About EyeMajic

EyeMajic claims to be the “world’s quickest, easiest eyeshadow to apply,” and to help you achieve “flawless, gorgeous, effortless eyes in just seconds.” In addition, EyeMajic is claimed to last all day, and to save you hundreds of dollars in makeup and equipment.

EyeMajic is manufactured by MajicBeauty based out of Victoria, Australia. As such, the company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. Online reviews regarding the product seem to be primarily positive, with the most common complaint citing high price (see more about this in the Bottom Line section).

How EyeMajic Works

EyeMajic claims to give you “perfect eyeshadow results, instantly and every time, and to last longer that conventional eyeshadow.” In fact, EyeMajic claims to help you “achieve a professional makeup-artist look” in less than 10 seconds. Here’s the process:

  • Apply – Close your eye, raise your eyebrow, and press the applicator to your eyelid for 4 seconds.
  • Slide – Apply pressure and slide the applicator across your eyelid.
  • Go – Show off your new look. You can also add a second layer if you choose.

The manufacturer claims that EyeMajic’s "heat transfer technology" uses your own body heat to allow the mineral powders to transfer to your eyelid in one simple sweep.”

EyeMajic Pricing & Refund Policy

EyeMajic is currently priced at $14.95, plus applicable shipping and handling. However, we were unable to determine S&H charges, as this information was not displayed on the checkout screen.

When checking out, you’ll need to choose between one of four Collections:

  • Emerald – Green/hazel eyes. Includes 15 applicators, 5 Fawn packs, 5 Honey packs, and 5 Mocha packs.
  • Sapphire – Blue eyes. Includes 15 applicators, 5 Brown Sky packs, 5 Silk Indulgence packs, and 5 Silver Lining packs.
  • Bronze – Brown Eyes. Includes 15 applicators, 5 Chocolate packs, 5 Cappuccino packs, and 5 Dreamer packs.
  • Diamond – All eye colors. Includes 15 applicators, 5 Brown Sky packs, 5 Fabula packs, and 5 Silver Lining packs.

EyeMajic products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges. To begin the process, you’ll need to contact customer service at (866) 967-2405.

Bottom Line: Is EyeMajic a Scam?

Despite the seemingly “gimmicky” nature of EyeMajic, it appears to have primarily positive online customer reviews, and is best suited for those new to more complicated makeup techniques, or those are looking for an easy solution when they’re in a hurry. However, because each application is for one-time use only, it can quickly become expensive if you use EyeMajic on a daily basis.

In addition, we read several reviews claiming that the eyeshadow color has a tendency to be uneven, due to some of it transferring to the package that each applicator is stored in. Also, because the applicators are prepackaged with colors already in place, they can’t be customized.

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