What Is Faux Freckles?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 8, 2017

Wish you could fake natural-looking freckles for a fresh-faced look? Faux Freckles is your chance to get the spots you’ve always dreamed up—at least for 24-48 hours.

Faux Freckles are applied just like a temporary tattoo, since they consist of adhesive sheets that leave behind faux beauty spots after peeling away.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to fake freckles, we’re guessing you haven’t stuck your nose in a beauty magazine lately. Trendsetters have been rocking the au naturel facial spots everywhere from fashion runways to beauty blogs—even your favorite celeb’s cheekbones are unapologetically speckled in 2017.

The trend of embracing freckles has left those who are sans their own set of spots attempting various methods of faking it. There are dozens of tutorials for how to apply different shades of eyeliner in imperfect specks across your face. Braver freckle-seekers have even tried self-tanner applied with a tiny brush.

But, even at their best, eyeliner and self-tanner freckles fade quickly. They also leave you at risk of smearing brown streaks across your face.

One freckle fan thought she might have a solution, and the L.A.-based Faux Freckles was born.

What Makes Faux Freckles Different?

Faux Freckles are expertly designed to mimic the naturally imperfect speckles that are so en vogue. Instead of painstakingly attempting to create variations in size, shape, and location with an eyeliner pencil or makeup brush, Faux Freckle does all the work for you.

When shopping Faux Freckles, you’re given three color choices. The first two—light and dark—feature three or four shade variations to accurately mimic natural freckle coloring. The third shade offered by Faux Freckles is 24k gold.

Upclose and Personal for Faux FrecklesImage Credit: DailyMail.co.uk

Unlike freckles drawn on with eyeliner, Faux Freckles won’t smudge or smear. Instead, the temporary tattoo-like product will naturally fade over one to two days.

How Much Do Faux Freckles Cost?

Faux Freckles come printed on a 4” x 4.5” square. Like a temporary tattoo, one side shows the freckle design through a protective film.

Unlike a temporary tattoo, which is generally blank on the back, Faux Freckles has six shapes printed on the backside: two stencils for over your nose (shaped like Biore strips), and four for over your cheekbones.

Know that these stencils are only a suggestion for freckle placement, and that you’re free to cut out whichever shapes you’d like. However, if you follow the Faux Freckles guided lines, each sheet comes with enough freckles for two different applications for your nose and each cheek.

So, how much does a single sheet (with approximately two face applications) of Faux Freckles cost? Here are your options:

  • 1 Palette ($24.99) - Includes one sheet. Choose either Light Brown, Dark Brown, or 24k.
  • 1 Dual Palette ($34.99) - Includes two sheets. Choose either Light Brown & 24k, Dark Brown & 24k, or Light & Dark Brown.
  • Freckles For Days ($49.99) Includes three sheets, one in each color.

Faux Freckles Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges

Shipping for Faux Freckles is a flat rate of $6.95 to U.S. addresses. Faux Freckles does ship internationally, but the cost varies with country, and note that they may be additional customs fees upon receipt.

What if you regret ordering Faux Freckles? Assuming the product is unopened and it’s within 14 days from your delivery date, the company will issue you a full refund for your returned product. However, because Faux Freckles is a beauty product, they won’t accept returns of opened product packaging or past the 14-day window.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your Faux Freckles and think you might’ve gotten a defective sheet, they ask that you contact the company at info@fauxfreckles.com to coordinate an exchange.

How to Use Faux Freckles

To achieve your own smattering of false spots, first select the 4” 4.5” sheet of Faux Freckles you’d like to apply. Grab scissors and snip out a shape that corresponds with where you’d like freckles to appear—again, using the stencils is optional.

Before applying Faux Freckles, you also need to prep your skin by washing your face and patting dry. Then:

  1. Remove the clear protective film from the section you’ve cut out.
  2. Press the newly-revealed side down against your skin, with the white backing facing out.
  3. Hold a damp washcloth against the reverse side of Faux Freckles, pressing down to moisten thoroughly.
  4. Wait 30 seconds to allow the decal to transfer to your skin, then carefully pull up the backing edges to reveal your newly freckled complexion.
  5. Press down on any exposed or uneven edges to ensure the Faux Freckles have completely adhered.
  6. Wait 15 minutes before applying any makeup over Faux Freckles.

If you’d like to remove your Faux Freckles before they completely fade, saturate the area with baby oil. After allowing the oil to sit on your skin for 10-15 seconds, gently rub the oil off with a cotton ball.

What are Customers Saying About Faux Freckles?

Faux Freckles have drawn a lot of attention for glamorizing a feature that many were teased for while still in pigtails. While some just can’t grasp the trend, fake freckle aficionados say that the dusting of specks on their nose and cheekbones makes them feel youthful and fresh-faced.

But, how do Faux Freckles compare to other methods?

Reviewers claim that the advantage of Faux Freckles is their ability to stay put—there’s no risk of these specks smearing.

However, you’ve got to get them to stick in the first place, which requires a fresh face. That means makeup must be applied after your Faux Freckles, which takes some extra time and can somewhat conceal the spots you’ve just applied.

Beyond the temperamental nature of a temporary tattoo, another disadvantage of Faux Freckles is the price—$24.99 for two applications is rather steep.

The cost of Faux Freckles has many reaching for their eyeliner brush instead, since the cost is minimal in comparison.

When You Read Faux Freckles Reviews, Watch For Affiliate Codes

One thing we noticed in the process of researching Faux Freckles was that the brand promotes an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs give beauty bloggers and trendsetters a chance to make some extra cash by receiving kickbacks for every customer they that buys Faux Freckles after reading the blogger’s review.

In theory, there’s absolutely nothing shady about affiliate programs. However, some bloggers might be tempted to put out a biased review for the chance of receiving a little bonus, should you click through and purchase.

You can spot affiliate programs easily—just make a note if the blog or video you’re watching mentions a code to apply at checkout, or if you’re instructed to follow a link through their page.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this in essence, but we think it’s worth noting that affiliate promotions are out there for this product so that you can consider multiple sources before making a purchasing decision.

Are Faux Freckles For You?

If you haven’t tried the Faux Freckle trend, you might want to hop over to YouTube and follow one of the many “fake freckle tutorials” currently online. After viewing several, we think this one provides the most natural DIY version.

But, even with a steady hand, there’s a chance of smearing throughout the day. If you love the look of sun-kissed cheeks and want some speckles that will last all day, Faux Freckles appears to deliver on their promise of perfectly imperfect spots.

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