About EZ Meatball

EZ Meatball is a new cooking utensil that claims it will make 9 meatballs in 9 seconds. They say all these meatballs will be the same size for even cooking, you can use with any recipe, and it’s safe for the dishwasher.

There is no information about who makes or sells EZ Meatball other than the fact that the website was created by Digital Target Marketing, a lead-generation and marketing company for aspiring inventors.

How EZ Meatball Works

EZ Meatball appears to be a clear plastic square tray with 9 smaller cubes (actual dimensions are not available); there is a hole in the top of each cube. They state it takes three steps to make meatballs: step one, roll out the meat to the desired thickness; step two, place EZ Meatball on the meat and remove excess; and step three, grab EZ Meatball by the holes and move in a circular fashion. Nine seconds later, they say you will have 9 meatballs ready to cook.

They boast EZ Meatball is good for Swedish meatballs, spaghetti, Italian wedding soup, and more. They claim it’s much easier to make meatballs this way than by hand, which can be messy and produce balls of different sizes  – they tout EZ Meatballs make perfect meatballs every time. Mama Mia!

EZ Meatball includes:

  • EZ Meatball
  • One additional EZ Meatball “free” (additional S & H)

EZ Meatball Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say EZ Meatball retails for $10 plus $7.95 S & H – but the fine print reveals they automatically give you another EZ Meatball “free” but charge another $7.95 in handling to your credit card. This makes the total $25.90 for 2 EZ Meatballs. There is no information about a return policy or a phone number for customer service. So Buyer beware!


  • Creates uniform meatballs quickly and easily
  • Looks like fun


  • Expensive when you add up all the fees
  • No return information
  • No customer service number
  • Would Mama really approve of this method?

Our EZ Meatball Review – What's the final take?

Sure, the concept behind EZ Meatball seems compelling, perhaps it could even work as intended but definitely not as "EZ" as it seems in the commercial. However, keep in mind that the EZ Meatball is an As Seen on TV Product and those often cause a lot of consumer frustration due to the excessive and must we add, unnecessary "processing" fees. We recommend waiting for about a month until it becomes available at your local Walgreens and Wal-Mart – that way you could avoid the hassle of returning the product should you be dissatisfied.

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