About FBCx

FBCx is a nutritional supplement that is claimed to prevent up to 500 calories (or 54 grams of fat) from being absorbed by your body per day, which could add up to five pounds per month. In addition to weight management, FBCx can also be used to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and to promote gastrointestinal regularity.

FBCx is manufactured by Soho Flordis International based out of NSW, Australia. Even though the FBCx URL was registered in 2005, it appears to be a relatively new product, with a U.S. trademark registration recently awarded in January 2014. As such, online reviews a relatively thin, though the most common complaint we found cited failure to work.

How FBCx Works

In order for the human body to absorb fat, it first needs to be digested by an enzyme called lipase, which reduces fat into acids. These fatty acids are then absorbed through the intestines, and reassembled elsewhere in the body as fat. With this in mind, FBCx basically acts as a “shield” that protects fat cells from being digested by lipase, which ultimately prevents it from being absorbed by your intestines.

Unlike minimally digestible fibers that only make you feel fuller (similar to those used in Trim Factor and Lipozene), FBCx uses a naturally occurring fiber derived from corn that actually binds to fat in your digestive tract, and “eliminates up to 9x its weight in fat, and reduces calorie absorption by up to 500 fat calories (54g of fat) a day.” To back up these claims, the FBCx website provides four study summarizations on their website.

The manufacturer claims that FBCx is “approved for daily consumption by the World Health Organization,” that it is GRAS-approved up to 25/g per day, and results in no side effects or drastic lifestyle changes. However, keep in mind that not all fats are necessarily eliminated, as FBCx is “preferential” toward saturated and trans fats.

According to the FBCx website, you need to take 6 grams per day (2 grams with each meal) in order to maximize benefits. It’s also recommend that you eat a reasonable, balanced, and nutritious fat-containing diet. As such, FBCx will probably not work well if you are on a low fat diet.

FBCx Products & Pricing

FBCx is not sold as a standalone supplement, but is instead a primary ingredient in a couple different third-party supplements such as Calorease and ALPHA-FIBE.

Supplements containing FBCx are available through directly from the manufacturer, GNC, and Amazon.com, and prices range between $29.99 and $69.95, depending on quantity. As such, refund policies will be different for each retailer.

Bottom Line: Is FBCx a Scam?

With all this information in mind, is FBCx a scam?

Based on our research FBCx appears to be a legitimate product, with a U.S. trademark and a pending patent, in addition to a fair amount of scientific research backing up most of the company’s claims.

However, this appears to be a fairly new product, and there are simply not enough online reviews to gauge overall customer satisfaction. However, with its recent appearance on the popular Dr. Oz television show, we’re sure to know much more about this supplement quickly.

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