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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 5, 2015

Forskolin 1020 is a 100% natural, USA-made coleus forskohlii root extract that’s claimed to help you burn body fat, increase lean muscle, and break down fatty tissue. In fact, because Forskolin 1020 claims to work without diet or exercise, the manufacturer states that it’s “a miraculous weight loss supplement.”

We’ve provided in-depth reviews for dozens of forskolin supplements here at HighYa, but is there anything different about Forskolin 1020? Consider the following:

What is Forskolin?

As a plant, coleus forskohlii has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat a variety of conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and angina. However, in 1974 researchers isolated the active ingredient in the plant that’s responsible for these reactions, and named it forskolin.

The reality is that there is essentially zero clinical evidence showing that Forskolin can have any weight loss benefits in humans.

Afterward, the ingredient remained relatively anonymous until May 2014, when the popular Dr. Oz featured forskolin on one of his shows and claimed it to be a “rapid belly melt,” after which sales of the supplement skyrocketed, and which continues to this day.

Will Forskolin 1020 Really Help You Lose Weight & Build Muscle?

Despite the immense popularity of forskolin though, the reality is that there is essentially zero clinical evidence showing that it can have any weight loss or muscle building benefits in humans, which is something we detailed in our The Great Forskolin Hoax article.

In other words, if you’re looking for something to provide you with fitness or weight loss benefits, forskolin isn’t it.

Customer Reviews for Forskolin 1020

At the time of our research, there were 2 Amazon customer reviews for Forskolin 1020, with an average rating of 4 stars. There, one reviewer claimed to have experienced positive effects, while the other was unsure, but was planning to purchase another bottle. 

Outside of those on Amazon, the only other online “reviews” for Forskolin 1020 were posted by affiliates, which are intended to look like real reviews, but are actually just more marketing hype from the company.

However, we did learn that Forskolin 1020 is manufactured by MaritzMayer Laboratories based out of Norcross, GA who manufactures a variety of “flavor of the day” supplements such as garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone, and more. The company held a C- rating with the Better Business Bureau based on 5 closed complaints (as of 5/4/15), although no details were provided.

With all of this said, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular forskolin supplements here at HighYa, including Pro Lean Forskolin, Trim 250 Forskolin, and Forskolin Belly Buster. Among more than 40 reader reviews for these products, they have an average rating of 1 star, with common complaints citing high price, failure to work, and poor customer service experiences. And in our opinion, you’ll likely experience much of the same with Forskolin 1020.

Forskolin 1020 Pricing & Refund Policy

Forskolin 1020 is available through 3 different packages, including free shipping:

  • 3 Bottles: $97
  • 5 Bottles: $147
  • 7 Bottles: $197

Regardless of which option you choose, Forskolin 1020 comes with a 30-day return policy, less S&H charges and a 20% restocking fee, although this only applies to unopened items. In other words, if you open your bottle of Forskolin 1020, no refunds are available.

With this in mind, in order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 888-512-6395.

Can Forskolin 1020 Help You Lose Weight?

Chopping to the point: Considering the nearly complete lack of clinical evidence showing that forskolin can help you lose weight (or provide you with any other fitness benefits), as well as the poor customer reputations for nearly identical products, it’s our opinion that Forskolin 1020’s price is far out of line with any benefits you can expect to achieve from using it.

After all, the only proven methods of losing weight are through regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.

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  • They will take your money

    • North Carolina,
    • Sep 24, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I canceled my order and they still took the full amount from my bank account and would not refund even though I canceled on time. This is wrong. I would not recommend buying from them because they do not have good customer service skills at all. The woman I spoke with told me this was all my fault and no one else.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Scam, buyer beware

    • Lena, IL,
    • Jul 22, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered the free trial which was to be $9.95 for shipping. I never opened the two bottles (colon cleanse was the second bottle).

    Upon getting my monthly bank statement I was never charged the $9.95 but charged $89.44 and $93.47. I called a few times and no answer. I finally got a hold of someone and was basically told I knew what I signed up for on the website. I work in web help for my company, so I'm not an idiot when it comes to websites. There was nothing that I clicked nor did the site direct me to any other agreement. I never received any other bottles, and they said those initial charges were for what I received. The representative was condescending and rude. The business tactics are fraudulent.

    I will never recommend, and I will make sure that any posts on social media I see I will put my review.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 3 people found this review helpful


    • Minnesota,
    • Jun 12, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered the “Trial” bottle, 2 weeks later got charged $89 for what I thought was another shipment. I called and they gave me 50% off and I waited and waited for my next bottle. Never came so I called. They said I was NOT getting another bottle, which I don't care because it didn't work - I actually GAINED weight.

    Read the fine print, I didn't and paid the price!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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