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Flexi Blaster is a new flexible water hose head that’s claimed to be extra soft, lightweight, easy to hold, and to turn on and off with one simple touch. In addition, Flexi Blaster claims to offer 2 different settings—a powerful blast and a fine mist—to clear your driveway of debris or to water your delicate flowers.

According to the manufacturer, Flexi Blaster is constructed of heavy-duty, contractor grade materials that are durable enough to last season after season. In fact, Flexi Blaster is claimed to be “virtually indestructible.”

But is Flexi Blaster really a “revolutionary one-touch hose nozzle,” or just a waste of money? Consider the following:

Is Flexi Blaster Really Indestructible?

In short, it’s impossible to say. After all, Flexi Blaster doesn’t have any direct competition in the market, and we’re not informed what kind of mechanism is used to provide one-touch operation.

However, as we’ll discuss in more detail shortly, “As Seen on TV” products often don’t come with positive customer feedback, primarily revolving around poor quality. In fact, many ASOTV customers often find that their products work for only  a short period of time before breaking, so it might be the case that Flexi Blaster won’t last quite as long as the manufacturer claims.

Can Flexi Blaster Save Money on Water Bills?

According to the Flexi Blaster commercial, the hose head can help you save a good chunk of change on your water bills. But is this really the case?

All things being equal, if your garden hose is turned off when it’s not being used and there are no leaks in your system, it’s not made clear exactly how Flexi Blaster can help you save money.

On the other hand, if your current hose head leaks or otherwise doesn’t completely stop the flow of water, replacing it with a fully functioning head (such as Flexi Blaster) might save you some money. However, unless you’re running your water for hours each day, the amount you save will likely be minimal.

Are There Similar Options to Flexi Blaster?

Finally, while Flexi Blaster’s specific design appears to be unique, if your main concern is ease of use, keep in mind that you have a lot of hose head options from which to choose. You can see for yourself by typing the phrase “one touch hose head” or “easy pull hose head” into your favorite search engine.

On top of this, easy-to-use hose heads and attachments are nothing new, which means you’ll almost certainly be able to find comparable options at your local hardware store or home improvement retailer.

Granted, many of these won’t be flexible or work the exact same way as Flexi Blaster, but they could still represent viable options.

Flexi Blaster Isn't Well Known Just Yet

Flexi Blaster was new to the market at the time of our research. As such, there were no online customer reviews available.

However, Flexi Blaster is manufactured by Telebrands, the original “As Seen on TV” company who makes many other lawn and garden-related products, including Mighty Blaster, Pocket Hose Ultra, and Grass Shot. Among nearly 100 HighYa reader reviews for these products, they have an average rating of 1.5 stars, with common complaints revolving around poor quality, failure to work as advertised, and difficult customer service experiences.

This doesn’t mean you’ll also experience this with Flexi Blaster, but you might want to keep it in the back of your mind.

From a company perspective, Telebrands held a C rating with the Better Business Bureau based on 1,229 closed complaints (as of 7/7/15), many of which reference the same concerns noted above. In fact, due to the company’s volume and consistency of complaints, their BBB accreditation was revoked (although they appear to be actively improving). Also, Telebrands was investigated by the NJ State Attorney General’s office in 2014 for allegedly violating the Consumer Fraud Act.

Flexi Blaster Pricing & Refund Policy

One Flexi Blaster hose head is priced at $10 plus $6.99 S&H, although you’ll be able to purchase a second at checkout for an additional $6.99 S&H.

All Flexi Blasters come with a 90-day refund policy, less S&H charges. This means that if you purchase a second Flexi Blaster and are dissatisfied, you could lose nearly twice as much in S&H charges as you’ll receive as a refund.

In order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655.

Is Flexi Blaster the Hose Head for You?

Chopping to the point: Overall, Flexi Blaster features a unique design that, if it works exactly as advertised, might be an ideal watering solution for those suffering from arthritis or otherwise painful hands.

However, based on the wide availability of other easy-operation watering heads, as well as the manufacturer’s relatively low customer reputation (primarily related to quality), we might recommend exploring local options before placing your Flexi Blaster order.

At the very least, this might save you a good chunk of change in lost S&H charges if you’re dissatisfied, and could make the return process easier.

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