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The Euro Sealer heat sealer uses microthermal technology to create an airtight, watertight seal on plastic and foil bags. This way, we’re told you’ll be able to save money on expensive zip storage bags while keeping meat, fruit, veggies, cereals, and snacks fresh and freezer-burn free.

The company claims you can even use Euro Sealer to keep bottles from leaking all over your bags and luggage when you travel! Simply place, press, and slide Euro Sealer along the top of any bag (even pet food bags!), and you’ll be able to seal and reseal bags over and over again.

Then, to reopen a bag, you can use Euro Sealer’s built-in opener to neatly slice through. When you’re finished, the magnetized back can help provide handy storage.

If Euro Sealer delivers on its promises, we can certainly see why the company claims they’ve sold more than 20 million devices to date. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money, create less waste from throwing away zip bags, and keep food fresher, longer?

Is this what you can realistically expect from Euro Sealer, though? Are there any considerations to keep in mind? What about the competition? Keep reading and we’ll tell you what we learned during our research, and what this might mean for you.

How Does Euro Sealer Work?

Note: We didn’t test Euro Sealer firsthand, and the company provides no explanation as to exactly how the device works, so the information here is based on our interpretation of commonly available online information.

With this said, one common term for devices like Euro Sealer is “heat sealer,” which (perhaps obviously) use heat to create a bond, or seal. Beyond this though, we can’t know exactly what process Euro Sealer uses to create this heat and transfer it to the material. Why?

Because there exists several different microthermal technologies (as Euro Sealer’s manufacturer calls it) to achieve this, including hot bar, continuous heat, impulse heat, hot melt adhesive, induction sealing and welding, and more.

Fortunately, the pictures on Euro Sealer’s website provide a big clue as to how it works. What do we mean?

Euro Sealer appears to be functionally identical to a product that’s been around for years, named SmartSealer. In fact, if you didn’t see the products’ names on top, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. (Keep this name at the top of your mind, as we’ll come back around to it shortly.)

Here, the V-shaped device features an element at the end of one arm, and on the other arm, a thin slit. When the two side are pressed together, a current is completed, which generates electricity and produces heat. And because this slit is so thin, only a small surface area touches the material, which seals precisely where you put it.

Given this, it seems that Euro Sealer (although manufactured by a different company) is a type of impulse heat sealer.

Let’s carry this thought into the next section.

Are There Other Products Like Euro Sealer?

If you search online for “handheld bag sealer” or “battery operated bag sealer,” you’ll find that you have a fair amount of options that can accomplish the same thing as Euro Sealer. However, many of these are intended for commercial applications and come with much higher price tags.

As we discussed in the previous section though, SmartSealer appears to be identical to Euro Sealer. This device has been around for years and is still available elsewhere online. You’ll also come across many other versions with the same basic design.

In fact, these kinds of handheld heat sealers are so popular that you’re likely to find an option or two in the housewares section of many local big box retailers—all of which appear to deliver the same basic functionality as Euro Sealer.

Pro tip: While it might not be considered “handheld,” you can even make your own heat sealer if you’re looking to complete a cool DIY project!

How do these options compare from a price perspective?

How Much Does Euro Sealer Cost?

One Euro Sealer is priced at $9.99 plus $4.99 S&H. You can also purchase a second at checkout for an additional $4.99 S&H.

In general, you’ll find most other hear sealers fall within this price range.

Regardless of the number you order, Euro Sealer comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H. In order to request one, you’ll need to call Tristar Products customer service at 973-287-5131.

Are There Online Euro Sealer Reviews?

On Amazon, Euro Sealer had a 3.7-star average rating at the time of our research, based on 141 customer reviews. There, common compliments seemed to reference that it works as advertised, is useful on a variety of bag types, and is easy to use.

On the other hand, common complaints referenced that it doesn’t work as advertised (or at best, it takes patience and trial and error to get it right) and that it doesn’t last very long.

Euro Sealer also had 16 customer reviews on the Bed Bath and Beyond website, with a higher average rating of 5 stars. Many referenced the same compliments and complaints found on Amazon.

From a company perspective, Euro Sealer is brought to you by Tristar Products, the second largest company in the As Seen on TV industry who’s responsible for popular hits like Copper Wear, Perfecter Fusion Styler, Power Pressure Cooker XL, and many more.

Tristar had an A Better Business Bureau rating, despite more than 900 closed complaints (as of 9/8/16). Most of these appeared to reference problems ordering online (orders processed without consent, unwanted items added to orders, etc.) and less-than-stellar customer service.

Let’s bring everything together.

When It Comes to Value, Does Euro Sealer Have It in the Bag?

Euro Sealer has been around for years and seems to have a relatively solid online customer reputation. And when it comes down to it, if you’re considering any purchase, two important factors are 1) the length of time a product has been offered (staying power is a strong indication that customers are finding it useful) and 2) mostly positive feedback.

Both of these bode well for Euro Sealer, so we can’t think of a reason why you might not find it useful.

Just remember that you might be able to find functionally identical devices locally, which could potentially save you money in S&H charges—especially if you end up dissatisfied and decide to request a refund.

Also, be sure to keep Euro Sealer out of the hands of children, as the ends get very hot and could cause severe burns. And finally, it’s important to point out that, while Euro Sealer seals, it doesn’t vacuum out the air (it’s not a vacuum sealer).

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