What Is FocusZX1?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 2, 2017

Calling itself a revolutionary, clinically-proven smart pill, FocusZX1 claims to help you think faster by supercharging cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration using a powerful collection of ingredients. The manufacturer states that the supplement can give you a mental edge against the competition at work, school, or in your social life.

They go on to say that while other supplements rely on filler and synthetic substances, FocusZX1 uses only natural, safe and clinically-proven ingredients to achieve the results described above. The company asserts that the product is able to improve signal transmission in the mind, supporting learning processes and other essential brain functions.

Supplements that claim to have an effect on cognitive abilities can broadly be defined as nootropics. Before pressing forward with FocusZX1 specifically, let’s briefly explore how these types of products claim to work within the mind to provide this increased performance below.

How Nootropic Supplements Claim to Affect the Brain

There are thousands of different nootropic supplements on the market today, and though they vary a bit from product to product, the core claim of improving your mental function in some way remains the same across the board. So, how do they do it?

The human brain is incredibly complex, and there are many aspects of its design that are still a mystery to modern science. What we do know, however, is that as many as 100 billion nerve cells are working in unison to support the countless functions the mind carries out on a daily basis. We call these cells neurons, and they have the incredible ability to send signals called neurotransmitters to one another.

In broad strokes, nootropic supplements like FocusZX1 claim to change the way these signals behave. In actuality, though, exactly how they are affected (and what occurs as a result) are determined by the individual ingredients in use in a given product. Knowing this, let’s take a closer look at the formula behind FocusZX1 in order to evaluate its potential effectiveness.

Focus ZX1 Ingredients & Potential Side Effects

On the product’s website, we aren’t shown a list of the ingredients used in its formula. We reached out to multiple customer service agents in an attempt to clarify, but were ultimately unable to gain any insight into what is actually inside FocusZX1. Based on our past experience reporting on similar supplements, we consider this to be a red flag. Why?

To put it bluntly, we feel as though consumers have a right to know exactly what is inside a particular supplement before using it for the first time. Without this information (as well as information on the concentration amounts used), it’s all but impossible to evaluate how effective you can expect it to be for you, and it’s also very difficult to anticipate any potential side effects that might crop up as a result of using FocusZX1.

FocusZX1 Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, FocusZX1 was available exclusively online on the manufacturer’s website. It is sold as a mandatory free trial, meaning you’ll be prompted to pay just $4.95 for shipping & handling on a one-month supply of the supplement. This will signify the start of your 14-day trial period.

Once this window is up, you’ll be automatically charged the full retail price of $89.78 and enrolled in the company’s autoship program. This means that you’ll continue to be charged this amount monthly for a new shipment of FocusZX1. To cancel this process at any time (including before it begins), you need to reach out to customer service at 1-844-688-6199.

The terms state that all orders are eligible for a refund for up to 30 days, minus any shipping & handling fees. To initiate the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer support at the number provided above and obtain an RMA number. You’ll be required to pay return shipping to get the product back to the manufacturer.

Buying a Nootropic Supplement Like FocusZX1

As we briefly discussed earlier on, there are thousands of different nootropic supplements to choose from on the market today. With so many brands vying for your attention with attractive claims and offers, how are you supposed to figure out which one is right for you?

Based on our previous experience reporting on hundreds of these supplements similar to FocusZX1, we’ve found that the process for finding one that works for you can be broken down into three major steps:

1. Determine what your needs are.

Many seek out nootropic supplements because they feel as though they aren’t able to get enough done in a given day. Others are just looking for a mental boost to give them a leg-up against the competition at work or school.

Regardless of your reasoning, while many nootropics have been shown to help in certain ways, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics: 6 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity.

2. Spend a few moments rationally evaluating any claims made.

If you’ve found a product that interests you, put your emotions aside for a moment and evaluate the product from a practical standpoint. Authority sources like WebMD and Examine.com allow you to easily look up reliable information about individual ingredients.

3. Before making your final choice, know what you’re getting into.

One of the most common issues our readers tell us about for product’s similar to FocusZX1is not knowing about autoship programs and free trials before the charges start rolling in. Be sure to check into both the purchase terms and refund policy before entering in your credit card information.

It’s important to keep in mind at all times that supplement manufacturers are not required by the FDA to back up any claims they make about their product’s effectiveness with clinical evidence, and based on our extensive experience reporting on supplements similar to FocusZX1, we’ve found that many of them do not. Following the steps outlined above will help you make a smarter buying decision in the end.

The Bottom Line: Our Thoughts on FocusZX1

Bringing everything we’ve learned about the product into focus, can you truly expect it to make you “limitless,” as the manufacturer describes on its website?

As we learned above, no ingredient or concentration data was found on the main website for the supplement as of our research. Repeated attempts to glean this information from customer service were unsuccessful.

As we already made clear, without access to this, it’s all but impossible to make an accurate assessment of its potential effectiveness (and safety, for that matter).

When coupled with the potentially frustrating autoship program that will cost you nearly $90 per month if not canceled, as consumers ourselves, we’d feel hesitant to make a purchase without first knowing a bit more about what is going on within FocusZX1’s formula.

Instead, a better first step might be to talk with your doctor directly about the issues you are facing. Doing so can often represent the fastest way forward toward a proven solution that works for you in the long-run.

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  • 3 out 4 people found this review helpful

    This product is crap

    • Arkansas,
    • Aug 25, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    Did not press the confirm button when I was looking at this product on Aug 12, 2018. The website was also prompting me to sign up for a sleep aid and also to confirm auto-ship. I was on my relatively new Google Pixel phone that had my information pre-stored, which auto-filled the form. I hit my back browser and "clear all" to get out of the order process. I never hit the "confirm order" button.

    Imagine how dismayed I was to see an email from Focus ZX1 to confirm my order the very next day on August 13. There was a US postal tracking number given and the product was in my mailbox on August 17.

    So far I have taken two doses of two pills, and 100 mg of caffeine that has me too hyped up to be able to fall asleep. I notice that the phone numbers provided, which is different on the bottle versus the order sheet. I ring to a recording that is it no longer in service. Also the address in Pacoima, CA, which is different on the bottle versus the order sheet. I cannot find a working number, and I highly doubt that the contact on the website, focuszx1.com leads to anywhere.

    I could say more about the fake YouTube link that shows up only on their website, but not YouTube on my Smart TV or desktop computer. There is something bogus about this company, and my Bank of America will help protect me from fraud. I am sure that I will find out, regardless of how I try to comply with return instructions, the company will try to hit my card for another $80, 14 days after my order date which will be August 26 based on my receipt, which would be September 1. As an elected official, I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General of Alaska, Consumer Products Complaint Division. So to all that read this, beware and avoid this scam!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 12 out 12 people found this review helpful

    No real contact number.

    • Kailua-Kona, HI,
    • Apr 14, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    The phone number on the shipping slip and on the bottle does not work. I do NOT want any automatic shipments. And I would like a real contact phone number. Also, the SleepEze that I did not want that was automatically added to my order is the same. The contact number on the bottle is bogus. I also don't want any of these automatically shipped. I would also like the real number to contact them also.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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