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Even if you’re used to the exaggerated marketing techniques of online-only anti-aging products, Gavali Advanced Skincare still makes some remarkably big claims. Like what?

The company tells us that Gavali is an all-natural face moisturizer made up of “high potency” ingredients like Argireline, vitamin C, and herbal extracts. In turn, these ingredients—along with whole collagen molecules—will boost hydration, visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines, neutralize free radicals, and eliminate age spots and blemishes.

In fact, Gavali claims to have been tested by women across age groups with different skin types, and to have delivered “ageless and glowing-looking skin.”

Why you’re here: You want to know if Gavali Advanced Skincare will deliver on its promises. The HighYa team has a lot of experience reviewing products like this, and we’ll reveal what we’ve learned to help you make a more informed decision.

Let’s Start with Gavali Advanced Skincare’s Ingredients

There’s no label, but the Gavali website tells us that the cream contains Argireline (chemically known as acetyl hexapeptide-8), vitamin C, herbal extracts, aloe vera, and cucumber extract.

Argireline is a manmade ingredient manufactured by Lipotec. This compound is supposed to mimic certain proteins that can temporarily prevent muscle movement, thereby smoothing some lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C has some skincare benefits as well, including antioxidants that can fight free radicals, but likely won’t provide the revolutionary results claimed by the company.

Aloe vera also provides a healthy dose of antioxidants, along with intense moisturizing properties.

Outside of this, there isn’t enough clinical evidence to say that any of Gavali Advanced Skincare’s ingredients will deliver on their hyped-up promises.

Are there any side effects for Gavali’s ingredients, though? We can’t know their potency, but most of Gavali’s ingredients (at least the ones we know about) probably won’t cause anything worse than mild redness or irritation.

The one exception to this might be Argireline, which may cause facial sagging in some instances (note: this is far from clinically substantiated). However, the folks over at Truth In Aging claim, “my position is that I would never choose a potion because it has Argireline in it. If manufacturers think that it is so fashionable these days that they can't avoid it, that's fine. But I'll be looking for collagen builders and preventers of structural aging such as Matrixyl 3000 or the more recent Teprenone.”

Now, Let’s Move on to Gavali’s “Free” Trial

Like Encante Cream, Skin Optics Anti-Aging Serum, Auralux Snake Venom, and the dozens of other products that came before (more about this next), you can only purchase Gavali Advanced Skincare through a “free” trial.

However, it’s not quite free. Why? Because you’ll have to pay $3.95 to cover S&H in order to receive a full size bottle.

But the really important thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t want to be charged the full price of $99.99, you’ll have to call the company at (866) 458-0679 and cancel within 13 days. You’ll also need to cancel if you don’t want to continue receiving a new bottle once per month and charged an additional $99.99 each time (otherwise known as an autoship program).

Given this information, there are two main takeaways here:

You Might Experience Poor Customer Service

We think it’s almost certain that you’ll experience a tough time canceling your trial, ending your autoship enrollment, or obtaining a refund. Hold this thought, because we’ll fully explain why we believe this in the following section.

Even with Good Customer Service, Obtaining a Refund Might Be Impossible

The company claims that Gavali comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H and a $19.95 restocking fee.

However, in their Terms, they mention that returned products must be “in their original, unopened package.” On the other hand, they state in the same document: “customer agrees to try the product and evaluate its performance before requesting a refund or cancellation.” We’ve seen companies do things like this before in order to essentially make obtaining refunds impossible under any circumstances.

Now, we’re not saying this is what’s going on with Gavali (it could be an oversight, after all), but given the fact that other companies have used this tactic to make customers feel scammed, it’s definitely worth considering.

Finally, Let’s Talk About Gavali Advanced Skincare’s Competition

We already mentioned some of the competition above, but the reality is that there are perhaps hundreds of different products like Gavali. We’re not talking merely about similarities here; we’re talking about identical products, with identical websites and identical pricing structures (which we already learned about).

To add to our previous examples, take a look at the sites for Vita Luminance and Blossom Youth Cream, and then compare their claims to Gavali. For all intents and purposes, they’re the exact same.

Since we originally uncovered this tactic in Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague article, the website designs used by these handful of companies have slowly changed (perhaps to avoid consumer advocacy sites like HighYa!), but their claims—and the customer feedback they engender—pretty much always stay the same. What kind of feedback?

Here on HighYa, essentially all of these online-only anti-aging products come with bottom-of-the-barrel customer reviews (2 stars or less), with common complaints citing failure to work, high prices, and ultra-poor customer service. In fact, many customers claimed that service personnel yelled at them or hung up in their ear.

Pro tip: Gavali Advanced Skincare is one of the highest-priced online-only anti-aging creams we’ve reviewed to date!

We can’t say with 100% certainty that you’ll experience the same with Gavali, but given the same claims, core site design, and pricing structure, it’s our opinion that it’s likely.

Is Gavali Advanced Skincare a “Timeless Revolution”?

Like we just mentioned, the only thing that appears to be “timeless” about Gavali Advanced Skincare is the seeming never-ending stream of websites just like it that recycle the same template over and over again—as well as the same stream of complaints from customers.

This says nothing of the fact that Gavali’s ingredients won’t be absorbed into your skin. This means there’s no way these ingredients can actually boost collagen production, which acts as the main structural protein for skin firmness and elasticity.

Our advice? Based on our experience and reviews from readers like you, we think just about any other purchase—especially making an appointment with your dermatologist—would provide more value for your money than buying Gavali Advanced Skincare cream.

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