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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 31, 2016

Written by Jon Hansen, the Erection Amplifier Program is a 30-day penile strengthening program that promises to help increase blood flow and relieve your erectile dysfunction, without putting your health at risk. Specifically, after completing the program, Jon claims you’ll be able to “get an erection on command.”

How’s it work? According to Erection Amplifier’s 40+ minute promotional video, we’re told it involves performing a series of exercises on a regular basis, along with “a few diet and lifestyle changes.” Using these, you’ll be able to naturally restore circulation to your penis and achieve long-term results.

This is why Jon claims the Erection Amplifier Program has been used successfully by thousands of other men as a “maintenance manual” for their penis.

As yourself: Just because something is all-natural, does that necessarily make it effective? To this extent, will your money go to good use with the Erection Amplifier Program, or will it be a complete waste? Before handing over your credit card information, let’s see what we uncovered during our research.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? Can It be Cured?

In no uncertain terms, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve an erection; to get the sergeant to salute, if you will.

Since most men aren’t exactly eager to talk to their buddies about the issue, you might think you’re the only one with this affliction. But the reality is that, according to a 2014 Men’s Health article, “Roughly 40 percent of men in their 40s suffer from ED, 50 percent in their 50s, etc.”

What causes ED? As we frequently mention in our reviews for these cure-all e-books (we’ll talk more about this soon), this affliction is a side effect instead of an underlying condition.

For example, there are dozens of different factors (and combinations of factors) that can lead to erectile dysfunction, including medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes, excessive stress, poor eating/sleeping/exercise habits, mental issues like depression, and much more. Which means that effectively treating ED should always involve medical professionals, who can formulate a treatment plan based on your specific diagnosis.

What about Erection Amplifier, though? How does it propose to solve your ED issues? And is it effective?

How Effective Is the Erection Amplifier Program?

It’s important to note here that we didn’t download the Erection Amplifier program, nor did we try any of the recommendations it contains.

The good news is that this allows us to look at the author’s claims from a similar perspective as anyone else (after all, we’re consumers too!). The bad news? Despite being nearly an hour long, here’s all we’re told about Erection Amplifier:

  • You should rinse your mouth with disinfectant mouthwash 3X per day, since gum disease can affect blood flow.
  • You should use coconut oil when you masturbate. Without it, it can lead to decreased sensitivity.
  • Perform Kegel exercises (the process of flexing and relaxing pelvic floor muscles).
  • Eat certain foods, which can be found in any grocery store, that help remove (and keep away) arterial plaque. This way, you’ll be able to ensure the capillaries inside the penis remain “clean as a whistle.”

That’s about it. What’s the problem?

First, if your gum disease has progressed to the point where it’s affecting blood flow, you likely have some oral care concerns that need to be addressed with your dentist. If such an instance, simply rinsing with mouthwash isn’t going to meaningfully impact the situation to the point where your ED improves.

Second, if you’re already having problems achieving an erection, you’re probably not doing a whole lot of masturbating. So, this second recommendation seems to be putting the cart before the horse.

Next, while Kegel exercises have been shown to provide real-world benefits in men (such as helping with urinary or fecal incontinence, or “dribbling” after urination), there’s little clinical evidence showing it can improve the symptoms of ED.

Finally, as with gum disease, if your arteries are so clogged with plaque that it’s affecting your blood flow, eating a few healthy foods won’t address the situation. Sure, it’s a great start on the right foot, but it likely won’t provide the impact you’re looking for.

But even if we give the program the benefit of the doubt and believed that these suggestions worked as well as Jon claims, the reality is that you can learn about every one after searching online for less than a few minutes. As such, how much value are you getting for your money?

We’ll come back to this question in the final section. First though, how much will you pay for Erection Amplifier?

How Much Does the Erection Amplifier Program Cost?

The Erection Amplifier e-book is priced at $67. With your order, you’ll also receive two free bonuses:

  • 50 Is the New 25: Sex & Relationships for the New Man
  • The Grey Wolf’s Guide to Being a More Manly Man

The Erection Amplifier Program is sold through a company named Clickbank, who offers a 60-day refund policy on everything they sell. To process a return, you’ll need to call customer service at 800-390-6035.

Are There Positive Reviews for Erection Amplifier?

Over the years, the HighYa team has reviewed dozens of these cure-all e-books, including some that are nearly identical to the Erection Amplifier Program, such as Erectile Dysfunction Freedom, Erect On Demand, Erectile Dysfunction Protocol, and others.

What’s the point? There are a couple:

  • The same claims: They all claim to cure complex problems—ones which the medical community still can’t cure—using only foods and/or simple exercises.
  • The same customer feedback: As you can see by clicking on the links above, these ED-related e-books generally come with bottom-of-the-barrel customer reviews. In fact, this is generally the case with all of these cure-all e-books, regardless of the topic.
  • The same level of information: Nearly all customer complaints claim these e-books contain little useful information, and that—as we discussed previously—what information they do provide can be found elsewhere online, for free.

Now, since we didn’t download the Erection Amplifier Program, we’re fully willing to admit that it could be the exception to the rule. However, based on the identical selling tactics used by these other companies, at the very least, we’d consider it a big red flag.

Should this affect your buying decision?

Will the Erection Amplifier Program Deliver Results?

If you’re one of the millions of men struggling with erectile dysfunction, you might feel less-than-manly and be desperate for a solution. Have you found it with the Erection Amplifier Program, though?

Let’s answer this question with a theoretical example: Imagine you’re shopping for a suit. You find one you’d like to purchase, so you approach the salesperson and ask what material it’s made from, how breathable and wrinkle-resistant it is, and whether or not it can be tailored to your needs.

Instead of answering your questions, the salesperson goes on and on about their personal suit story, how great their store is, and why you should just go ahead and buy the suit.

If this happened, you probably wouldn’t receive enough of an answer to make an informed purchase, right? Despite the fact that the salesperson had plenty of time to give you what you needed.

Well, based on what we learned during our research, it’s much the same with the Erection Amplifier Program. And when you add in the fact that nearly all of these types of e-books come with ultra-low customer feedback, we think your money would be better spent making an appointment with your doctor than placing an order for the Erection Amplifier Program.

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