About EZ Manicure

EZ Manicure is a pen tool that emits a tiny bit of a rubber-like substance from its tip which the makers claim will allow you to give yourself a flawless manicure. They state this will create a barrier so you won’t get any polish on your cuticles; you’ll also be able to do a fancy French manicure. As soon as they are dry, just peel away and admire your perfectly painted nails.

But is EZ Manicure a product that every woman needs? Let’s investigate further and see if EZ Manicure really “nails” it…

How EZ Manicure Works

EZ Manicure looks very much like a fine-tipped pen; instead of ink, however, the tip releases a “unique formulation” that creates a soft, “rubber-like” barrier. They promise this barrier will protect your cuticles from getting any nail polish on them, so you won’t have to get out the remover, which they say is “messy.” To use it, just draw along the base of each nail before painting. Then, paint, let dry, and peel away the rubber. Ooh la la!

They add you can use EZ Manicure to give yourself a French manicure or do all sorts of other nail painting designs and tricks, without resorting to fingernail stickers, which they claim are hard to use.

EZ Manicure Pricing and Returns

They state EZ Manicure costs $10 plus $7.95 P&H; however, they automatically give you a “free” EZ Manicure pen and charge you another $7.95 in fees in the process. This makes the actual cost $25.90 for 2 pens. You have 30 days to try EZ Manicure and if it doesn’t give you a hassle-free way to paint your nails, return it for your $10 but they will still keep $15.90.

Bottom Line: Is Easy Manicure a Scam?

EZ Manicure may indeed create a rubber-like barrier so you can more easily paint your nails; however, we wonder:

  • For how long? There is no indication how many uses in each EZ Manicure pen.
  • Who sells it? There is no company information provided on the website.
  • Why are there $15.90 in fees? This is well over the $10 purchase price and you won’t get this money back even if you return the product.
  • Why does their Privacy Policy allow them to solicit you with other products via email, snail mail, or telephone and why do they give this information to third parties?

If there is a satisfactory answer to these questions, perhaps you should consider EZ Manicure. Or, you could spend much less on a pack of nail polish strips and learn how to do a French manicure with this YouTube video. Come to think of it, YouTube has dozens of how-to videos on the subject. Happy painting!

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