What is HighYa for Business

In short: HighYa for Business helps simplify the ongoing conversation between you and your customers. After all, your customers are already talking about your business. But if you’re not involved in the conversation, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to proactively engage with them, address their concerns, and let prospective customers know they’re dealing with an upfront, reputable company. The conversation is going to continue with or without you—why not seize the opportunity to grow your business?

The Benefits

Take Your Customer Service to New Heights

Sure, it’s one thing to take care of your customers when they call you directly. But think about the impression they’ll have when you make the first move to address their concerns!

It’s All About Perspective

Building a successful brand isn’t just about connecting with customers. It’s also about letting potential customers know you’re open, honest, and willing to create a dialogue.

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How HighYa for Business Works

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Keep Your Ear to the Ground

What better way to learn about your products’ or services’ strengths and weaknesses than directly from the people who use them? We set up our infrastructure so that you’ll receive instant notification when someone says anything about your company, give you the ability to respond, and flag any customer reviews you should find in question.

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Join the Conversation

Once your HighYa Business account is up and running, you’ll immediately be able to address your customers’ concerns, make them happy, and maintain a positive business relationship.

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Build Instant Credibility

Opening lines of communication with your customers will let them (and others) know that you’re a transparent organization with an intense focus on quality consumer experiences, which can drastically increase revenue. All of your responses will contain an official company badge so customers will see that you’re a legitimate representative and are prepared to address their concerns.

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Individualized Support Comes Standard

If you encounter any issues or concerns, or have any questions, inquiries, or change requests, HighYa’s friendly staff will respond quickly, at no additional charge. We support you, so you can support your customers!