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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 26, 2013

Estrinol is a herbal blend that’s claimed to help reduce the severity of—or in some instances, completely eliminate—symptoms related to menopause, including hot flashes, sleeplessness, mood changes, weakness, and others.

Compared to other products (more about this in a moment), Estrinol’s main selling point centers around the claim that it’s an all-natural, herbal formula that contains Genopause, which is a blend of four herbal extracts.

On the other hand, the manufacturer claims that other menopause-specific products contain soy isoflavones, which can wreak havoc with a woman’s hormones, Genopause – and, by extension, Estrinol – doesn’t have any side effects associated with it, partly because it’s free of synthetic hormones and potential allergens.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer to give Estrinol a try, consider the following before completing your order:

What is Genopause?

Manufactured by Gencor, Genopause is a proprietary blend of 4 Ayurvedic herbal extracts claimed to “help diminish a range of normal symptoms associated with menopause.

According to the company’s website, these 4 ingredients include:

  • Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) for a healthy immune system.
  • Asparagus racemosus for reducing stress and “balancing the body.”
  • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) for relaxation, mood, and sleep.
  • Commiphora mukul for maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

In order to back up their claims, Gencor claims that Genopause was subjected to a “156-patient, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial” that showed it helped “support” (no clear definition what this means) symptoms such as hot flashes, occasional sleep disturbances, mood, wellbeing, and more. However, the study itself is only available by contacting the manufacturer directly.

With this said, there is insufficient clinical evidence available showing that tinospora cordifolia, asparagus racemosus, ashwagandha, or commiphora mukul can provide any of the claims made by the manufacturer.

Are Estrinol’s Other Ingredients Effective?

Unfortunately, other than Genopause (and its constituents), we’re not advised of any of the other ingredients contained in Estrinol, which is typically a red flag.

Other Menopause Supplements

Finally, keep in mind that there are dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of other menopause supplements available, including Profemin, Releftra, and many more. To see for yourself, simply type the phrase “menopause supplements” or “natural menopause relief” into your favorite search engine.

Granted, many of these have no more evidence showing they work than Estrinol, but the point is that you have options.

Women Talk about Their Experiences with Estrinol

Overall, there weren’t many online customer reviews for Estrinol, although since we wrote our original review, 1 HighYa reader chimed in about their experience with the supplement. Here, they claimed Estrinol really helped with their hot flashes, and they were pleased by the fact that it didn’t contain soy.

Similarly, Amazon.com had only 1 Estrinol review as well. There, the reviewer rated the supplement 4 stars, claiming that it worked better than anything they had used previously, although it didn’t get rid of their night sweats.

From a company perspective, Estrinol is a product of NAC Marketing Company, LLC and sold under the New Vitality brand. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company held a B+ rating based on 136 closed complaints (as of 6/8/15), most of which appeared to reference problems with free trials and autoship programs, as well as difficult customer service experiences.

Interestingly, out of New Vitality’s 136 complaints, 102 of them were classified as “consumer remains dissatisfied,” despite receiving a response from the company.

Estrinol Pricing & Refund Policy

Estrinol is priced at $29.96, plus $6.99 shipping and handling, for a total of $36.94. For that, you will receive 30-day supply of Estrinol (60 tablets) and the Estrinol Lean Body formula, which is meant to help you reduce body fat and improve lean body mass.

According to the product’s website, you can try Estrinol for 30 days risk-free, meaning that if you don’t feel better after taking it, and as long as you return it within 30 days, you can get your purchase price back, less S&H charges.

Note: It’s important to mention that you’ll automatically be signed up for the company’s automatic resupply program, which will ship you a new month long supply every 30 days for $39.95 plus $6.99 ($46.94). You can cancel this automatic resupply at any time.

In order to request a refund or to cancel your autoship enrollment for Estrinol, you’ll need to contact customer service at 800-943-6465.

Can Estrinol Relieve Your Menopause Symptoms?

Chopping to the point: Overall, as we outlined in our Nutritional Supplements Buyer’s Guide, there are a few red flags when it comes to Estrinol:

  • There are no ingredients or product label provided.
  • There is insufficient clinical evidence showing Estrinol’s ingredients (at least the ones we do know about) work as advertised.
  • The company has a mixed online customer reputation.
  • You’ll immediately be signed up for an autoship program after ordering Estrinol.

Because of these concerns, we might recommend speaking with your physician about more effective methods of reducing your menopause symptoms, instead of purchasing Estrinol.

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    The only thing that helped hot flashes

    • St Paul, MN,
    • Mar 27, 2015
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    This was the only product that helped with my hot flashes and I could always tell when I missed a couple days taking it. I like the fact that it does not contain soy.

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