About Gorilla Green

Gorilla Green is a cleaning product from Simoniz that they say is a multi-surface cleaner that works as good as expensive products but at a fraction of their cost. Gorilla Green is sold in concentrated form and they promise it’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, and comes with enough solution to make 10 bottles.

Simoniz is a company primarily known for car care products, but they make janitorial cleaning supplies as well. They currently have an A+ rating for the BBB, due to the length of time they have been in business and the fact they received just one complaint in the last year (as of August 2014).

The Gorilla Green Commercial

This product is aimed at people who want a more expensive cleaning product (like Simple Green) but are turned off by the price. The commercial claims that 95% of these cleaners sold in spray bottles are water and contain just 5% solution. By giving you an empty bottle and packages of the concentrate, they suggest you will save money and still get the same cleaning power.

How Gorilla Green Works

Gorilla Green comes with a 32 oz. spray bottle and 5 small capsules containing Gorilla Green – you also get a second spray bottle and 5 packets of blue-colored Gorilla Green Glass Cleaner for a total of 10. To use, they tell you to pour a capsule into the empty container, and fill the rest with water. Then, if it’s the Gorilla Green, spray on almost any surface and wipe clean. They promise it will do as good a job as other, more expensive cleaners.

Gorilla Green Costs:

$25.90 – This is disguised by saying it’s $10 for the Gorilla Green plus $7.95 shipping and then as a “bonus” they give you the glass cleaner packages but charge another $7.95.

Simoniz states you can return Gorilla Green within 30 days if you do not like it, but you have to pay to ship it back and they will keep the $15.90 in fees.

Bottom Line: Is Gorilla Green a Scam?

Gorilla Green may indeed clean as good as other “green” cleaning products and Simoniz seems to be a reputable company. However:

  • It’s not as cheap as they say it is. They suggest it’s just $1 per bottle, but that’s not adding in the shipping and handling; they also include in their calculations the Glass Cleaner that, presumably, only cleans glass. It’s actually $2.59 a bottle for 10, half of which is just for glass.
  • The total amount of Gorilla Green Monster Cleaner you receive translates into 1.25 gallons (water + solution). For $25.90, you may be able to find more cleaning power for your money.
  • The website Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you with other products via phone, regular mail, or email, as well as “from time to time” give this info to “reputable” third parties.

These are a few of the things we suggest you consider before monkeying with the Gorilla Green.

What do you think? Did you buy Gorilla Green and was it as good a value as they say, or was it JUNK? Let us know!

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