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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff Published on: Oct 20, 2017

Advertised as the first razor designed solely to shave someone else, Gillette TREO is an assisted shaving device with specific features that are advertised to make the process easier and more enjoyable—both for caregivers, and for the person being cared for.

These features include a blade that makes the shave safe, while preventing clogging; a handle that that operates like a paintbrush, and built-in shave gel with a special formula that lubricates, increases comfort, and reduces mess.

There are few things more difficult than shaving someone else—at least, without causing a few nicks. But is the new Gillette TREO positioned to change the situation?

We didn’t test the product ourselves to provide firsthand feedback. But we did learn many key facts during our research, which we’ll explain in this article over the next couple of minutes. In the end, you’ll walk away more informed about whether or not this assisted shaving device is right for your situation.

How Does the Gillette TREO Work?

According to the promotional video on Gillette’s website, TREO is “engineered to provide control, safety, and comfort, both for the caregiver and the person being shaved.” In order to accomplish this, the process works in three steps:

Step 1: Apply Shaving Cream

Start by opening TREO’s cap to dispense shaving gel, and then apply liberally to the face and neck.

The video explains this clear gel is specially formulated to hydrate and lubricate skin and hair, leading to more comfort and easier cleanup. It’s also built directly into the razor’s handle for easy, one-hand access.

Wait 30 seconds to start shaving.

Step 2: Shaving With TREO

The website tells us that TREO’s blade is high quality enough to work effectively with little-to-no water, so caregivers won’t have to constantly move back and forth between the sink. It's also designed to be safe and clog-free, and easily disposable after a single use to help with infection control.

Instead of a traditional stick-based handle, Gillette developed a divot in TREO’s handle which, when operated like a paintbrush, creates a more comfortable angle for the caregiver’s wrist, as well as provides far greater control.

After removing TREO’s blade overcap, you’ll hold the handle with a pencil grip and gently shave the face and neck. Reapply shave gel as needed.

Step 3: Finishing Up

At the end of the shave, caregivers can use any remaining shave gel on the skin as an aftershave.

The cartridge can then be disposed of safely and in accordance with your local protocols by squeezing the arms.

Gillette TREO PartsCompared to traditional razors, the Gillette TREO features a specially designed razor, handle, and gel to make shaving comfortable for caregivers and those being cared for. Image Credit: Gillette USA

How Much Does the Gillette TREO Cost?

Currently, Gillette only offers the TREO razor by requesting a sample on their website, which involves providing details like:

  • Your DOB and gender
  • Information for the person under your care (age, gender, relation to you, conditions they suffer from, etc.)
  • Shipping information
  • Which razors (if any) you currently use
  • Why you’re requesting a TREO

The website indicates Gillette is doing this to garner feedback about each user’s experience, as “your insights will help us make improvements that will directly benefit those who need shaving assistance,” and will help “ensure TREO offers the utmost care and comfort for caregivers and care recipients alike.”

A disclaimer notes that this offer expires 11/30/17, is limited to 10,000 participants, and that signing up “does not guarantee that you will receive a product sample.”

For additional questions, Gillette’s customer support department can be reached at 800-445-5388, or via online chat or their contact form.

Are There Other Assisted Shaving Razors Competing With the Gillette TREO?

With such an emphasis on their completely new design, including the razor, handle, and shave gel formulation—not to mention creating the term ‘assisted shaving razor,’ it’s no surprise that we didn’t encounter anything exactly like the TREO during our research.

However, if you’re a caregiver, or if you self-shave but also experience dexterity problems (whether related to arthritis, Parkinson's, or finger, hand, or forearm pain), there are a number of other options available competing for the same consumers as Gillette.

Top results on marketplaces like Amazon.com and Google Shopping at the time of our research included:

Product Price Functionality
Gillette TREO Not yet commercially available Completely new razor and handle design, as well as water-free shave gel formulation
Gripeez Built-Up Grip $15 Durable, flexible molded rubber material that provides a larger surface area and reduces muscle demand
Maggard Thick Stainless Steel Safety Razor Handle $23-$35, depending on retailer and model 0.64-inch handle diameter that can be used with any compatible Maggard razor head
Long Razor Extension Handle $20-$40, depending on brand and retailer Not intended to shave the face, although it can make shaving other areas of the body easier

In addition to these options, we encountered a variety of cuffs that accept disposable razors and strap around the user’s hand, universal weighted handles that can accept razors, toothbrushes, and other slender items; as well as DIY, ultra low-cost methods that involved drilling a hole through a bouncy ball of your chosen material and then inserting a traditional razor handle.

Granted, as Gillette frequently emphasizes on their website, all of these options are designed to help the person shaving—whereas TREO is designed specifically for shaving someone else. In this way, if this aspect is one of your main must-haves, it’s currently the only game in town.

Does this necessarily mean that you should go ahead and request a sample?

Our Final Thoughts About the Gillette TREO

Taking care of someone else is never an easy task, but when simple pleasures like a cleanly shaved face can be experienced, without potentially painful nicks and cuts, it can do wonders. Not only for the person being cared for, but for the caregiver as well.

Given this, if Gillette’s new TREO razor can help you achieve this, it certainly seems worth the few minutes it might take to request a sample.

And if it ultimately doesn’t work out for your situation, it won’t cost you a dime, and you could provide the company with valuable feedback that could help other consumers in the future.

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