About GoPro Power Blaster

Power Blaster by GoPro is a garden hose attachment that they say is like having a car wash at your house. This device uses water pressure to spin the brush head; they tout the micro fiber “fingers” will scrub your dirty surfaces (cars, boats, patio furniture) clean.

GoPro Power Blaster doesn’t have any information on their website as to who makes this product. Even though they share the same name as the popular GoPro camera, they do not appear to be manufactured by the same company.

How Power Blaster Works

Power Blaster by GoPro says it fits on any garden hose. Essentially, it’s a spinning brush head, powered by the water flow and has a compartment to hold and dispense soap. To use, attach and turn on the water. The head will start spinning and you can dial up the soap pressure. They tout the soft bristles won’t damage your car or boat but the scrubbing action will get it to a showroom shine.

Each GoPro Power Blaster Order includes:

  • Power Blaster
  • 25’ Tough Grade Flexible Hose (extra S&H)

How Much Does the Power Blaster Cost and What you Should Know

Power Blaster by GoPro sells for $19.95 + $7.99 S&H for a total of $27.94. If you would like the Tough Grade Flexible Hose, add another $7.99 shipping. Note: There is no return information listed! In addition, it should be noted that their Privacy Policy page states they may use your name, address, phone number, and email “to contact consumers for marketing purposes, shared with other reputable organizations to help them contact consumers for marketing purposes.” You may opt out individually from these intrusions by emailing them.

Bottom Line: Is Power Blaster By GoPro a Scam?

This may be a nifty idea for buffing your car or boat but something smells fishy. Why don’t they list any return information, a common courtesy of almost every other ASOTV product (even if they keep your S&H fees)? Also, because it’s sold with the Tough Grade Flexible Hose, which reminds us of the XHose, we suspect this product may have similar complaints of poor quality. We suggest at least waiting until Power Blaster becomes available thru another big box retailer chain; that way you are guaranteed the ability to return it, and it will probably cost less, too.

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