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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 15, 2016

The Erect On Demand system reveals a “rather unusual” ancient remedy that can give you thick, fully engorged, long-lasting erections, regardless of how long you’ve suffered from erectile dysfunction or what’s causing it.

How? By using a super-simple, all-natural recipe made of ancient herbs and plant extracts—also known as a Peruvian “boner brew” that’s been used for over 1,000 years—to repair nerves and restore penile sensitivity.

It’ll even work as well as traditional medications, but without worrying about dangerous side effects, and only costs about $0.30 per serving. That’s why Erect On Demand had worked for thousands of men to date.

If your “sergeant can’t salute,” it can be humiliating, not to mention stressful on your relationship. That’s why you’re looking to Erect On Demand for some help. But will it really put an end to erectile dysfunction, or just end your trust in the online e-books industry?

Let’s begin by looking at the root causes of erectile dysfunction.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? What Causes It?

According to WebMD, erectile dysfunction “occurs when a man has consistent and repeated problems sustaining an erection. Without treatment, ED can make sexual intercourse difficult.” This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have sex; it just means that the “team’s not showing up to play” when game time comes.

Now, even though erectile dysfunction describes a condition, there are far more causes. This includes circulation problems (heart disease, clogged blood vessels, high cholesterol, etc.), diabetes, obesity, tobacco use, excessive stress, sleep disorders, and more. ED can even be a completely mental condition, which could require professional therapy to overcome.

Important note: According to the Erect On Demand video, once ED sets end, your penis can actually begin decaying, causing you to lose up to one inch every year. However, outside of severe tissue damage, we didn’t find anything online that indicates this is an actual “thing.”

Speaking of treatments, what can you do about your erectile dysfunction?

Is Erectile Dysfunction Treatable?

Because there are so many causes of erectile dysfunction, there are also dozens of potential treatments. As such, you’ll definitely want to talk with your doctor, who can recommend the best ones based on your specific diagnosis.

With this said, here are some common ways to treat ED:

  • Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, and regularly exercising
  • Prescription medication like Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), and Avanafil (Stendra)
  • Penis pumps, penile implants, and even blood vessel surgery
  • Regularly visiting a counselor

Compared to these options, how will Erect On Demand give you a leg up?

How Does Erect On Demand Treat ED?

We’re really not told. Despite the ultra-long video and repeated personal stories (something we talked about in-depth in Long Form Sales Videos), here’s basically everything we know:

  • It’s a drink based on a millennia-old Peruvian recipe that takes only about 15 minutes to prepare.
  • All of the ingredients can be purchased online or from your local health food store for “pennies a day.”
  • You’ll learn how to take these ingredients in precisely the right combination to reverse your ED in minutes.

That’s basically it. We have no idea what these ingredients are or how they’re supposed to work.

However, we’ve encountered dozens of these cure-everything-with-a-couple-simple-foods e-books before, including Navajo Restore My Hearing System, Erectile Dysfunction Freedom, Quantum Vision System, and many more. And invariably, they come with ultra-low customer feedback. Why?

Most customers seem to complain that they didn’t deliver on all the big promises made in their videos, or that they only contained basic information that could be found elsewhere online for free. Remember this, because we’ll come back around to it in the final section.

Before we get to that though, let’s find out how much you’ll pay for the Erect On Demand system.

How Much Does Erect On Demand Cost?

Erect On Demand is priced at $69.95, and is available for instant download.

Along with your order, you’ll also receive the following free bonus reports:

  • Text Her Panties Off
  • Titan Stamina
  • Instant Orgasms
  • Mr. Big: How To Achieve a Bigger Member
  • 33 Innocent Words That Turn Her On

Pro tip: Erect On Demand is brought to you by Altare Publishing, an advertising agency and publisher based out of Edgewater, NJ. The company had an A+ Better Business Bureau rating (as of 2/11/16) with only one closed complaint.

However, it appears to be authored by DiCarlo Coaching, who has created a variety of other e-books like Pandora’s Box, No Flakes, Attraction Code, Relationship Rewind, and more.

Will Erect On Demand Permanently Reverse ED In Minutes?

Based on our experience reviewing thousands of different products, in our opinion, your alarm bells should start ringing any time a company claims that they’re using “ancient remedies” to treat a common problem. On top of this, despite its ultra-long video, we’re told basically nothing about the Erect On Demand system works, what’s involved, or a whole host of other important questions.

What can you do instead? Obviously, the first person you should speak with is your doctor. While the process will certainly take a lot longer than the 15 Minutes promised by Erect On Demand’s publisher, your doctor can help you discover the root cause of your ED and prescribe effective treatments accordingly.

While you’re waiting for your appointment, you can probably learn about many of the ingredients found in the Erect On Demand by typing the phrase “erectile dysfunction food remedies” into your favorite search engine!

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  • 13 out 13 people found this review helpful

    Not credible

    After watching and listening for nearly half of an hour, I bought the download and printed 200 pages full of misprints and typos. Upon calling to find out the cost of the premixed Peruvian Brew I learned there is no free sample, nor is there anything less than a one month supply for $99.

    I came away with this book and not much else. If there is a real person that has used this stuff and has anything real to report I would be delighted to hear from you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 39 out 43 people found this review helpful

    Wanted meds, got "how-to" book.

    • Scottsburg, In,
    • Aug 14, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    The ad I watched steered me towards a "boner pill". I knew better, as I have never bought anything without touching it first, that was worth anywhere near what I paid for it. This time instead of a pill, I got a book, yes a book. And the book, a paperback, was hardly worth $69.95.

    BILL O'Reilly's books don't cost that much. Just tell me how to send this book back, how to get my money back, and we will all be happy.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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