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GelTastic Socks are an “As Seen on TV” pair of socks that are claimed to be specially designed to provide cooling and cushioning relief for the areas of your feet that tend to lose the fat padding over time. GelTastic Socks are claimed to accomplish this by featuring built in therapeutic cool gel pads that protect and cushion the soles of your feet, which absorb shock and reduce pressure.

Because GelTastic can help alleviate pressure on you feet and eliminate painful steps, these orthopedic socks are claimed to provide long lasting relief and the ability to walk virtually pain-free for all day comfort. The manufacturer also claims that GelTastic will easily slip into any shoe, heel, or boot, and are machine washable for reuse.

GelTastic Pricing & Refund Policy

GelTastic Socks are priced at $10 plus $6.99 S&H. As with nearly all “As Seen on TV” products, you’ll need to purchase a second “free” pair of socks for an additional $6.99 S&H, bringing your total to $24.98.

GelTastic come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges (we’ll talk more about this next). In order to initiate the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655.

Can GelTastic Socks Help Relieve Foot Pain?

Foot pain can be a real drag, especially when it has such a big impact on your life, and even moreso because it’s often age-related. But if you’ve spoken with your physician and are looking for some OTC relief, are GelTastic Socks a solid option? Perhaps, but remember the following:

Does Science Support These Claims?

According to the Institute For Preventative Foot Health, padded socks, along with shoes that fit appropriately and non-slip outsoles or inserts, are a reliable method of easing foot pain related to fat padding loss. However, the article goes on to say that these devices should be “prescribed or recommended by a doctor or foot health professional.”

As such, you should always speak with your physician beforehand in order to ensure you’re purchasing products that can relieve foot pain based on your specific diagnosis.

GelTastic’s Online Customer Reputation

GelTastic is a very new product (URL registered August 2014), so there were no online customer reviews available at the time of our research.

However, it should be noted that these orthopedic socks are manufactured by Telebrands, a popular ASOTV company within the industry, who also makes many other well-known products such as Grassology, Bullseye Pee Pads, and Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. Between more than 250 HighYa reader reviews, these products have an average 2-star rating, with common complaints citing failure to work as advertised (e.g. did not grow, did not clean well, etc.), poor customer service (numerous upsells during calls, difficulty processing refunds, etc.), and products that break/quit working in a very short period of time.

Will You Want a Refund?

Next, consider that GelTastic comes with S&H charges totaling $13.98, which is actually more than the cost of the product itself, and none of which is refundable. This means that by the time you include the cost of returning the product to the manufacturer, you may end up paying almost twice as much as you’ll receive as a refund.

Everything’s Spam-tastic

Finally, according to the GelTastic website’s Privacy Policy, “We may arrange to have marketing and promotional information of other companies sent to you that we think might be of interest to you.” In layman’s terms, you may receive spam/sales calls soon after ordering.

Bottom line: As with any other orthopedic product, what works to relieve one person’s pain may not work for someone else. However, before purchasing GelTastic Socks, you may want to explore a variety of additional padded socks options available elsewhere online, as well as many local retailers near you.

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