What Is Fat Extinguisher?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 11, 2016

Compiled by Troy Adashun, author and fat loss coach, the Fat Extinguisher e-book promises to reveal a “dirty Hollywood secret” that can naturally boost HGH production in your body and help you lose weight.

In fact, Troy tells us that Fat Extinguisher has helped his clients lose an average of 31 pounds over the course of just a few weeks, without giving up their favorite foods, running on a treadmill, or taking supplements.

With the Fat Extinguisher easy-to-follow guide, Troy claims you’ll also be able to reverse cellular damage, look younger, experience more energy, feel relief from muscle and joint pain, and strengthen your immune system.

What’s with the Fat Extinguisher program? Is it the real deal that will “scorch belly fat and melt inches off your waistline,” or is it just another scam that won’t move you any closer to your weight loss goals? Here, we’ll help you find out.

What is Human Growth Hormone? What Role Does It Play In Fat Loss?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a complex hormone produced in the pituitary gland that’s largely responsible for increasing height in children and adolescents.

While there’s a lot the medical community doesn’t know about this hormone, HGH is also thought to stimulate the immune system, increase muscle mass, promote the growth of internal organs, and more.

However, WebMD indicates that, while some clinical studies have shown that HGH injections can help improve fat loss and muscle gain, subjects only lost a few pounds. And although HGH production does slow with age, claims about injections reversing bodily deterioration are similarly unproven.

On top of this, HGH injections come with some fairly significant potential risks and side effects, such as nerve, muscle, or joint pain; high cholesterol, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema (muscle swelling), and more.

Important note: This seems to be the case for natural and synthetic HGH alike, despite what Troy mentions in the Fat Extinguisher video.

Because of this, HGH injections are only approved by the FDA for treating adult conditions like HGH deficiency (typically caused by a pituitary tumor), short bowel syndrome, and muscle-wasting disease caused by HIV/AIDS.

Obviously, you won’t use any injections with the Fat Extinguisher program, which begs the question: Is it possible to naturally boost HGH production?

How Does Fat Extinguisher Boost HGH Production?

As is common with long-form sales videos, Troy tells a lot of stories in the Fat Extinguisher video, but doesn’t reveal a lot of specifics about how the program works. Here’s what we know:

After a meeting with the late Greg Plitt (a former fitness model), Tony learned how to tense and relax specific muscles in specific order, which sends a message to the brain to boost natural HGH production. Greg told Tony that it works best if you perform these exercises at night, right before bed.

Tony tells us that you’ll also learn which foods to eat (and in which order) to maximize HGH production; 12 herbs, spices, and minerals that can give your HGH production an extra boost, as well as a list of foods to avoid during your fat loss journey.

That’s about it.

From a clinical perspective, there is some evidence that losing body fat, intermittently fasting, taking an arginine supplement, reducing sugar intake, and more can help increase HGH production.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that one or two studies, while positive, don’t mean that something is “proven.” In order to accomplish this, it requires hundreds of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies that reproduce the same results.

Bottom line: We didn’t encounter any clinical evidence during our research linking muscle tensing with increased HGH production—or that an increase in HGH production (even via injection) will result in meaningful weight loss. We’ll come back to both of these thoughts in the final section.

How Much Will You Pay for the Fat Extinguisher System?

To download the Fat Extinguisher e-book, you’ll pay $39.95.

Important note: As an e-book, Fat Extinguisher is only available through download. You will not receive a hard copy in the mail.

All material sold through Software Projects (an online retailer for e-books like these) comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. In order to request a refund, customer support can be reached at 800-218-1525.

What Are Fat Extinguisher Customers Saying In Their Reviews? Who Is Troy Adashun?

Fat Extinguisher was recently released at the time of our research, so we didn’t come across any legitimate customer reviews for the e-book. What about Fat Extinguisher’s author?

Although it doesn’t appear that Troy Adashun has any formal fitness training, his online bio indicates that he graduated from the University Of Central Florida with a business degree in 2010.

Since that time, he’s written several popular e-books, including Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie Recipes, The Flat Abs Diet, and more. He’s also the creator of the Science of Abs program.

Most of these come with positive customer feedback, including easy reading, useful information, and tasty results. On the other hand, the most frequent complaint referenced that these books came across more like an infomercial than a weight loss guide.

While Troy has dozens of videos on his YouTube channel, with only 159 subscribers, it doesn’t appear he’s “amassed over 10 million total views” and there’s nothing indicating that he’s helped “thousands of clients around the world,” as noted in his bio.

Does Fat Extinguisher Have Any Competition?

We’ve reviewed several other weight loss-related e-books over the years that also promise to reveal some kind of “secret” information—which usually involves doing things in a specific order—that can help you shed weight. These include the Fat Diminisher System, Fat Crusher System, the V-Taper Solution, Pound Melter, and more.

In general, HighYa readers give these types of e-books 2-star average ratings or lower, often claiming that they didn't deliver the promised information. Specifically, many claim you can learn much of the same elsewhere online, completely for free.

Is this what you’ll experience with Fat Extinguisher? We can’t know without customer reviews, but given the prevalence of this type of feedback, it might be worth keeping in mind.

Will Fat Extinguisher Deliver Real-World Weight Loss?

Not to sound like a broken record, but without any customer feedback or specifics about the Fat Extinguisher program, there’s no way to know what you can expect. But does this mean we can’t come to a logical conclusion about the e-book?

In the end, we’re here to present you with the facts and leave the final decision about Fat Extinguisher up to you. After all, you work hard for your money, so you get to choose where to spend it.

Based on what we learned from authoritative websites like WebMD, though, we do know the following:

  • Outside of injections, there doesn’t appear to be enough clinical evidence indicating that it’s possible to meaningfully boost HGH production in the body—including the muscle-tensing exercises revealed in Fat Extinguisher.
  • If injected, HGH supplementation is only FDA approved for very specific, severe medical conditions. There’s also limited clinical evidence that HGH can cause any other beneficial changes in the body—including for weight loss.
  • On the other hand, there are some pretty severe side effects associated with HGH injections, so they should only be used under the supervision of a physician.

Given this, it seems unlikely that what you’ll find in the Fat Extinguisher e-book will result in real-world weight loss.

Instead, the only proven method of losing weight and keeping it off for the long-term is by eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise, which could result in average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.

On the other hand, losing 31+ pounds in a matter of a few weeks (as claimed by Fat Extinguisher) would be considered a crash diet, which could cause harm to your body, not to mention the fact that you’ll be much more likely to quickly put the weight back on.

In the end, if it were our money (after all, we’re consumers too!), we think we’d get more value for our money by speaking with a doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer, instead of purchasing the Fat Extinguisher program.

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