About Face Bright

Face Bright is a cordless, circular LED light you stick on your mirror. They claim it will give you 360 degrees of illumination around your face so you can see more clearly when shaving, putting on makeup, or just making kissy faces at yourself. They add it has a foldaway mirror that offers 5x magnification for greater detail.

We’re not really sure who makes or sells Face Bright, as there is no specific information or even a phone number on their website. (The site itself was built by Digital Target Marketing, a gun-for-hire in the world of infomercial products.)

How Face Bright Works

Face Bright is a plastic light that is round with a hole in the middle. It has 4 suction cups on the back and appears to be battery-powered, although they don’t indicate the type or if they’re included. (You’re also in the dark about the wattage or if this circular LED bulb can be replaced.) To use Face Bright, stick on your mirror and turn on the LED. They claim this will light up your face, giving you better visibility as you delicately perform your morning routine. They add that the 5x magnification mirror folds out for an even closer look.

Face Bright Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Face Bright says it sells for $19.99 and that you get one free with your order. However, a closer look at the fine print reveals that you pay an initial $7.99 shipping and a separate $7.99 in fees for the second, making the true total $45.97 for 2 Face Brights. The $15.98 in S&H is non-refundable, so even if you decide to return your Face Brights within the allotted 30 days, they will pocket that dough. (You also must pay return shipping.)

Face Bright Privacy Policy

Even though they won’t say who they are, they reserve the right to keep all your personal data (name, address, phone, email) and use it as they see fit. In addition, “from time to time” they will make your info available to “reputable” third parties. Read all the gory details on their Privacy Policy page, if you can stomach it...

Bottom Line: Is Face Bright a Scam?

The product itself may work as advertised, meaning it sticks on a mirror and shines some kind of light on your face. But there is so much else wrong: namely the product’s cost, their privacy policy, its non-refundable fees, and a lack of company info. There is no phone number, just an email, for customer service, which is never a good sign. Spend your money on a brighter bulb in the bathroom.

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