About Fresh Toppers

Fresh Toppers is a new FDA approved product they say will preserve half-eaten fruits or vegetables as well as open cans and jars from going to waste. Like a colorful plastic cap, Fresh Toppers will cover the exposed/sliced end of your leftover fruit or vegetable and seal in freshness longer.

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Fresh Toppers is “powered” by Liquid Focus, a copy that specializes in online direct response and had brought to market such gems as Slushy Magic, Dream Lites, and Pillow Pets. They are not BBB accredited, but have received an F rating, due to their failure to respond to a complaint.

How Fresh Toppers Work

Fresh Toppers are round cap-like devices that come in 4 different sizes - Tomato Red, Carrot Orange, Lemon Yellow, and Pepper Green; their diameter is generally related to the fruit or veggie they are named after. For example, if you have a half-tomato, simply click the red cap over the sliced end, making sure it is a tight fit and keeps out all air. The same can be done with open cans of soda or jars that are missing a top. As long as there is a vacuum seal, Fresh Toppers promises to keep your foodstuffs fresher longer, without the need of plastic containers or wraps. Each cap is also dishwasher safe and promises to also lock in odors.

Each order of Fresh Toppers includes:

  • Fresh Toppers of varying sizes
  • 3-piece stainless steel knife set
  • Automatically buy one get one free

Fresh Toppers Pricing, Shipping, and Return Policies

Fresh Toppers costs $10 plus $4.99 S & H and $1 “Web Service Fee” for a total of $15.99. Fresh Toppers asks you allow 4-6 weeks for shipment; upon receipt you will have 30 days to decide if Fresh Toppers works for you. If not, return it for a refund minus S & H and WSF.

Privacy Policy

Fresh Toppers Privacy Policy states they may use your information to contact you for marketing purposes and is “shared with other organizations to help them contact consumers by email and/or telephone for marketing purposes” as well. It also says you may opt-in at the time of purchase to receive offers and solicitations from third parties.

Bottom Line: Does Fresh Toppers Really Work?

This is one of those gadgets that looks cute on TV but really isn’t that useful or practical. You’re really going to “cap” half of a carrot? A plastic baggie, wrap, or a plastic container is really not that much more inconvenient. And the knife set? Yawn. Save your money.

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