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By HighYa Staff
Published on: Aug 15, 2017

Flawless GLO by Finishing Touch is the world’s first lighted, dermatologist approved facial cleansing brush that promises to illuminate impurities, break-up dirt, gently unclog pores, and softly spin it all away.

In addition to its sonic spin cleansing technology, the compact and portable device features a built-in LED, two speeds, three interchangeable brushes, and feather-soft bristles that harness the antibacterial properties of silver. Together, the company tells us it’s 10X more effective than hand-washing and perfect for all skin types.

For sure, all of these claims sound fantastic. Will you find that Flawless GLO by Finishing Touch really is like a magic wand that can “remove 10 years off your face,” as advertised in the commercial? For the money, is it the best facial cleansing brush you’ll ever use?

Price always makes a good starting point.

How Much Does Flawless GLO Cost?

One Flawless GLO device is priced at $29.99 plus $3.99 S&H. This includes a daily cleansing brush and a deep pore exfoliating brush, plus a free Body GLO brush.

During checkout, you can upgrade to the deluxe model that features a rechargeable battery, charging stand, and a two-year warranty for an additional $9.99 fee.

We called customer support and learned that you can purchase a set of four replacement brushes for $12.99. However, the representatives we spoke with didn’t have any additional information about the types of heads provided, since only three come with the device.

All Flawless GLO orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H, including any fees associated with the deluxe offer. To request one, Idea Village’s customer support department can be reached at 866-202-2973 or ideavillage@customerstatus.com.

What About the Arbitration Agreement?

Instead of going through the court system via a trial by jury, class action lawsuit, etc., binding arbitration involves a third party (often a company hired by the manufacturer) who mediates any disputes until a resolution can be reached.

This is important because all Flawless GLO orders are subject to a mandatory arbitration agreement.

Will these basic details out of the way, let’s explore some of the science regarding how these types of devices might benefit skin.

How Do Cleansing Brushes Like Flawless GLO Work?

Our skin sheds almost a million cells per day, many of which simply fall off into the surrounding environment (mostly in the form of dust). However, some—especially those around the face—can become lodged in place and result in a duller appearance, as well as increasing the risk of clogged pores and the appearance of acne.

Exfoliation is the process whereby these old cells are removed from the skin’s surface, whether using your bare hands, or tools like a washcloth, facial scrubs, pumice, or a loofah. Then, once these cells are removed, it can result in a brighter, fresher-looking appearance.

Cleaning brushes like Flawless GLO utilize battery power to provide this exfoliation, which spins a soft brush head. According to Papri Sarkar, MD, and dermatologist in Brookline, MA, this even, repetitive motion enables them to clean dirt and makeup much more effectively than by hand, which was even demonstrated in the Flawless GLO commercial.

Furthermore, any skincare products you apply after your exfoliation session could be more easily absorbed and boost their efficiency.

Could Flawless GLO Cause Side Effects?

Interviewed in the same WebMD article referenced above, Neal B. Schultz, MD, and founder of DermTV.com, notes that the most common side effect associated with cleansing brushes like Flawless GLO stem from overuse. In fact, he emphasized that if used incorrectly, “it’s even possible to have first-degree burns.”

Writing for Cosmopolitan, Bridget March notes that it’s also important to choose the right brush head for your skin type. Otherwise, you could irritate or inflame your skin. Speaking of which, these brushes should never be:

  • Used on irritated skin (including acne)
  • Shared with anyone (hello bacteria!)
  • Used with the same brush head on different parts of the body
  • Used without properly cleaning brush heads, whether by running under water or using a gentle alcohol based disinfecting wash

Allure’s Catherine Devine also reported a weeklong breakout after using a facial cleansing brush for the first time, which she learned from her dermatologist is perfectly normal.

So, you know that the medical community supports the proper use of cleansing brushes like Flawless GLO, and that they generally come with few potential side effects. But how can you determine which is the best option for your needs?

Flawless GLO vs. Other Spinning Facial Cleansing Brushes

While you’ll find dozens of other options when shopping around, Neal B. Schultz emphasizes that price might not always be an important factor when choosing a facial cleansing brush:

“The brushes range in price from about $20 to $200, so what’s the difference? They may use different bristles or have a more powerful motor, but the $200 brushes are not necessarily 10 times as effective as the $20 options,” he says.

Papri Sarkar also recommends looking for options that use bristles instead of oscillating heads, since “brushes tend to be less abrasive than those models with flat pads.”

In addition to price, you’ll find that most competing cleansers also feature multiple speeds, interchangeable heads for different purposes and body parts, some type of “sonic” technology, and the ability to clean much more effectively than hand washing alone.

With these details in mind, one seeming standout feature with Flawless GLO is its LED illumination, which could foreseeably provide more visibility when in use and perhaps allow you to better address dirt and debris.

We’d imagine this illumination might also provide the ability to better see how much force you’re applying to your skin, therefore perhaps helping to reduce overuse-related side effects.

What about the antibacterial silver contained in Flawless GLO’s bristles? Although we didn’t encounter any others that specifically claimed to use silver, most competitors provided at least one antimicrobial brush head option at the time of our research.

Does this necessarily mean that you should go ahead and place an order?

Our Final Thoughts About Flawless GLO by Finishing Touch

From a manufacturer perspective, Flawless GLO is part of the extensive Finishing Touch lineup, which also includes popular products like Yes!, Flawless, and Freedom, so you won’t be ordering from an unknown company. Idea Village also offers a 30-day refund policy on all orders, meaning you might not lose much more than a few dollars in S&H charges for giving the cleanser a try.

And based on what we learned from Flawless GLO’s website and commercial (we didn’t test the device firsthand), it seemed like the device offered many of the same core features as competitors, but at a meaningfully lower price. Even their replacement brush heads were a decent amount lower, since just one from the competition could set you back $23+.

However, if you’re looking solely for cleansing brushes that feature built-in LEDs, Flawless GLO was the only option at the time of our research. So, if this is your most important factor, it might be worth placing your order and seeing if it delivers the flawless results you’re expecting.

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