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You probably just saw a commercial for the Go Grill, an 8-pound portable and foldable “As Seen on TV” charcoal grill with a major selling point of allowing you to BBQ at any place at any time. It’s finally warm out and chances are that almost anything that comes to your mind is automatically associated with the outdoor activities such as: Beaches, parks, camping, fishing, hot dogs, hamburgers and more – all ideal for the concept of having an easy-to-go grill. That’s why the timing of such a concept that the Go Grill claims to provide couldn’t be more relevant than right about now.

While the presentation of the Go Grill is extremely compelling (hey, we love it too!), we want to share some things with you before you place that order to help prevent you from any disappointment. Give us about 4 minutes of your time to allow us to share what we think about the portable Go Grill, that way you’ll be more “equipped” for when or if you’ll be buying it.

The Go Grill Features

So just to summarize what you just saw, the Go Grill appears to be made out of stainless steel, although the commercial does not confirm this fact nor say what else it could be made from. The makers claim that the Go Grill weighs just around 8 pounds and when folded is 18 inches long, 13 inches wide and 1.3 inches thick.  Of course, with such dimensions, the Go Grill could be placed and taken virtually anywhere, no argument there. It also appears that the Go Grill folds pretty easily and allows you to stow the trays inside.

As far as the food part goes, the makers claim that the Go Grill is ideal for grilling up to either 12 burger patties or 24 hot dogs at a single time. Yeah, about that, maybe you could physically fit that much food on the Go Grill at a time, but to be quite honest, you’ll have a rather difficult time managing so much at once and chances are each food unit will not be thoroughly cooked. Either way, we can all get creative and utilize the grill for whatever else we’d like such as steaks, veggies, baked potatoes, rib and probably more.

We’re not saying no to the Go Grill just yet, but we would still like to share a little bit more of our thoughts. So right before we dive into the bottom line on whether or not you should purchase the charcoal grill, let us break down the reality of the pricing and refunds for you.

How much does the Go Grill Cost and what if I want to return it?

For each Go Grill unit you order, you will be paying $19.99 plus a $7.99 Shipping and Processing Fee. No, if you order three units, you will still have to pay the $7.99 in processing fees for each of the three units. You’re not let off the hook right there unfortunately. Plus, currently the website offers a “free” 11-piece stainless steal tool kit for an additional $6.99 Shipping & Processing. So, to summarize, if you order just one Go Grill unit with the additional 11-piece tool kit, you’ll be looking at just about $35.00 plus additional tax depending on your state of residence. Also, keep in mind that currently the website states that the delivery time is 3-4 weeks. However, there have been numerous complaints with other As Seen on TV products that delivery has been delayed as far as months.

For the grand slam, you’ll most likely have 30 days to return the Go Grill, but you will loose the $7.99 of Shipping and Handling charges you paid for every unit you ordered. Plus, you will have to pay out of pocket just to ship it back. At the end of the day, with all the extra fees added up, you are getting no money back yet you still shipped the product back. Chances are, you will certainly not get the $6.99 back for the “free” 11-piece toolset either.

Our Go Grill Review – Should you buy the Go Grill? The Final Verdict

As mentioned in our review, the idea behind the Go Grill is truly great especially when the timing is extremely perfect. However, we bet that you initially didn’t notice that there is no top cover included with the Go Grill. Nope, there isn’t, so you’ll just have to be prepared for that in advance to avoid disappointment later if you order the grill. Next, this next fact is pretty obvious, but we figured we’d also mention that you would still need to clean the grill and carry charcoal with you as well. The reason we say that is because the Go Grill commercial is so sweet that people do tend to forget that they still need to carry the actual charcoal with the grill too.

Now let’s look at the Go Grill even deeper. If you order online or via the phone, you will be experiencing a ton of up-selling coming from the company during your call with them, in emails and probably through physical mail as well. The rather uncomfortable part is that they will have your personal details on file and there have been numerous complaints on past As Seen on TV products that they were over charged and experienced an extremely difficult time when disputing these charges with customer service. In addition, it’s important to note that, while the design of the Go Grill looks compact and sleek, it is a $20.00 grill and chances are that it may work decently only for a few times and then eventually might start breaking down rather quickly.

Alternative grills with similar concepts as the Go Grill are sold at your local Wal-Mart and cost almost the same. If you’re looking for quality, we recommend shopping at a price range starting from at least $50-60 for such a grill.

Bottom Line: If you’re still interested in purchasing the Go Grill, we strongly recommend you going to your local Wal-Mart or Walgreens and purchasing it there in order to avoid extra Shipping and Handling charges and a hassle free experience should you want to return the product. If you still want to order from the website or from the phone today, just be prepared that you will most likely experience possible delays in delivery and a difficult time in trying to return the product.

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