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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Sep 26, 2017

Standardized at 20 percent, Forskolin MD is a dietary supplement that promises to provide natural health support that can help you burn stored fat, suppress your appetite, boost metabolism, prevent the formation of new fat, and stimulate weight loss.

According to the website, all you have to do is take two capsules daily (one in the morning and another in the afternoon), 30 minutes before meals, with an eight-ounce glass of water. Then, the 100 percent pure ingredients in this U.S.-made supplement will go to work and deliver ultimate weight loss.

But is Forskolin MD the answer you’ve been looking for? Is it really the number one rated weight loss supplement on the market, as claimed on the company’s website? Let’s dive right in and help you find some answers by discussing the basics of weight loss.

How Does the Body Lose Weight?

LiveScience tells us that “the body stores the excess protein or carbs in a person's diet in the form of fat, specifically, as triglyceride molecules, which consist of just three kinds of atoms: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. For people to lose weight, their triglycerides must break up into building blocks, which happens in a process known as oxidation."

During the oxidation process, oxygen molecules are ‘consumed’ and leave behind carbon dioxide and water as waste byproducts. Specifically, they report that 84 percent of the fat we lose is turned into carbon dioxide and exhaled through the lungs. The remaining 16 percent becomes water and is excreted through sweat and urine.

So, the core question becomes: How can you boost oxidation, and therefore weight loss?

In short, through a balance of regular exercise and a calorie-conscious eating plan. Specifically, if you were to cut 500 calories from your diet per day, this means you could speed up your body’s fat oxidation and expect to lose one to two pounds per week, according to the Centers For Disease Control.

What about the weight loss potential of Forskolin MD’s ingredients? Let’s find out what science says.

Is There Clinical Evidence Supporting Forskolin MD’s Ingredients For Weight Loss?

According to the label shown on Forskolin MD’s website, each serving of the supplement contains 500mg of forskolin (Coleus forskohlii root extract), standardized to 20 percent.

We didn’t test this supplement firsthand, and no one on HighYa’s staff is a medical or scientific professional. As such, we look to sites like the Natural Medicines Database, WebMD, and Examine.com when reporting on whether or not an ingredient is classified as ‘effective’ for any given claim.

With this important point in mind, these sites report there’s insufficient level of overall clinical evidence available indicating that forskolin can provide any kind of meaningful weight loss in humans.

This includes many of the other claims made on Forskolin MD’s website, such as suppressing appetite and regulating food cravings, reducing stress hormones, or preventing the formation of fatty deposits.

However, it’s important to balance this with the fact that, according to Healthline, “Forskolin stimulates the release of stored fat from fat cells, [although the] effect that does not necessarily cause weight loss.”

Are There Possible Side Effects With Forskolin MD?

The Natural Medicines Database reports that forskolin is possibly safe when taken in doses up to 1.4 grams daily for up to three months.

Despite this, the Forskolin MD website specifically recommends that patients who are nursing, pregnant, who are taking other medications, or who have previous health conditions, should consult a doctor first before taking the supplement.

How Much Does Forskolin MD Cost?

Forskolin MD is only available through the manufacturer’s website at the following prices:

  • 1 Bottle (60 capsules): $49.95
  • 2 Bottles: $69.90 ($34.95 per bottle)
  • 4 Bottles: $111.80 ($27.95 per bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $139.80 ($23.30 per bottle)

Regardless of the quantity you purchase, all Forskolin MD orders come with a 60-day refund policy, less S&H. In order to request one, you’ll need to contact customer service at 888-307-4790 or support@ForskolinMD.com.

How Can You Choose the Right Forskolin Supplement?

Before airing on the Dr. Oz show back in May 2014, most people had never heard of forskolin. After this TV personality told his audience of millions that it “acts like a furnace” in the body, though, it became one of the hottest (no pun intended) supplements around, with consumer demand going through the roof.

Related: History of Dietary Supplements: When Did They Start & How Are They Regulated.

Even today, the forskolin trend remains strong, which you can see for yourself by typing the phrase “forskolin supplement” into Google and scrolling through the hundreds of results that pop up.

For the most part, like Forskolin MD, these will only contain the single ingredient, although some formulas include other common weight loss ingredients like garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone, green tea, green coffee bean, or white kidney bean extract.

Price-wise, you’ll find these supplements run the gamut; from less than $10 to more than $100. But will you necessarily get better results by handing over more of your hard-earned money?

First and foremost, as we outlined in The Great Forskolin Hoax:

“If we break all of this down, here’s what we’re left with: Based on just 2 clinical studies performed on this chemical, forskolin may help improve your body composition and could potentially help prevent you from gaining weight, but there is zero clinical evidence showing that it can actually help you lose weight. This is a small, albeit extremely important, difference.”

You should always talk with your doctor before taking a new dietary supplement, anyway, so this would be a good time to discuss the clinical support for forskolin’s ability to help individuals lose weight, and whether or not it makes sense based on your specific diagnosis.

Did your doctor give you the green light? Based on our experience researching thousands of nutritional supplements over the years, we’ve learned that you’ll want to:

  • Make sure the company is well-known and comes with mostly positive feedback from customers
  • Verify the price is in line with other supplements of its kind
  • Avoid any products sold only through free trials, or that immediately sign customers up for recurring shipping programs after placing an order

Pro tip: If the supplement you’re investigating contains any additional ingredients beyond forskolin, WebMD and Examine.com can work as fantastic free resources to help you quickly gauge the overall level of clinical evidence available.

Our Bottom Line About Forskolin MD

On the upside, Forskolin MD comes with a middle-of-the-road price and a 30-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer. There also aren’t any ‘free’ trials or autoship programs associated with the purchase.

On the other hand, the supplement comes from an anonymous company, and according to authoritative sources like Healthline, WebMD, and Examine.com, there is insufficient clinical evidence that it can help humans lose weight or keep it off for the long term.

As consumers ourselves, we want to achieve the highest level of value for our money. And as writers (and consumer advocates) for HighYa, we want to help you do the same, which is why we think speaking with your doctor—instead of placing an order for Forskolin MD this very second—could represent the most valuable first step possible.

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Forskolin MD

    • By Candy B.,
    • Indiana,
    • May 6, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I did not find the product to benefit me in any way. I called for a refund and was told I had to wait a month. I called back 10 days later and was told I could keep the bottle and have a 50% refund. I insisted on a full refund. The customer service person was rude, argumentative and could barely be understood due to accent.

    When I first ordered product I received two emails from them. Neither of those emails plus the packing slip have any contact information. And packing slip doesn't even have a company name. I feel like this is an attempt to make it very difficult for you to return items.

    Also, I don't recall seeing any information in the ad for the product that it had to be taken half an hour before you eat twice a day.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Don't waste your money

    • By Peggy E.,
    • Apple Creek, OH,
    • Apr 30, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I started this product almost a month ago and I weighed myself today and actually gained 6 lbs. I did not experience anything they are claiming Forskolin MD does for you. I felt bloated and no energy and always felt hungry. I will not be recommending this product to any of my friends.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 5 out 5 people found this review helpful

    Forskolin scam

    • By Lawrence B.,
    • Florida,
    • Jan 11, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    My issue with this company is that when I ordered this product through a Facebook ad, I only selected wanting the Forskolin product for $2.95, but then I noticed being charged $2.95 + $4.95 for another product called Cleanse. I wasn't okay with that since I only ordered Forskolin. But then after about one week, I noticed they charged me $79.97 and then $69.97. When I called they said it was a 14-day trial and that I was charged for the monthly service. This company is a complete SCAM. Definitely don't do business with them unless you're okay with spending $150 a month. My suggestion would be to exercise and/or go to the gym.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 7 out 7 people found this review helpful

    Product is a joke

    • By Lola E.,
    • Danville, WV,
    • Nov 21, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    This is a joke. How much did they pay Dr. Oz to promote this product? They charge you $4.95 shipping, then start charging your credit card $79.95.

    My husband took this as directed and hasn’t lost a pound. Shame on you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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