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Flymop claims to be a “revolutionary” new 4-in-1 mop that works as a wet mop, sweeper, duster, scrubber, allowing you to clean almost every surface in your house in half the time.

Compared to the competition, we’re told that Flymop’s 18-inch swivel head is 40% wider, while its 2-part stainless steel handle adjusts from 39” to 51”, giving you the maneuverability and reach you need to get under furniture and other tough-to-clean areas. The company even claims that Flymop can clean windows!

Another big difference is that, instead of disposable cotton pads, Flymop features a washable microfiber cloth that can pick up dirt better and offer a better value. You’ll also find a 2-part, large capacity bucket that uses fast-spinning water to rinse away fine dust and stains, while the built-in bristles grab hair and other grime. This way, the company promises you’ll never have to touch dirty water again.

You’ve probably never seen a 2-part bucket (especially one that fits a rectangular head) before, or one that has adjustable flaps to clean non-traditional areas like ceiling fans.

The real question isn’t its wow factor, though. instead, you want to know if Flymop represents a solid value, and if it’ll really help “keep your home fresher and healthier.” That’s exactly what we’ll help you uncover in this review.

Are There Other Mops Like Flymop?

For generations, the lowly floor mop remained largely unchanged. Over the past 10-15 years, however, mop technology has seen some pretty big advances, especially among home-use models—primarily due to the disposable pad model ushered in by brands like Swiffer.

As anyone who’s ever used one of these will tell you, while they’re very convenient, their small pads can quickly become overwhelmed with dirt and debris. So, unless you’re cleaning a fairly small area, constantly replacing these pads can become quite expensive.

To help fill in this gap, dozens of companies have released their own versions, often with different bucket technologies that still provide ease of use, but which don’t requires disposable pads and which don’t require you to touch the mop head at all. These include the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, Big Boss Insta Mop, Lynx Mop, and many others.

As with most things though, greater convenience often comes at a higher price. While the original versions were priced as low as $10 or $15, the majority of these newer models generally fall at $50 or more. How does Flymop compare from a price perspective?

How Much Does Flymop Cost?

The only way to purchase Flymop is through a 30-day day trial, where you’ll pay a $19.95 fee, plus free S&H. Your order will include the Flymop, scrub/dry bucket, 2 reusable pads, and a bonus duster comb.

If you no longer want your Flymop, you’ll have to call the company at 888-764-0693 and send it back—S&H charges will be your responsibility. It appears that you’ll get your original $19.95 back, though.

If you don’t call customer service, you’ll be charged two monthly payments of $29.95, bringing your total to $79.85.

Outside of this, Flymop comes with a 10-year warranty.

How Does Flymop Work? Is It Really Hands-Free?

One thing the manufacturer doesn’t make clear is how to use Flymop. In fact, it seems reasonable that you’d have to reach down and manually fold the flaps, thus defeating the purpose.

However, after some digging, we found a demonstration video that indicates the flaps fold down with a forceful jerk to the handle. This allows the head to fit into each of the bucket’s terminals, which are manually turned by applying downward pressure to the handle:

If you watch the entire video, you’ll notice that the process isn’t completely hands-free though, as you’ll need to run the duster comb through the pad in order to remove debris.

Are Customers Singing Flymop’s Praises In Their Reviews?

Here’s the thing: Flymop seems to be a brand that manufactures an extensive line of mop and bucket systems. However, you won’t find this rectangle-head model anywhere on their website.

Now, these Flymops are manufactured by a company named Lumi Legend Group, while the ASOTV version we’re reviewing is brought to you by Aerus, based out of Bristol, VA. Based on our research and experience, this is fairly common. Usually, a well-known company will produce an ASOTV-only model that they then only sell through infomercials, so it’s no cause for alarm.

Unfortunately, since this Flymop version was recently released, there weren’t any online customer reviews at the time of our research.

From a company perspective, Lumi Legend Group wasn’t listed with the BBB. Aerus (formerly known as Electrolux until 2000) had an A+ rating with no closed complaints (as of 6/27/16).

Will Flymop Really Help Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half?

Imagine that when cleaning your hard flooring, you used a broom to sweep, followed by a separate duster to pick up any remaining dry debris. Then, you used a wet mop, finalized with a scrubber to clean up any tough spots.

Now, imagine that instead of using different tools for each of these jobs, you only used Flymop. Do you realistically think this would cut your cleaning time in half? In our minds, while it would certainly make the process more convenient, we’re not sure how much time it’d save overall, so this claim might be more marketing than anything based in reality.

Another marketing angle to consider is that, while Flymop could definitely help make your home “fresher and healthier” than not mopping at all, there doesn’t seem to be anything about it that would remove particulate matter or microbes better than the competition. Or even a traditional “dirty” mop, for that matter.

Compared to this competition, Flymop seems to sport a meaningfully wider head, which could help you clean your floors faster. And because you’ll have a microfiber cloth instead of expensive cotton disposable pads, you could save a decent chunk of change—just keep in mind that a bucket full of water might be a chore to lug around the house or up and down stairs!

If you ordered Flymop, tell the world: did you keep it, or did you end up taking advantage of the company’s 30-day refund policy? Leave your very own review below!

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