Go Styler Review: Does This Cordless Hair Dryer Live Up to Its Claims?

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Published on: Mar 20, 2019

For those who want to look their best, Go Styler promises to provide you with a complete hair styling system with the “world’s first cordless blow dryer.”

This compact device claims to be as powerful as most traditional hair dryers, and the company states that it has dual heating and cooling options that will help you perfect your tresses. It’s their goal to stop a tangled cord from cramping your styling routine so that you can dry your hair anywhere.

Does this hair dryer live up to these claims? We looked at the facts to help you decide.

How Does Go Styler Work?

According to the company website, Go Styler’s cordless design is meant to make it tangle-free for extra ease in the hair drying process.

Despite the lack of a continuous power source, the brand claims that the Go Styler is as powerful as most traditional hair dryers, and it includes a lithium-ion battery that purportedly lasts for up to 22 minutes of use per charge with the included charging base.

We learned from the company website that Go Styler includes several key features that make it useful as a hairdryer. The device’s base charging station also works to store all included accessories, and it comes with a concentrator to focus the airflow for targeted drying. All purchases also include a piks to create volume or smooth down curly hair, and a diffuser to boost your hair’s natural curl and body.

Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, the Go Styler comes with a dual heating and cooling options and claims to rely on nano-tourmaline technology to release negative ions to dry your hair. What does this mean? We did some research to find out.

Understanding the Two Types of Hair Dryers

From what we learned from the Huffington Post and Live About, there are two types of hair dryers in the world today: ionic and ceramic hair dryers.

Ionic hairdryers workout by producing millions of ions with a negative charge that break down the positively charged water molecules within your hair.

Because they don’t open your hair shafts, your hair remains smooth. Key benefits of ionic dryers are that they dry your hair quickly at a lower temperature, and they tend to produce less frizz overall. However, you run the risk of over-drying your hair and making fine hair limp.

Ceramic dryers, in contrast, are made with a clay composite material to create infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft so that it dries it quickly and evenly, though you’ll have a higher risk of frizz than when you use an ionic dryer.

Both types of dryers can include tourmaline. Modern Salon reports that tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that only generates negative ions when you heat it. These crystals are crushed into a powder that lines the inside of the dryer to maximize its negative ion output and give you smoother hair.

The Modern Salon website states that tourmaline-lined blow dryers (like Go Styler) have the potential to dry hair up to 40 percent more quickly than traditional dryers.

What Does Go Styler Cost?

At the time of writing, the Go Styler hair dryer is only available through the company website. You can buy it for two payments of $49.99 ($99.98 total), plus $9.99 for shipping.

Regarding refunds, the company offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for all purchases. This means you can return any purchase within 30 days of delivery for a complete refund, minus shipping charges. The company promises to process your return request within ten days of receiving your shipment.

If you need to contact the company directly, you can do so by phone at (800)296-2127 or through email at contact@creativeconcepts.com.

What Are Other Cordless Hair Dryer Options?

When we strive to determine whether a product is a smart buy, we like to look both at customer reviews and the comparable brands it is competing with.

We couldn’t find any online reviews for Go Styler at the time of writing. Saying that, the three brief testimonials contained on the company website are positive about the hairdryer and state that it is lightweight, easy to use, and “the wave of the future” for home hair care.

Looking at customer responses for similar hair dryers gives us a more meaningful comparison. While Go Styler claims to be the world’s first cordless blow dryer, we found several similar devices on Amazon, including two from the brands Scnvo and Manli.

The Scnvo blow dryer is similar to Go Styler in that is a cordless design powered with a lithium-ion battery. Notably, it’s marketed towards men and young children, as the company states that air power probably isn’t strong enough to dry women’s hair effectively.

You will pay about $160 for the dryer on Amazon, and it averages 3.5 stars after 23 customer reviews on the site. Many people posted that they loved it for travel without reliable access to outlets and that they thought it got hot enough to dry their hair effectively.

Manli’s cordless hair dryer comes with an innovative folding handle for easy storage. Like the other two models, it is powered with lithium batteries, though it boasts a 30-minute working time per charge.

We found that the dryer had just four reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, but each one awarded it five stars. The Manli dryer was praised for its portability and convenience on vacation and car trips, though we didn’t notice many comments from people who used it daily. It’s currently priced at $49.99.

Our biggest takeaway from looking at Go Styler competition is that cordless hair dryers seem to serve a niche market for travelers and people without intense hair needs because they tend to have a lower power output than traditional models.

Our View: Should You Try Go Styler?

While putting together this review, we learned that there isn’t much information available about Go Styler separate from the company website. At the time of writing, this cordless hair dryer wasn’t sold anywhere else, and we couldn’t find any posted reviews.

What we did learn from the product website is that the Go Styler promises to make hair care more convenient for you by preventing you from being restricted to an outlet. You’re promised up to 22 minutes of power per charge, but then you’ll need to recharge your dryer for the next three hours.

Since we don’t have any reviews on Go Styler to look at, we think that taking the time to consider the functionality of these cordless dryers can help you decide if they make sense for your situation.

This hair dryer might be an excellent solution for a portable hair dryer for traveling, but if you’re looking to use it for your daily hair care needs, you might be better off with a cheaper traditional plug-in model instead.

For those who choose to try the Go Styler, keep in mind the company has a generous 30-day return policy in case it’s not the right choice.

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