Fast Glass Review: Is This Windshield Repair Kit Worth It?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 12, 2019

OnTel Products advertises that their Fast Glass professional quality glass and windshield repair kit creates a permanent, waterproof, airtight seal in minutes and leaves cracks and chips as good as new.

The website indicates all you have to do is apply the ever-bond “space-age” resin to your windshield, which molds to scratches, dings, and spider cracks up to 12 inches. From there, the resin cures using UV rays from the sun, without the need for special lighting.

Together, the manufacturer tells us that Fast Glass can help you save time and hundreds of dollars compared to traditional glass repair.

But, is it necessarily the only windshield repair kit available? And if not, will it deliver the most value? Let’s start answering your questions by taking a look at Fast Glass’s functionality.

How Does Fast Glass Work?

Based on what we learned from the website and commercial, you’ll start using the Fast Glass repair system by centering the four suction cups over the crack, chip, or other damage. You’ll then crank down the top arm until it’s touching the glass, which creates an airtight seal.

Next, you’ll invert the bottle of special resin, squeeze the liquid into the holder on top of the suction cups, and wait for it to drip through and land on the area needing repair.

Fast GlassIn these screenshots taken from the commercial, we can see how Fast Glass’s suction cup-mounted device creates an airtight seal between it and your windshield and allows the special resin to penetrate and fill in all areas. Credit: OnTel Products Corp.

After removing the suction cups, you’ll apply Fast Glass’s curing strip to the repair and “let the sun’s UV rays do the rest.”

Specifically, according to Popular Mechanics’ Mike Allen, sunlight causes a chemical reaction that hardens the resin inside the outer layer of the “laminated glass sandwich” that makes up your car’s windshield.

Once 15 minutes or less have passed, you can remove the curing strip, and the company tells us that everything will look as good as new.

How Much Does Fast Glass Cost?

One Fast Glass repair kit is priced at $19.99 plus free shipping and a $1 web service fee. You can also purchase a second kit during checkout for an additional $9.99 fee.

All Fast Glass orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee, less return shipping. You can request one by calling Ontel Products customer support at 888-525-9170 or sending an email to

Are There Other Windshield Repair Kits Like Fast Glass?

We didn’t test any products during our research to provide feedback regarding their effectiveness for repairing glass damage. However, we did find dozens of functionally identical options to Fast Glass on Amazon.

Like the product in question, they also included a dispenser mounted atop four suction cups, a special resin that’s applied using a squeeze bottle, curing strips, the ability to fix cracks up to 12 inches, fast drying times, and promises to leave your windshield looking as good as new in minutes.

Here were some of the top-rated options by consumers and how they prices compared:

Brand Price
Fast Glass $19.99
Gliston Windshield Repair Kit for Big Cracks and Broken Star Chips $11.99
Yoohe Car Windshield Repair Kit $12.59
Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit $10.97
Mookis Windshield Repair Kit $8.99
Along Windshield Repair Kit $11.99
Bywabee Quick Fix Windshield Repair Kit $8.94
Manelord Auto Windshield Repair Tool $10.99

We called several customer service representatives looking for additional details about Fast Glass’s resin formula, and how this might differ from competing resins, although they didn’t provide anything other what was listed on the website.

With this said, the Popular Mechanics article we mentioned earlier notes that these at-home kits generally use an epoxy adhesive or acrylic filler to repair cracks. And while the article said that many of these kits can deliver a dramatic difference, it also emphasized that they’re only suitable on chipped glass and not for spider cracks, regular cracks, or miscellaneous surface damage.

Given these similarities, it might make sense that you’d want to pay as little as possible for one of these suction cup windshield repair kits and that paying more for one won’t necessarily deliver higher value.

With this perspective, we can see that Fast Glass is the highest-priced option in the table above. In fact, you can purchase two Mookis or Bywabee kits for the price of one Fast Glass kit. Even with a slighter higher $11 price tag, the Rain-X kit also comes from a well-known manufacturer who offers many other windshield-related products.

Whichever kit you choose, for best results, Popular Mechanics recommends cleaning the windshield before applying, making sure the area around the damage is completely dry, and that the inside of the chip is clear of dirt, glass, or other debris. Several manufacturers also recommend avoiding skin contact with the resin and even include vinyl gloves with their kits.

Bottom line: After testing a couple of different brands, Popular Mechanics concludes that these at-home windshield repair kits typically do a solid job, but the results aren’t always perfect. Even Rain-X’s Amazon listing emphasized that following repair, a crack is only invisible when viewed at a 45-degree angle.

As such, we think it’s important to maintain realistic expectations about the results you’ll achieve, compared to a much more expensive full windshield replacement—or even what a professional windshield repairer might deliver with their experience and high-end tools.

Our Final Thoughts About Fast Glass

Based on what we learned from the website and commercial, there are several things to like about the Fast Glass kit. It comes from a manufacturer who’s been in business since 1994, who doesn’t charge shipping on single-kit orders, and offers a 30-day refund policy if you’re dissatisfied with its performance.

So, if you’re dead set on giving it a try, it seems you might not have much more to lose than return shipping charges (and the $9.99 fee if you took advantage of the second kit), as well as a bit of your time.

But, while we didn’t perform firsthand testing during our research, we think it’s important to balance these positives by pointing out that Fast Glass is the most expensive option among the competitors above. And based on the functional similarities between each of these kits, it doesn’t appear that consumers report better results after paying more.

What’s more, windshield repair kits are very popular, so you’ll likely find at least one or two third-party options at local automotive stores. Not only could this help you save time compared to placing an online order, but also potentially return shipping charges if you find that it doesn’t meet your needs.

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