About Flexy Steam

Flexy Steam bills itself as the flexible silicone steamer that’s easy to use and fits any pot. It’s green, has long handles that fold inward, won’t scratch your pots or pans, and promises it’s great for vegetables, rice, seafood, and more.

There is no information about the company behind Flexy Steam on its website; a for-hire company called Digital Target Marketing built the web store. There is also no information, rating, or accreditation for Flexy Steam on the BBB website.

How Flexy Steam Works

Flexy Steam appears to be a bendable green steamer made from silicone rubber with extra-long handles. It has a few “creases” in its steam bowl they say help it fit in any size pot.

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To use Flexy Steamer, place the food items of choice inside; they suggest you can steam veggies, rice, or fish and state that steaming is a great way to prepare a quick, healthy, and balanced meal. They say to then pinch the handles together, lower into any size pot, add water, and steam as usual.

They say Flexy Steam’s high walls keep the food contained and away from boiling water and the silicone feet elevate and stabilize. They claim the handles fold inward and lock in place, allowing you to use it with a lid. They state it is perfect for glass and non-stick cookware, its soft material won’t scratch or scuff, and it is safe for the microwave.

When you are done steaming, they claim you can grab it by the green handles which they say stay cool and allow for easy transfer. They tout its one-piece construction makes it easy to clean and that it is dishwasher safe. When not in use, they say the Flexy Steam rolls up and the handles hook onto the feet for compact storage.

Each Flexy Steam Order includes:

  • Flexy Steam
  • One “free” (additional S & H)

Flexy Steam Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Flexy Steam says it sells for $10 plus $7.95 shipping, but they automatically give you one “free”, adding another $7.95 in handling fees and making the true total $25.90 for 2 Flexy Steams. This is one of those products whose non-refundable fees total more than the purchase price, so even if you do send it back within 30 days (as its money back guarantee allows) you will only get your initial $10 back and they don’t pay for the return shipping.


  • Flexible to fit in any pot
  • Steaming a healthy way to cook food


  • Expensive
  • High non-refundable fees

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