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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Apr 28, 2015

First Class Whitening is an at-home teeth whitening kit that’s claimed to contain powerful and effective ingredients to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile in days.

In order to accomplish this, First Class Whitening’s kit features gel that contains 22% carbamide peroxide, as well as a Sure-Fit mouth tray to “ensure great results and decrease possibilities of gum irritation,” all of which costs less than traditional whitening.

According to the company, First Class Whitening works over 3 steps:

  1. Lightly brush your teeth. Then, thoroughly rinse with water.
  2. Apply a small amount of whitening gel to each Sure-Fit mouth tray.
  3. Place the mouth tray over your upper and lower teeth, bite down gently, and wait 30 to 60 minutes. When you’re done, brush/rinse away any remaining gel from your gums, teeth, and mouth.

When it comes down to it, does First Class Whitening provide “whitening that really works,” or just a bunch of empty promises? Consider the following:

Will First Class Whitening Really Whiten Your Teeth?

The only ingredients we’re told about in First Class Whitening are 22% carbamide peroxide and xylitol. So let’s take a look at their whitening power.

Carbamide peroxide (also known as hydrogen peroxide – urea) is generally applied to teeth, where it’s broken down by water into hydrogen peroxide. Then, this hydrogen peroxide oxidizes and release stains in the enamel. Typical carbamide peroxide concentrations for dental applications range between 10% and 44%, so at 22%, First Class Whitening is in the middle of the pack.

On the other hand, xylitol is a sweetener that isn’t converted into acid inside the mouth. As such, it still provides a sweet flavor without the risk of cavities posed by most other sweeteners. This means that xylitol may help First Class Whitening to taste better, but it won’t help whiten your teeth.

Will First Class Whitening Work Better Than Your Dentist?

As we learned in the previous section, carbamide peroxide is broken down into hydrogen peroxide, during which the solution loses much of its strength. In fact, according to ExpertWhitening.com, “3% hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to about 10% carbamide peroxide. Dentists usually use 9%-12% hydrogen peroxide in laser whitening which is equal to about 22-35% carbamide peroxide for at-home tray whitening.”

In addition to the greater strength of hydrogen peroxide, dentists will often incorporate special lighting to help it penetrate more deeply into the enamel. Not to mention the fact that dentists are much more skilled at the whitening procedure, all of which means you’re likely to get much better professional results than through First Class Whitening.

First Class Whitening Side Effects

According to the American Dental Association, “The most commonly observed side effects with these peroxide-based bleaching agents are tooth sensitivity and occasional irritation of soft tissues in the mouth (oral mucosa), particularly the gums. Tooth sensitivity often occurs during early stages of bleaching treatment. Tissue irritation may result from an ill-fitting tray used to contain bleaching product.”

The good news is that once you discontinue using the product, these side effects typically subside within a few days.

Teeth Whitening Kits Galore

Finally, remember that teeth whitening is nothing new, so you’ll have tons of options from which to choose. These include gels (like those used in First Class Whitening), strips, pastes, toothpaste, and more, many of which are priced much lower.

Why Customers Aren’t Happy with First Class Whitening

Overall, it appears that First Class Whitening has a poor online reputation among consumers, as several Ripoff Report complaints referenced being charged full price after ordering a “free” trial. This same complaint was also referenced on the Better Business Bureau website, where the company held an F rating based on 15 closed complaints (as of 4/28/15).

Speaking of the company, First Class Whitening is based out of Henderson, NV, the same city as similar products we’ve reviewed in the past, such as Whitening Coach, Smile Pro Direct, Action Pro White, and perhaps even IvoryWhite and Blizzard White. This, in combination with their nearly identical website designs and pricing, leads us to believe they’re all the same product, just rebranded and marketed under different names.

Regardless of what they’re called though, they all have poor online reputations based on the same complaints, so it’s logical to conclude that you might as well.

First Class Whitening Pricing & Refund Policy

First Class Whitening is available through 4 different purchasing options:

  • 1-Month Supply: $129.99 plus $10.91 S&H
  • First Class Whitening Club*: $94.31 plus free S&H
  • 2-Month Supply: $220.99 plus $10.91 S&H
  • Whitening Pen: $34.91 plus $10.91 S&H

*If you choose the First Class Whitening Club (read: autoship) option, this means you’ll continue receiving a new whitening kit once per month, and your credit card will be charged $94.31 plus $10.91 S&H each time.

Each whitening kit includes 2 syringes filled with 22% carbamide peroxide solution, 2 Sure-Fit mouth trays (one upper and one lower), and a whitening shade chart.

First Class Whitening products come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. However, if the package is opened or the syringes have been used, you’ll be charged a $19.60 “destruction/repackaging fee.”

In order to request a refund or to cancel your autoship enrollment, you’ll need to contact customer service at 877-530-9637.

Should First Class Whitening Be Your First Choice?

Chopping to the point: Considering the fact that carbamide peroxide is a very common teeth whitening ingredient found in a wide variety of other products; the fact that First Class Whitening is marketed under several different product names, all of which have poor online customer reputations; and it’s very high price, we’d recommend speaking with your dentist before purchasing First Class Whitening.

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  • 9 out 9 people found this review helpful

    Alert! These guys are tricky.

    • Wyandotte, OK,
    • Dec 2, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer

    I wish I had read the customer reviews before agreeing to pay a shipping and handling fee for this company's "free sample". My story is just like all the others. This company rips you off by using fraud and deception. Avoid these guys at all costs. They are professional con artists and they're good at what they do.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 3 people found this review helpful

    Watch out, big scam!

    • Virginia,
    • Oct 25, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    These guys are a bunch of thieves, they would rip you off. They would give you a survey through Amazon and then take $94 from you as a "subscription" and they won't refund it at any cost. Please watch out as it happened to me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful


    I ordered this online. I paid the $3.87 shipping and $1.03 for other services (?). I called to cancel after only six days. I now I see I was charged another $9.41 on my credit card. I called to ask why, since I had canceled in time. I was told if I sent it back at my expense I would be credited for the $9.41. I asked why I paid $1.03 and $3.87 for a trial that I had to send back and would not get my money back. I asked where was my trial whitener? He said they only send full amounts. NO TRIAL.

    This is very deceptive. Don't get taken in by the internet scam First Class Whitening.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • Do NOT order!

    • Georgia,
    • Jul 18, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I have never written a review on anything before, but I would like to share my experience with this product.

    I was told I would be getting a FREE trial and would just pay for shipping expenses. Little did I know, I would soon be charged TWICE for more than $90 each time for two different products at separate times.

    I called customer service after the first charge and was told I canceled my account, and they gave me a 30% refund. Two days later I see another charge on my account for a separate product from them. I call again, and they tell me I never canceled the account for that product, but the other product. I wanted to speak with a superior but instead was given 60% off both products.

    The service rep was friendly, and it was not her fault that I was charged, but I am livid I was not told two days prior that I would be charged again for a separate product. They have written in their terms and agreement if you do not call and cancel within a certain amount of time you will be charged, but they take no steps to ensure their customers understand what they have agreed to or to warn a few days ahead that you will be charged.

    DO NOT order this product! I would give this zero stars if I could.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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