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By HighYa Staff

Hosted by Eric Webster, Eric’s Success Plan claims to allow you to work from home and to “earn more money in a single month than most people make all year.” In fact, during the introductory video, Eric claims to have made $257,914 in 2012, solely by working from home.

Eric’s Success Plan is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, and the site’s URL registration information is masked. However, during the introductory video, Eric claims that the business he’s referring you to is BBB accredited. Regarding Eric’s Success Plan specifically, online reviews appear to be almost wholly negative, which is something we’ll explore further in the Bottom Line section below.

How Eric’s Success Plan Works

Similar to Emily’s Income Challenge, Eric’s Success Plan claims to be a “turnkey internet system” that can help you make $500 to $5,000 per month, “quickly and in your spare time” by promoting other peoples' products and services. In fact, the “rags to riches” story, and the claim that he needs your help to make more money, is almost identical between the two.

With this in mind, Eric claims that 98% of all work at home schemes are scams, but his plan is “one of the last few legitimate work at home sites.” To back up this claim, the introductory video supposedly shows you several of Eric’s accounts, each of which earned approximately $30K for the month.

As a  “a win-win scenario that requires no risk for you,” Eric’s Success Plan claims to work in four steps:

  1. Sign up by entering your name, email address, and phone number.
  2. You’ll be shown the same website that Eric claims to have used when he first began. This website will send you a free work at home kit.
  3. Follow the instructions in the kit, and a personal business coach will contact you directly.
  4. Once you begin earning $500 to $5,000 per month, Eric will then  “personally show you how to replicate [his] 6-figure monthly business model.”

After this, Eric then claims he’ll send you five additional sites that you can use to make money, and will also give you his personal email address that you can use “for limitless support and coaching.”

Finally, Eric claims that you don’t need any prior computer or business experience to succeed. Despite this, he claims that you could be making money within your first week, though most will realize income within their first month.

Eric’s Success Plan Pricing & Refund Policy

Although Eric claims that he’s “not asking for a single penny,” after you’re redirected to BusinessInternetCoach.com (more about this below), you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information to cover the cost of shipping your work at home kit, which is non-refundable.

However, keep in mind that 14 days after your kit has been shipped, you’ll be charged $39.95 for the packet. If you decide to return the paperwork, you’ll be responsible for shipping charges.

Bottom Line: Is Eric’s Success Plan a Scam?

In regards to Eric’s Success Plan, throwing around the word “scam” is a fairly serious allegation, but by all indications, this is exactly what the program is. Consider the following:

First, none of the information on the Eric’s Success Plan website tells you exactly what you’ll be doing to earn money, other than that you’ll be promoting other people’s products and services. Based on our experience, this is one of the biggest signs of a scam.

Next, after you decide to sign up, you’ll be redirected to BusinessInternetCoach.com, an “As Seen on TV” work at home system operated by Vemma Brand Partner. Vemma is a company that distributes nutritional products, and appears to operate very similar to Amway. It was only after a substantial amount of research that we learned you’ll be selling their products, both online and off.

Finally, according to at least one review we read, unless you already have a substantial amount of downline traffic, none of the material included in the Work at Home Kit will be of any use to you. Furthermore, much of the information contained in the Kit can be found online for free. On top of this, the techniques in the Kit appear to use “content-less SEO,” which will actually hurt your search engine rankings with Google’s Panda/Penguin restrictions.

All in all, Eric’s Success Plan seems to be more about helping Eric’s affiliate program, and less about helping you truly succeed. Based on this, we would strongly recommend spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.

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