About Fresh'n Crisp

Fresh’n Crisp promises to extend the edible life of fruits and vegetables kept in the fridge. They say the secret to this green, flying saucer-shaped device is the “proprietary mineral-based active ingredients” inside which absorb the ethylene gas that escapes from these foods as they ripen. They claim this will dramatically extend their freshness (without giving a specific overall percentage or timetable.)

Fresh’n Crisp is sold by Tekquest Industries based out of Sanford, Florida. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the BBB says there is not enough information on the company to give them a rating.

How Fresh’n Crisp Works

Fresh’n Crisp comes in a green UFO-shaped plastic container that appears to be about the size of a tangerine. Inside is what they say is a proprietary blend of mineral-based active ingredients – they don’t list them, but our experience with similar products (see VegieFresh) makes us suspect it contains Zeolite, a highly absorbent natural compound. They claim each Fresh’n Crisp saucer lasts for 3 months.

To use Fresh’n Crisp, they say to place the disc in the crisper, bag, or sealed bowl with your food. They claim the ingredients (Zeolite) absorbs the ethylene gas emitted by fruits and veggies as they rot.

They say using Fresh’n Crisp will extend the life of your foods and the infomercial compares a few of these stored the regular way against those with a Fresh’n Crisp disc. These include carrots for 18 days, iceberg lettuce 8, and bananas 9. In each case, the ones stored with Fresh’n Crisp do indeed look fresh and crisp (as opposed to the others that appear wilted and limp). They tout this will save you money on groceries.

Each Fresh‘n Crisp Order includes:

  • 2 Fresh’n Crisp containers (6 month supply)
  • fresh’n fridge odor eliminator

Fresh’n Crisp Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Fresh’n Crisp sells for $9.95 plus $6.99 S&H for a total of $16.94. They give you a 60 day money-back guarantee (minus S&H).

Fresh’n Crisp Privacy Policy

Like so many of these ASOTV products, Fresh’n Crisp plays fast’n loose with your privacy. Basically, they reserve the right to contact you by email, mail, or even telephone as well as making this info available “from time to time” to other “reputable organizations”. They list all the ways you can opt-out of these intrusions on their Privacy Policy page, which we suggest you read before purchasing.

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Bottom Line: Is Fresh’n Crisp a Scam?

There are many products that use a similar “technology” (aka Zeolite) to keep foods fresh in the fridge that do indeed seem to work as they say. This particular version does have a handful of positive reviews on Amazon.com (where you can order a pack of 4) but there are other brands there with a longer list of satisfied customers. While Fresh’n Crisp/Zeolite is indeed a nifty way to extend the life of fruits and veggies, there are ways to do it for no extra money at all: they include washing, freezing, and separating (Google “how to keep fruits and veggies fresh in the fridge” for more specific instructions”.)

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