a company will pull their website, change the product name and picture, insert everything into the exact same template, and start the process all over again. This allows them to keep the scam going and the money flowing.

Long story short, as we detailed in Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague, if you see a product sold through one of these templates, run away. Fast.

Now that we’ve talked about how these companies keep their scams going, let’s address the scam itself.

Erase/Repair HA’s Free Trial & Autoship Scam

Ok, so the “web of deceit” these companies use involves a simple—but highly effective—process:

Step 1: Lure You In with a Free Trial

First, products like Erase/Repair HA will lure you in with a “free” trial. After all, what have you got to lose by spending just a couple bucks, right?

In this instance, you’ll pay $4.95 to cover the cost of S&H, and will be sent a full one-month supply of the anti-aging cream.

Step 2: Charge You an Exceptionally High Price

What you probably didn’t realize, since it was buried in the fine print or in the Terms & Conditions, is that 15 days after you place your order, you’ll be charged a whopping $98.71 for the full price of Erase/Repair HA!

And since the company now has your credit card number, they’ll continue sending you a new bottle of Erase/Repair HA once per month, and charging your card $98.71 each time.

Sure, the serum’s manufacturer claims that you can call 866-710-5109 to request a refund within 30 days, or to cancel your trial or autoship program, but we think you’ll have a difficult time, to say the least. Why?

Step 3: Purposely Poor Customer Service

The last and final step is really the “glue” that holds the whole scam together. After all, these companies know consumers will quickly start requesting their money back, so they make the process as difficult as possible.

This can range from simply being rude, to yelling at you, making you feel like the whole situation is your fault, and even hanging up in your ear. In fact, it’s not uncommon that the only way to put an end to the madness is by filing a dispute with your credit card.

What about Erase/Repair’s ingredients?

Will Erase/Repair HA’s Ingredients Help You Look Younger?

The only ingredient in Erase/Repair HA we’re told about is 2% hyaluronic acid, which is listed as “possibly effective” for reducing some signs of aging. The catch? This is only when injected; not when applied topically using creams like Erase/Repair HA.

Despite this, hyaluronic acid is contained in thousands of different beauty and anti-aging products due to its ability to help your skin retain moisture. It can also create a barrier on the outside of your skin, leading to a “softer, smoother, and plumper” look and feel.

The thing is that many of these hyaluronic acid-containing products are available at your local pharmacy, big box retailer, or specialty beauty store, and are priced much lower than Erase/Repair HA. And by buying locally, you could also save yourself S&H charges, recurring shipments, and a potentially poor customer service experience if you’re not satisfied.

Our recommendation? After speaking with your dermatologist, search for local products containing hyaluronic acid and give them a try instead of ordering Erase/Repair HA.

Don’t want to purchase any products at all? Try out these natural anti-aging remedies!

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  • 11 out 11 people found this review helpful

    I was suckered

    • Los Angeles, CA,
    • Apr 3, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I am embarrassed to say I fell for this "free trial" scam! It all sounded too good to be true. What you don't realize is the free trial costs $4.95 AND they automatically sign you up for a package protection plan that will cost you another $2.95 if you don't call right away to cancel.

    Also, the free trial is actually a subscription service to receive additional shipments of products every 30 days whether you want them or not! In order to avoid the auto shipping scam, you have to return your "free trial" products at YOUR EXPENSE or be charged an exorbitant amount of money.

    This type of scam should be against the law! I will let all my friends know about this horrible company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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