About Genesis Today

Based out of Austin, TX, Genesis Today is a nutritional supplements company founded by Dr. Lindsey Duncan that manufactures nutrient-rich products using ingredients from around the globe. According to the company’s website, their supplements “combine scientific research and nutritional expertise” to provide you with products that your body can easily absorb and benefit from.

As a “celebrity nutritionist,” Lindsey Duncan appeared on the Dr. Oz television show in 2012, where he discussed and promoted the benefits associated with raspberry ketones, and which led to a big increase in Genesis Today’s overall visibility. However, despite what you may believe based on how he presents himself, Lindsey Duncan is not a physician, and does not hold a degree in medicine. Instead, he is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, which is a title that can be used by anyone, regardless of educational background. Granted, he also claims to be a Certified Nutritionist, which is a non-profit organization that closely qualifies its members based on a number of criteria.

Genesis today holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with only one closed complaint within the past three years—which would appear to be a fairly big achievement, considering the company has been listed with the BBB since 2004. Online reviews regarding the company and its products appear to be primarily positive, with the most common complaints citing failure to work as advertised, fluctuating quality for their juices, and that many of their claims may be based on incomplete science.

Genesis Today Products

While not FDA-approved, Genesis Today provides a wide variety of products that achieve different benefits, including weight management, beauty, anti-aging, digestion, and more.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, the company claims that the ingredients used in their supplements are obtained directly from the source all over the world; are harvested using sustainable and environmentally-friendly techniques; retain their “whole, natural state;” and are prepared using “low-to-no heat,” which maintains more of the essential nutrients.

Overall, Genesis Today products are split into three distinct categories:

  • Beverages – Superfruit-based, ready to drink juices in numerous flavors.
  • GenEssentials – A powerful line of plant-based supplements that are “designed to work synergistically” with your system.
  • Supplements – Uniquely formulated essential vitamins and dietary supplements.

Genesis Today claims that they do not use any middlemen to obtain their ingredients, and are focused on only doing business with equitable, fair trade companies. In addition, the company helps the needy through their Nourish the Nation campaign, and also contributes to a wide range of other non-profit organizations.

Genesis Today Pricing & Refund Policy

Genesis Today supplements are available directly through the company, while beverages and GenEssentials are available through traditional retailers such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Amazon.com, and more.

On average, Genesis Today prices are as follows:

  • Beverages – Between $9 and $40
  • GenEssentials – Between $20 and $40
  • Supplements – Between $24 and $42

No refund or return information was provided on the Genesis Today website, and products purchased elsewhere will be subject to those specific companies’ policies.


  • Broad product line of superfood and superfruit-based nutritional supplements claimed to provide a range of benefits.
  • Products are available as supplements, beverages, and more.
  • Focused on sustainable, environmentally friendly, fair trade business practices.


  • Several consumer complaints claiming they experienced varying quality between juice batches. However, these are relatively old complaints, so the issue may have been addressed at this point.
  • Not FDA-approved, though this is the case with the vast majority of nutritional supplements.
  • Some of the claimed benefits may be based on incomplete science.
  • No return/refund information available on the company’s website.

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