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By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Published on: Oct 15, 2017

Thanks to publicity from Jennifer Aniston about her lifelong struggle with Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome, the wellness website Eyelove has developed into a popular resource for helping women who suffer from itchy, dry eyes find ways to treat their condition through expert advice and community support.

The site is filled with information about the causes of Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome, as well as conversation starters for talking to doctors about the condition. Explainer videos from experts explain the common symptoms while linking to resources that will help you find relief.

Through quizzes, community engagement and stories of success, Eyelove allows users to share stories about their struggle with dry eyes and the tips that worked for them.

Keep reading to learn more about the specifics of chronic dry eyes syndrome and the ways that Eyelove will help you combat it.

The Basics of Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome

While the symptoms of Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome (alternatively named Dry Eyes Disease) can vary, most sufferers experience stinging, blurred vision and grittiness in their eyes.

This irritation usually leads to redness and itchiness, and often causes the eyes to water uncontrollably, despite the name “Dry Eye”.

Contrary to what many think, having dry eyes doesn’t mean that your eyes stop making tears. Instead, the tears produced aren’t the right quality or quantity, which means your eyes dry out and make it difficult to focus on anything for long.

Some people suffer from dry eyes all their life, while others develop it as they age. There are certain risk factors that make it more common, including being female, aging, wearing contact lenses, taking medication like antihistamines and even undergoing LASIK or cataract removal surgery.

Lifestyle factors can also make a big difference for Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome, including looking at an electronic screen for hours on end, living in a dry, windy climate or traveling on an airplane.

How Can You Know if You Have Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome?

The Eyelove website provides information about the common symptoms so that readers can diagnosis themselves with a few simple questions, including:

  • Do you use artificial tears often?
  • Do your eyes often feel itchy, gritty or dry?
  • Does it hurt your eyes to focus on a computer or phone screen?
  • Does your vision occasionally get blurry?
  • Do you avoid reading, watching TV or browsing the internet because of how it hurts your eyes?

If these questions sound like you, there’s a good chance that you are suffering from Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome.

If you think you have Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome, Eyelove promises to help you find relief.

The Promise of Eyelove

Put simply, the purpose of Eyelove is to be an online platform that eliminates the divide between patients and doctors when it comes to Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome, so that sufferers can talk directly to medical professionals and learn what their symptoms mean.

Through the available resources, they can learn to counter the effects of their condition and regain their eye health in order to again enjoy the activities that strain their eyes today.

The mission of Eyelove is to foster an appreciation for eyes and the numerous things they can do. Eyelove offers comprehensive information about the causes, conditions and solutions for managing Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome.

By getting readers to do some research and even visit their eye doctor, Eyelove strives to help them gain back the natural functioning of their eyesight so that they can get back to doing everything they love.

Eyelove Website Resources

The Eyelove website is designed to provide answers to the questions women have about why their eyes are so painful. By explaining to women that an important part of loving their eyes is knowing when something is wrong, a vital component of the website are tools for diagnosing the condition in the first place.

When an expert’s opinion is needed, Eyelove provides suggestions from real doctors. Through videos, quizzes, and facts-based web articles, readers can learn more about their condition, what doctors suggest to manage it, and when it’s best to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.

For those that know they have dry eyes, Eyelove provides plenty of resources for managing the condition. From makeup removal tips to smart ways to monitor your screen time, the website details multiple ways to prevent Chronic Dry Eye from getting in the way of living your best life.

You can also join the Eyelove community at a deeper level, by registering for the website. When you sign up for a regular newsletter, you’ll will get more information about Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome as well as access to makeup tips, delicious recipes and lifestyle advice for learning to live a healthier, more natural life.

Is Eyelove Selling Something?

To be clear, the Eyelove website isn’t selling you a product. While Shire, the health company that owns the Eyelove brand, does have a prescription eye drop for sale, this product is not advertised anywhere on Eyelove. Instead, Eyelove’s focus is educating visitors about Chronic Dry Eyes Syndromes so that they seek help from their eye doctor.

Shire, the parent pharmaceutical company of Eyelove, spent years researching Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome and talking to thousands of patients and doctors to get a better understanding of the condition and how it affects people.

At the same time, Shire used this research to help produce Xiidra®, the brand’s prescription eye drops that gained FDA approval in July 2016. However, Eyelove doesn’t specifically promote Xiidra® and no mention of the product can be seen on the website.

The Jennifer Aniston Connection

In most cases, the first exposure that many people have to Eyelove is through the popular commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston.

According to Aniston, she had suffered from Chronic Eye Syndrome long before being approached by the brand. As the years went on and her eyes continued to be itchy and painful, Aniston assumed it was allergies and tried to ignore it.

However, when she finally sought the help of her doctor and learned that her dry eyes were a diagnosable condition, Jennifer got the eye drops she needed to find relief.

Now, she works with Eyelove to share her personal experience of living with dry eye, how the symptoms affected her for years, and what options are available for other woman to find relief. In her words, “there are too many beautiful things to see and do to let Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome get in your way.”

By sharing Aniston’s story on Eyelove, the company hopes others will get inspired to seek treatment too. Top of Form

Comparable Chronic Eye Organizations

In an overly saturated medical website world, Eyelove is far from the only wellness brand promoting eye health and advocating for more awareness of Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome.

The wellness website TheraLife has plenty of information about living with dry eyes, including natural remedies for keeping the condition in check. However, the website lacks the depth and professional resources that Eyelove utilizes through doctors and expert videos.

Eyepowerment, another website devoted to education and awareness of Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome, is an excellent starting point for beginning a conversation about the condition. Because it lacks the star power of Jennifer Aniston, it hasn’t taken off in the same way as Eyelove. Nonetheless, the website is filled with helpful resources about the condition that make it simple to look through the right treatment options.

Likewise, the Dry Eye Zone is an information center and online community for people suffering from any form of dry eye condition. With a popular forum, this website provides a better way for members to interact with each other and creates a greater sense of community than Eyelove does.

However, the website has fewer resources than Eyelove and less direct input from medical professionals.

Conclusion: Should You Seek Advice from Eyelove?

For those that have been struggling with the complications of dry, itchy eyes and aren’t sure where to start to seek relief, Eyelove is an intuitive, useful resource filled with expert advice and easy to synthesize information about Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome and similar conditions.

While the website won’t provide you with recommendations for prescription eye drops or other medications, it’s a great resource for starting a conversation about dry eyes and the ways you can learn to better manage them.

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