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By HighYa Staff

Sure, Face Flash claims to be an “advanced anti-aging lift that restores your youth.” How? By reenergizing older cells underneath your skin, which causes wrinkles on the surface to become softer and disappear.

As a result, the company claims Face Flash can help fight the signs of aging and give your skin a healthy glow, while helping you to feel more confident about your appearance. And who wouldn’t want that?

The manufacturer even claims that Face Flash has been scientifically proven to provide an 82% visible improvement, as well as an 89% reduction in wrinkle visibility, after 4 weeks!

But here’s the catch: We think these numbers—not to mention just about every other claim made by Face Flash—are completely made up. They’re not based in reality, and certainly aren’t what you should expect.

Why are we coming down so hard on Face Flash? What’s our reasoning for thinking it’s a scam? To fully explain the situation, let’s start by talking about online-only anti-aging products in general.

The Online-Only Anti-Aging Trend

Anti-aging products certainly aren’t anything new, as they represent an industry that rakes in a whopping $2.1 billion each year.

But over the past couple years, the HighYa team has watched as a massive influx of anti-aging products sold only online have entered the market, many of which come with very poor customer reviews (more about this soon). These include long-time players like Cellumis, DermaKtive, and Revival Beauty Serum, as well as relative newcomers like Nouvebelle, Ageless Illusion, and of course, Face Flash.

If you take a quick second and browse these products’ websites, one thing will immediately become apparent: They’re exactly the same! What does this mean?

Based on our extensive research, we believe that these products are all made by the same group of companies (since they’re good at remaining anonymous, it could even just be a single company). They simply remarket the same product under different names and different website addresses. But why do they do this?

As we mentioned above, customers are rarely (if ever) pleased with this breed of anti-aging product, and they quickly voice their displeasure online. So, when a product gets too “hot” (i.e. there’s too much negative feedback), the company shuts down the website, buys a new URL, and uses the exact same template (only the name and product image are changed) to start the process all over again.

With some of these new sites though, it appears these companies have started implementing a new template, perhaps in response to our article Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague?

There’s no way to be sure, but we think you should read through the article and apply the lessons you learn to Face Flash.

Now, if you didn’t know about this unscrupulous trend, you might be inclined to put a lot of stock in all of Face Flash’s “scientific” claims. But if you dig just beneath the surface, you’ll quickly find there’s nothing to them.

What’s Up with Face Flash’s Clinical Claims?

Reading through the Face Flash website, the product claims to be “scientifically designed” to promote healthy skin cells. The company even claims that Face Flash was clinically shown to provide an 82% visible improvement and a 89% reduction in wrinkle visibility after 4 weeks.

What’s the catch? They provide zero evidence to back these claim up. Nothing.

So, ask yourself this: Don’t you think that amazing results like these would only work to boost Face Flash’s reputation? And if you were the manufacturer, wouldn’t you be eager to share the study’s findings?

Because of this, we think these “clinical results” are simply made up. If they’re not completely fake, at best, we think they’re greatly over exaggerated.

In fact, we’re not even told about a single ingredient contained in Face Flash! But the company seems to attempt to salvage some its credibility by including two clinical studies in the footer of their website:

  • A 2001 study looking at the effectiveness of synthetic phytoceramides for preventing cell death.
  • A 2005 study referencing the ability of sphingolipids to deliver ingredients to cells.

Both of these studies were conducted in Petri dishes on non-human cells (usually yeast), so there’s zero evidence that the topical application of either of these ingredients can make skin look younger. And even if there was, there’s no way to know if they’re actually contained in Face Flash, or if there’s enough to provide any benefits.

Pro tip: These exact same studies were included on the Nouvebelle and Ageless Illusion websites mentioned above, so they appear to contain the exact same ingredients.

Now, how much will you pay for this largely unknown, undocumented product?

Watch Out for Face Flash’s Free Trial & Autoship Program

Flash Face—like just about every other trial-based anti-aging product we’ve reviewed here at HighYa—is only available through a trial. Pay $4.97 S&H and you’ll receive a full-size bottle.

After 10 days have passed (starting from your order date), you’ll be charged $139.97! Then, you’ll keep receiving a new supply of Face Flash once per month through the company’s autoship program, and you’ll be charged $139.97 plus $9.97 S&H each time.

Face Flush’s manufacturer claims you can request a refund within 30 days, cancel your trial, or end your autoship enrollment by calling customer service at 855-511-1179. But we think it’ll be much more of a headache than you’re expecting.

Why? That’s exactly what we’ll cover next.

What Are Customers Saying About Products Like Face Flash?

Regardless of all the marketing hype for a product, whether it’s fake clinical trials or overblown claims, customer reviews are what tell you the real story. So, what’s the customer feedback for products like Face Flash?

Among all trial-based anti-aging products on HighYa, customers generally rate them between 1 and 1.5 stars (read: run away quickly). This is based on claims of failure to work (many have also experienced side effects like swelling or rashes—some even required a visit to the doctor), high price, and poor customer service.

Based on everything we know about these products and the companies behind them, purposely poor customer service is the key to their business model. After all, if they made it easy to request refunds or cancel autoship enrollments, their profits would almost certainly nosedive because they sell sub-par products.

And when it comes to their level of service, it’s a race to the bottom. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these representatives to yell at you, make you feel like the whole situation is your fault, and even hang up in your ear. As a result, many customers have found that they had to cancel their credit card to put an end to the madness.

Will you experience the same with Face Flash? In our opinion, it’s almost certain.

Will Face Flash Give You “Astonishingly Youthful” Skin?

If you’ve stuck with us to this point, it’s fairly clear what we think about products like Face Flash: They almost certainly won’t provide any benefits (other than perhaps mild moisturization), and by handing over your credit card information, you’ll end up caught in a web of lies and deceit.

So, do we think Face Flash will provide you with “astonishingly youthful” skin? No.

And in our opinion, the only thing that’s astonishing is how it’s legal for companies like Face Flash to continue doing business.

Were you pulled in by Face Flash’s over-the-top claims? Tell us what you experienced by leaving your review below!

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